A/N: This thought occurred to me while I was bidding on an item, so I decided to run with it. I thought it sounded fun, even though it is incredibly far-fetched. I know that this normally isn't done, but I decided to run with it anyway. Consider it thinking outside the box. ;) I've also played with Rogue's age just a tad.

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Amara and Jubilee furtively cast glances in either direction before softly knocking on Kitty's door. They are quickly phased inside, where Jean is already waiting.

"Okay, like we are meeting like this because we just have to do something about Rogue. Even though she has control now, she is still, like totally alone. We can't have that!" Kitty declares emphatically.

"But isn't that completely hot Cajun guy, what's his name again...?" Amara inquisitively looks at Jubes.

"Gambit." Jubes answers succinctly.

"Yeah, that's who. Anyway, isn't he interested in her?" Amara continues.

"We can't let her go out with him, he's still an Acolyte!" Jean looks at the two as if they have lost their minds.

"Yeah, maybe so, but you have to admit that the guy is totally smokin'." Kitty chimes in.

"Well....I guess so, in that bad-boy-conceited kind of way." Jean concedes. "But we shouldn't encourage any kind of a connection between them."

"Okay, so how do we get Rogue to go out on a date? Most of the guys here are intimidated by her." Jubilee points out.

"True. She hasn't shown any interest in them. That's why I've, like called us here. I have an idea that I totally need to run by you. I know it's crazy, but, like it just might work." Kitty gazes at them expectantly.

"Tell us, Kitty. She really should begin living her life, now that her ability doesn't control her anymore. We promise not to be too judgmental." Jean smiles gently and lays a hand on the girl's shoulder.

Kitty takes a deep breath and jumps in. "Maybe what we need to do is find a guy for her." Kitty suggests.

"How do we go about doing that?" Amara asks.

"Yeah, shouldn't we let her find her own guy?" Jubes inquires suspiciously. "I mean, what if we pick the wrong one?" She continues uncertainly.

"Well, like maybe it will motivate her to totally go out more often." Kitty replies emphatically, concern for her best friend overshadowing her common sense.

"We've established that she needs to get out more, now can we get to your idea? Scott and I are going out in an hour and I still have to get ready." Jean informs her with minor impatience.

"We can auction off a date with her for Saturday night." Kitty proposes.

The three stare at her incredulously.

"You think we should sell her to the highest bidder?" Jean asks skeptically.

"Just for, like one date. We can place the date on ebay and totally just narrow the bidders to the guys in the area. We give, like no names and only general details about her. The site is already linked to my account, so we can specify that payment only be made to that."

"That's all fine and good, but what do we tell Rogue?" Amara queries worriedly. They've all seen Rogue in a nasty temper and it is definitely not a pretty sight.

"Like....I think we shouldn't tell her." Kitty replies hesitantly.

"That will go over really well when she does find out about it." Jubes responds sarcastically.

"Hmm....maybe this will be worth the risk of facing her wrath." Jean seriously ponders the idea.

"It's not like we have another option." Amara reluctantly agrees.

"Alright, then let's get this posted and hopefully watch the bids roll in." Kitty grins as she opens her laptop and accesses the site.

"Okay, like how do we describe this?" Kitty opens the right screen and gazes at them questioningly.

The girls discuss their choices with the description and all the other details. This is the final product:

Available One Night Only: A date with an auburn-haired, fun-loving beauty. The highest-bidder (NYC area men only, please) will go out with me on Saturday night at Veronique's. I will be waiting out front for you. I'm 18 and 5'8". I love dancing, singing, motorcycles and reading and am a martial arts expert with several black-belts. Serious bidders with only. I'm doing this on a dare from my friends, but the date is definitely valid. ;)

"I can't believe you lied about why this is posted!" Jean stifles a giggle as she reads over 'Rogue's' description.

"What else is 'she' supposed to say? Like, 'I don't date much.' or 'I'm a mutant who has just gained control over her mutation'? Yeah, right, like those sound soo much better." Kitty snorts derisively.

"Post it." Amara prods Kitty, smiling all the while. "I wanna see those bids start coming in!"

"Uhh...I think Rogue's session is ending now." Jubilee observes warningly as she glances at her watch.

Jean takes charge as Kitty hurriedly posts the 'sale item'. "Rogue will probably assume that we're just up to our usual gossip, so act natural. Don't say anything about this, guys." She advises them cautiously.

They sit on Kitty's bed and discuss the happenings around the mansion as Rogue saunters by, unaware of the plans being made in secret.

All the girls breathe a collective sigh of relief.

"Okay, like we don't tell anyone what we're doing. If word gets to her, it could totally be disastrous." Kitty gazes at each one solemnly.

"Agreed." The others state in unison.

Hehehehe....the words 'sneaky' and 'under-handed' come to mind, here. As I've said above, this is not a serious story. Just a far-out there bit of fun!