Nigel slid into his seat, sandwich in hand. He looked back at the book he had left on the desk- but his book was gone. In it's place was a....... small, plastic pony? It had large, colorful eyes, rainbow colored hair, and a picture of a heart on its butt. It was also dusted with sparkles. Nigel sighed. " Do you know what happened to my book? It was a good one, one on American History. Indians are- Wait. I'm talking to a little... plastic horse thing. But you don't mind, do you?" Nigel found the small equine very easy to talk to. He didn't have to worry about embarrassing himself, like if he was talking to the rest of The Five. He also knew the pony wouldn't tattle, so he began to tell the sparkly stallion about his secret crush, Claire Walker.

" And there's no way she could like me. Every time I try to talk to her, I start babbling, and she gives me this funny look. I wish I was like John, rich, suave and romantic, or Nikola, handsome, funny and charming. All I have is a Scottish accent. I sometime wonder why they let me be part of the Five...."

" Chicks like a Scottish accent."

Nigel looked down at his pony, alarmed. Had it started to talk back? But no, there was another horse, green and yellow, that now was next to his equine. A blond was perched on the stool , hand on the new pony, twirling it's tail, and looking at him with a calm expression.

" Yeah! Besides, you're cute, kind, funny, have brown eyes and a scottish accent! Women love that in a man! Just tell her how you feel. A bring flowers. We like flowers."

A brunette with a purple pony was now standing to his left.. The blond to his right nodded. Nigel felt his cheeks grow red, but he felt better. The best place for girl advice was from girls, right?

" Thanks! I think I'll go try it!" he left the room, head held high, and feeling confident.

" You go get her Nigel!" Sierra said happily. She and Amanda had talked to Claire earlier and had found out she liked Nigel, so they knew it wasn't going to be a total bust, hopefully. But then something hit her. She leaned in to her friend. " You know he didn't give us back the My Little Pony."

Amanda responded, smiling at the blossoming romance about to occur. " We didn't give him back his book.

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