Contest: Kissing In The Rain Challenge - Smile Life Away

Rules: Use the pairing given (Ron Weasley/Luna Lovegood), and the prompt (kissing in the rain), and write a story under 1000 words long.

Luna stood by the edge of the Forbidden Forest, her bare feet squishing the mud caused by the insatiable drizzle. She's always loved the sensation ever since she was a little girl with her mother. The Gryffindor quidditch team had been practicing for the past hour, not perturbed by the rain.

"Luna!" She heard someone call from a distance.

She turned to see Ron striding towards her, soaked in sweat and rain, his quidditch gear clanking together ever so slightly as he walked. "Hello, Ronald," she greeted him with a serene smile. "Is practice over, then?"

"Yeah. The rain's really starting to pick up. There's a storm brewing. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the thunder rolling in." He looked up to the sky, then back towards the soaked Ravenclaw. "What're you doing out here, anyway?" he questioned, peering into the dark woods.

"Looking to see if any Yerhels are out today. They like the damp, you see." She replied as if it were the most natural thing in the world, though, Ron supposed, for Luna, it probably was.

"Have you seen any yet, then?" He asked.

She smiled up at him, her blue eyes lighting up. "Oh yes," she replied. "I've seen seven today."

Ron chuckled. "You're wonderful, Luna. Has anyone ever told you that?"

Her smiled broadened. "No," she replied. "I suppose they haven't." She turned her body to fully face his. "Why?" She questioned.

"Why what?" Ron asked.

"Why do you find me delightful?" She inquired.

He chuckled again. "What's not delightful?" He countered. "I was in a right foul mood before I started talking to you, Luna Lovegood."

She blushed a bit. "Do you remember when you would all call me 'Looney' Lovegood?" She asked.

Ron looked down at his feet. "Yeah," he replied. "I'm sorry about that one."

"Don't worry about it," she replied. "I found it rather endearing." She tilted his face up and kissed him gently on the lips.

When they broke apart, Ron was blushing a furious shade of red. "What was that for?" He asked incredulously.

Luna shrugged. "Maybe I was bitten. The bite of a Yergel has the ability to confuse you, and make you do things you wouldn't normally do." Thunder boomed in the distance, and she looked to the sky with a peaceful look on her face. "I'll see you at the next DA meeting, Ron," she said before skipping towards the castle.

He watched her go, shaking his head when he noticed her bare feet. "Bloody Hell," he murmured, touching his lips with his fingertips. "Bloody Hell."

Yep, that's that. My friend Natasha told me that she was proud of it, so I suppose that I ought to be, too. It was 544 words long. Review, please. Love, Asia.