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so this is very different to anything Ive ever written before, its AU, set in the present. Basically it's Merlin's life - future version.

title is a lyric from Technicolour Phase by Owl City.

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If You Cut Me I Suppose I Would Bleed the Colours of the Evening Stars
Pendragon . P a s s i o n .

Merlin Emrys, emotional wreck. This is his life.

I guess a good place to start would be at the beginning, though it is hard to tell where it all began for a certain pale skinned, dark haired boy.

His parents were divorced before he was born, as a result he never knew his father. He grew up in a small town with his mother, Hunith. It was known as Ealdor, a few fields, couple of cows; nothing special. That is, until he was born. It was a town where everyone knew everyone and that was the way they liked it. No secrets, no drama, just...simple. So when his mother found out he was...'special', she kept very quiet.

She tells me it all started when he was only a few weeks old, before he would talk, before he would even walk. Hunith was cooking dinner, Merlin was sitting in his high chair, drooling and babbling like babies do. Next thing you know the corner of a tea towel caught on the stove and went up in flames. Hunith dropped it in fright and by the time she pulled herself together, the flames had disappeared and there was not a mark on the fabric.

And that was the first time Merlin used magic.

At first Hunith thought nothing of it. What happened was just lucky, a fluke. But after numerous situations of random objects flying through the air, expensive China crashing to the floor and downright abnormal thing happening, she accepted that her boy was something special indeed.

Occasionally she would just sit and watch, waiting for something to happen, but he only ever used his powers when her back was turned. It was if, even from that young age, he knew he was different.

It's as if from the very day he was born, Merlin knew he was a freak.

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