This chapter takes place immediately after "The Imperfections of Memory"

"Okay, so the boss is not too thrilled with me right now... but I think as long as I keep you on the grounds I'll be okay," Philo said, as much to convince himself as U-87. "Or else I'm about to get fired and he should really enjoy our time together while we still can."

The robot slowly tromped across the Graystones' massive backyard, occasionally pausing to arc her head from side to side, as through trying to fully take everything in.

Somehow, Philo thought, she seemed more... relaxed.

"I guess I can always claim I was testing your outdoor mobility," Philo said, chasing after her. "And, who knows, maybe a greater variety of input will be good for you."

It had been three days since Daniel Graystone had kicked Philo out of the lab and, while he was still very concerned about his future employment, it just didn't seem as to rate as highly on the importance scale as Rachel.


He was already in his car and driving home when he realized that from Rachel's perspective he just bailed on their date in mid-kiss. Definitely a violation of the social contract, probably enough to kill their relationship before it had a chance to build into something. He had pulled his car over immediately to send her a quick apology... then slam his head on the wheel repeatedly.

And while Rachel was surprisingly understanding when he finally got back to him, and she assured him that she still wanted to see him again; he could tell she was disappointed and a little hurt. And then she asked him if he'd given any more thought to what she'd said about the robot letting the robot out of the lab.

And, because Rachel said it and he very much wanted her to be pleased with him again, the idea seemed better and better the more he thought about it.

"Now, I don't want you to think I'm going to neglect you now that I've met someone," Philo assured the U-87, "you're still my girl. It's just..."

He blushed and rubbed his shoulders.

"Anyway, you'd really like her," Philo continued, "she's really smart and funny and... I think we really might have something."

And suddenly, the U-87's single, red eye, which seemed to be staring at him with rapt attention, became lost its focus, as though it couldn't look him in the eye. Philo didn't know what to make of it.

"I just wish you could talk," Philo admitted. "I mean, I know you can say what you're programmed to, but... I wish you could really reach out and speak to me."


Philo nearly jumped out of skin. "Yes, Dr. Graystone?"

Amanda eyed his for a moment. "Your robot's ruining my lawn."

Philo looked down. She was indeed leaving deep Cylon tracks in the wet grass.

"I'll clean that up," Philo promised shakily.

Amanda nodded, then turned to move back towards the house.

Philo finally released the sigh. Why did this have to become habit?


"You really need to find a girl for Philo," Amanda said dryly.

"What did he do this time?" Daniel smiled, raising an eyebrow. He had his suspicions about his young assistant's recent behavior, of course, but nothing he was about to discuss.

"I caught him talking to the U-87," Amanda replied.

"So? You used to talk to your plants," Daniel said, trying to conceal his sudden discomfort.

"Not like that," she shook her head. "I think he was two steps away from asking it to prom."

"I'm afraid I may have given you a false impression of scientific geniuses," Daniel said. "Very few of them are the suave lothario I was at that age."

Amanda laughed softly, the kind of forced laugh she and her husband had been sharing since Zoe's death.

"Do you think I should take him of the project?" Daniel asked.

Amanda shrugged. "I think he's a good kid, he's probably just been lonely for a while."

Daniel nodded, understanding his wife's need to be maternal towards something. At least she wasn't coming home high again. "I'll see what I can do."

She kissed him lightly and rolled away from him, pulling the covers tightly around herself.

Once his wife was safely asleep, Daniel let all the pieces fall together in his mind. Definitely he was going to have to find more work for Philo.