"So tell me El, how'd I know you'd show up at my door tonight?" Olivia asked as she opened her door.

"Well, after that case we just had-"

"Come in."

Elliot walked past Olivia and headed for the fridge.

"Thirsty?" Olivia asked, leaning against the counter.

"No, just got the taste of Babs in my mouth." Elliot made a face before taking a sip of the water.

"I feel for you. Almost got a taste of her myself." Olivia chuckled, and headed to the couch, motioning for Elliot to follow.

"Ah, so you didn't sleep with her?" He asked as he collapsed into the couch, water bottle in hand.

Olivia gaped at him. "Wh-what? El, you didn't honestly think-"

"Liv-"Elliot put a hand over her mouth. "Of course I didn't. I was kidding."

Olivia glared at him and he removed his hand.

After a few moments of silence, Olivia spoke.

"I told her she wasn't on the menu."


Olivia reached over and took the water bottle from Elliot's hand, suddenly needing a drink.

"Liv, am I the reason you don't have a good romantic life?"

Olivia choked on her water and straightened up.

"N-no. The job is, El. I told you that."

"You said you didn't do well with men because you're married to the job. I'm part of the job. The biggest part, actually. Saying you're married to the job is like saying you're married to me."

Olivia rolled her eyes and shook off the thought of being married to Elliot. "No, El. You're married to Kathy."

"I know that, Olivia." Elliot said, sighing.

Olivia sunk farther into the couch, not knowing what to say.

"Look Liv. What I mean is, if you need some space, I'll give it to you. I can't do much about the job getting in the way, but if I'm in the way-"

"You're not in the way, El. There are other reasons."

Elliot cocked an eyebrow up, "You're not about to tell me that little act with Mitch wasn't an act, are you?"

Olivia groaned. "El? Seriously, I'm not gay."

"Woo, what a relief." Elliot muttered and let out a breath.

"A relief? So what would your reaction be if I was gay?"

"I'd congratulate you for coming out to me."


"And, I'd rather keep the rest to myself, thank you."

"Aha, so Babs was right!"

"About what?" Elliot asked, snatching the water bottle from Olivia's hand.

"If I turned out to be gay, you'd be disappointed."

Now it was Elliot's turn to choke on the water.

"What did Babs tell you?"

"What they always tell me, El. You have the hots for me."

Elliot laughed, setting the water on the table. "Liv, every man with the right sense would have the hots for you."

"Ah, so you admit it?"

Elliot straightened up and turned to face Olivia.

"Yeah, Liv. I do."

Olivia sighed and stood up." You're married, El. And I'm your partner."

"Olivia, you've always been more than a partner to me. And Kathy-"

"No, El. This is not where I wanted this conversation to go."

"Yeah, Liv?" Elliot stood up, "Well it went there, didn't it?"

"It's late. You should go." Olivia pointed to the door, avoiding eye contact with Elliot.

Hand on the door knob, Elliot whispered. "Tell me Liv, what was your reaction?"

Olivia sighed. "Same reaction as this one, El. I told her you were married, it would never happen, and we weren't like that. Then I walked away."

"Well Goodnight, Liv. And by the way."

Elliot turned around and cupped Olivia's cheeks.

"What I have for you-"Elliot brushed his lips against Olivia's "Is much more, than a physical attraction." And before Olivia could react, he was out the door.