Time seemed to pick up in pace for the Inuyasha tachi as the days grew shorter with the coming winter. It was not quite fall yet, though the leaves had begun to turn their colors while the wind carried with it a foreshadowing of the ice and chill that was to come.

Kagome breathed in the rich atmosphere appreciatively, loving the mingling scent of pine needles, spring water, soil and wood. It was one of those sunny, October days where the sky was void of clouds, leaving the sunlight to shine fiercely against its occupants. Yet the chill on the wind countered the sun's attempts, providing a soothing temperature and a lucid, relaxing atmosphere.

She walked silently behind Sesshomaru without complaint as she allowed her mind to drift with the currents of the earth, pouring her being into the consciousness that was the ground, stones and organic life under her feet.

Idly, she could hear the steady crunch of her light steps in harmony with Sesshomaru's long, quiet strides, the swish of silk as his attire caught in the wind complimenting the heavy steps of Ah-Un as they made their way towards a large lake they sometimes frequented not far from the palace.

Kagome spied a glance over her shoulder every now and then, checking to be sure the bobbing head of white hair she saw was still safely in palace. Rin lay fast asleep against the back of Ah-Un, taking her daily nap.

They had been planning to go to the lake for days and Rin finally made Sesshomaru promise he would take her the night before when he tucked her in bed. True to her memory, it was all she talked about all day and Kagome took her out into the gardens in order to burn some energy.

Apparently, she had burned too much as by the time Sesshomaru was ready to go, she was already getting droopy. But she refused to be tired like any honest eight year old and insisted they still go, countering the predictable, 'you promised!'

Kagome knew Rin had won the argument then, as Sesshomaru merely sighed before making the order to prepare Ah-Un.

The child was well asleep by the time they reached the halfway mark.

Joyful tears gathered in her eyes as she remembered the first time she watched the child's 'nap time' ritual play out with Sesshomaru.

They had been walking since dawn and it was nearly mid day when it happened.

The first thing Kagome noticed was when Rin suddenly stopped speaking after several hours of near constant chatter, the lack of which was immediately evident to everyone standing. Jaken breathed a dramatic sigh of relief while Sesshomaru continued on through the woods as if he hadn't noticed, though Kagome spied him cutting his eyes in their direction once or twice.

Kagome did her best to answer all the little girl's groggy attempt at questions, even as her now amber eyes became heavy and her words grew soft, still trying to fight with her need to sleep. Her steps slowed as Kagome lagged behind to hold her tiny hand as she rubbed one of her eyes tiredly.

Looking up to find Sesshomaru, thinking she would all but demand they accommodate her need to sleep, she found him missing from in front of her and frowned.

A shriek of girlish laughter followed as Kagome spun on her heel just in time to watch Sesshomaru throw little Rin dangerously high in the air as she held her hands out trustingly before being caught with such demonic grace and precision by Sesshomaru that she was hardly jolted before being thrown back up again.

Rin positively squealed with glee, her white hair fanning out around her while her expression remained gleeful and trusting. A set of dainty, white fangs glinted in the sunlight as he spun her around again and again, finally settling the child against his chest where she curled and clung to his boa tightly, her laughter slowly fading to be replaced with tired yawns.

He then settled against the base of a large Elm tree, resting his back against the bark with one hand securing the child against his chest protectively. Rin snuggled into the warmth of his body, the comforting scent of her protector lulling her to sleep.

Sensing Kagome's intense gaze, his eyes had turned to regard her as one eyebrow disappeared behind his bangs inquiringly.

The picture had been perfect. The sweet little face of Rin and her youth was all that remained in appearance of the little human girl she had known for so long. Her cheeks bore the purple stripes of a full blooded Inu while her white hair and amber eyes matched Sesshomaru's. A light pink line marked her eye lids, matching the honey-comb of her irises.

So, when he had fixed her with a questioning stare, she had not been able to do anything but smile brightly back, moved and awed by his capacity of concern. If she had ever wondered before, there was no doubt about it now. Sesshomaru was Rin's father, in every way but their titles.

She knew that bond had been in place long before Rin had become a demon, the only difference is that now they looked alike. The upside was that Rin wouldn't die in seventy years or so and leave him behind forever. She was immortal now, like the rest of them.

Oh, he made it seem like he wasn't concerned with her welfare but Kagome now knew that was just a deflection. Like how he sent her off to find her own food with Jaken to supervise her, while he hunted, killed and even cooked meat for her to have with it.

Kagome knew because she had gone with Rin to 'hunt for food' one night, returning only with a bushel of berries, to find three large haunches of meat roasting over the fire when she returned. Sesshomaru had appeared not to move from his position but Kagome knew better.

With a smile, she'd watched Rin show no surprise to the provided food, simply taking it in stride and feasting happily until she was full.

That was how she'd learned to read Sesshomaru. He just did things to show how he felt, he didn't talk about it. He was silent most of the time but when he did speak it was to the point and Kagome found his words held more meaning that way. He never said anything that wasn't necessary so when you heard his voice, you could bet every word would be dripping with importance.

Likewise, he never did anything he didn't want to do in the first place, so every action spoke loudly about how he felt.

Like when he gifted her with a new blanket by stealthily hiding it in the confines of her old sleeping bag. It had subsequently fallen out when she went to unroll it that night and she couldn't help but grin as her fingers reached to retrieve it from the ground, coming into contact with the softest material she'd ever felt in her life. It was...fur, she realized, bright, white fur, leaving no doubt as to the identity of the gift er. It was gorgeous and best of all, it reminded her of him. She resisted the urge to take an experimental sniff to see if it smelled like him, too.

Smiling widely, she turned to face him from her spot by the fire, her hands holding the fabric up to her chest for emphasis. Not forgetting her manners, she bowed politely before thanking him. "Thank you so much, Sesshomaru, the furs are wonderful and very much appreciated."

He had given her an acknowledging nod. "It will be cold soon."

So, her knowledge of Sesshomaru began with these small gestures of consideration and compassion. Kagome knew they were the least she had to be thankful for.

Like the day Kikyo fell to her knees before her, begging she hear her out. She spoke of her pain and how grateful she was for all that she had given. She declared an oath of eternal loyalty and vowed to serve Kagome for the remainder of her life.

Now, Kagome, wanting simply for everyone to be happy, was conflicted about what to do. The last thing she wanted was for Kikyo to spend the life she had gifted her with in servitude but she also understood the feelings she was struggling with and knew that some kind of task would be helpful. What, though, Kagome couldn't guess and so struggled to find an answer in silence.

Sesshomaru sensed her inner turmoil and stepped forward, taking Kagome's hand in one graceful stride. He gestured for Kikyo to rise and she did slowly, still unsure how to react.

"I am Kagome's intended mate, as you are all aware if not by the obvious sight and scent, than the mark on her neck. If you so wish to accommodate her than I extend the offer to come and reside in my palace in the West. There, we will test out your skill and select a position that matches a trade you show potential in exceeding. The service is voluntary, of course and you would be free to do as you please. Should you wish to simply reside there as family, that is acceptable, as well.

"That offer extends to all of you," he finished, his eyes scanning over the tachi, his pack.

Kagome bristled at how well he had handled that. He read her so well, like the pages from an open book. Now she lived with all of her friends in a luxurious palace.

Much of that time she spent traveling with Sesshomaru and Rin. They camped under the stars and wandered about the countryside, traveling if only for the joy of it.

They spent many late nights conversing by the fire, sharing stories of their lives and experiences with each other. She told him about her family beyond the well, 500 years in the future.

Immortality was a conversation invested in on several occasions, as she shared her fears of living long after all her family had died. She was confident they would all but refuse her offer of immortality should she extend it to them when the time came. That was just the kind of thing her mother and Ji-chan believed.

She explained how she was afraid to use the well, fearing it might seal her forever on the other side with no way of getting back. While five hundred years was a long time to wait to see her family and she already missed them terribly, it was better than taking the chance of using the well and never being able to get back, to never be able to reach this time again.

Sesshomaru did not mention that she had made most of the people she loved here immortal and that they would most likely still be alive after five hundred years but he was not fool enough to put any thought in her head that might lead to him having to wait centuries to see her again.

Her gaze had lingered on him from across the fire as she said, "There are some people in this Era I could not wait to live the rest of my life without."

He was at her side in an instant, enfolding her delicate body against his. His expression remained the same but his eyes softened as he gently pressed his forehead against her's reverently, closing his eyes.

He breathed in her scent until his lungs were full of it before releasing a long breath, his nose and mouth so close. One of his hands found her's and he brought it up, interlacing their fingers.

Kagome watched as he began to lower his face to her's and she blushed, thinking he was about to kiss her. His expression hadn't changed but his eyes were still shut.

His lips brushed against her's in a soft, teasing kiss before pulling away to whisper in the shell of her ear, "Not time, nor death can take you from my side now, Kagome."

That was all he said before pulling away and re situating himself by the fire, leaving Kagome flustered and slightly disappointed it was over. The latter thought caused her to blush madly and she retreated to her pallet of soft fur and sleeping bag, occasionally cracking an eye open to check on Sesshomaru. She could have sworn she caught him doing the same once or twice, but her mind was so close to sleep at the time she could have been imagining it.

That's they way things had gone for the last month since Naraku had been defeated.

Kagome sighed into her bangs, sending them tumbling back down against her face unevenly. All those lingering touches, those heated glances, the soft kisses...where were they now? Things had become somewhat platonic the last few days as Sesshomaru seemed even more withdrawn than usual. Nothing in their ritual had changed, so Kagome wondered why hadn't...wanted to touch her more.

The footsteps stopped and Kagome halted in her line of thinking as she could see Sesshomaru's back framed by the waters of the lake glittering against the sunlight. It was a wide shoreline that reached out into the lake like a small peninsula, the sands nearly obscured by a line of trees.

She reached for Ah-Un and pulled free her bathing supplies. Holding them to her chest, she walked up to Sesshomaru and whispered into his back, "I'm going to bathe, I'll be right back," before walking along the shore of the lake until she found some tree cover.

Once settled on the other side of Sesshomaru's chosen spot and confident he couldn't see her from his position, she stripped down to her birthday suit and stepped into the icy waters lapping at her feet.

Holding a bottle of shampoo in one hand, she gritted her teeth as she forced herself into the cold waves of fresh water. The water swelled to rise well over her head as she once again stood to begin washing her hair.

After rinsing repeatedly, she conditioned it, loving the way her silky strands were never tangled anymore.

Once she had lathered her entire body with anti bacterial soup and rinsed, she rubbed in a shimmery, golden body wash.

She thought again about Sesshomaru and all the times he had shown desire for her. Perhaps it was something she was doing that discouraged it? Thinking of nothing, she switched tactics. Maybe she was doing something that encouraged it? That must be it.

The times he had initiated contact, she had felt...desire for him. She allowed her mind to roam deliciously into the gutter, envisioning his hands worshiping her body as he took her...

Sesshomaru's head snapped up from his spot beside Ah-Un, his nose tilted delicately to the change of scent on the wind. Honeysuckle and thunderstorms thickened in the air, sweet, intoxicating and full of desire.

Kagome had finished brushing her hair and rubbing in her lotion and stood drying on the shoreline when she felt a pair of clawed hands settle themselves from behind on her hips. The deadly points grazed her skin softly, sliding up her belly to curve beneath the folds of her breasts, teasing the skin there and invoking powerful chills that wracked her body.

Kagome responded by leaning against him and opening her arms softly to give him better access. Her naked, rounded cheeks pressed firmly against his lap as his fangs subdued his lower lip to contain his passion, his silver bangs falling over his eyes at the heated sensation. His hands surged upwards when she opened her arms to admit him further access, palming her soft orbs tenderly in a slow, almost pained rhythm.

Her nipples hardened tightly as her body clenched and her breasts ached their pleasure against his firm, experienced touch. She felt his nose against the space behind her ear as he nuzzled her affectionately, his lips softly kissing, suckling her mark.

He guided her to the soft sands until she lay on her back, spread out before him. He freed his armor and swords, lying them to the side, before settling himself above her again.

His moko moko wound around her form, supporting her head as he ravished her lips and body, his hands all over her, complying to her rising desire. She panted and moaned, writhing beneath him. Her knees twitched, the instinct to open warring with her sense of modesty and inexperience.

He coaxed them open, sliding his hands down her knees and up, then down her belly, halting near the line of her curls to rise again teasingly. As his finger descended once again towards her sex, Kagome felt herself opening her knees for an instant with want and that second was all it took for Sesshomaru's hand to surge between them, his fingers massaging a small, bundle of nerves she had never even noticed before now. Her head fell back, her cheeks flushed with color as she writhed against him in the sand.

Another fingertip circled her opening softly and she cried out her want as it stroked her juices, threatening to enter her and then only doing so just barely.

She rocked her hips in defiance, trying to bring his hand closer, further, deeper inside her.

He complied and she gasped a heady moan as she felt him sink the long digit into her pussy knuckle-deep before pulling it out slowly and just as slowly, entering her again. She moaned at the slow rhythm, begging for more and Sesshomaru felt his cock harden in anticipation of bedding his mate.

He growled low, sending a silent message to Ah-Un and any other surrounding demons what was about to take place. His mount got the message and took to the sky with Rin safely on his back, heading back to the western fortress.

Returning his attention to his mate, he continued pumping his finger in and out of her, stretching her tight passage in preparation. His mouth found her neck again and he nibbled her mark, suckling it and preparing the skin to take his permanent mark.

Kagome swam in the pleasure, only wanting more of him. Her body dilated in her need for him and she opened herself, beckoning her mate to make the final claim over her body and heart.

Sesshomaru withdrew and Kagome sighed her displeasure as he stood before her. Heavily lidded sapphire eyes gazed at him with a potent anticipation. His silver hair flew around him in the wind from off the water as his attire was pulled away in one swift gesture until he stood before her naked.

His skin was pale like the moon, his hair a shining silver like starlight and his eyes shone with the warm amber of the sun. His muscled form heightened her arousal as she gazed at his large biceps, his chiseled chest and powerful legs. The way his hips dipped into a curve where his pelvic bone began. His hips were marked with stripes like the ones on his cheeks and wrists. They slanted seductively towards a base of silver curls that framed his manhood.

Kagome licked her lips, an unconscious gesture, as she studied him. In a shockingly brazen move she tilted her head back and spread her legs, revealing her sex to him in open invitation as she arced her back, her breasts jutting forward.

Sesshomaru was firmly between her thighs in less than a second. One hand lay on her kneecap while the other positioned himself at her entrance, not pressing but sliding the tip gently back and forth so that they barely touched. Kagome felt his head being covered in her juices until it was so slippery and warm that she wanted to arc into it. Fear kept her immobile, however, knowing that the size she was up against was sure to be painful during her first time.

A centimeter at a time, Sesshomaru began to push into her at a pace so slow it left Kagome panting and begging, pleading and nearly crying her want. She locked her legs around his back and finally brought her hips to his, bringing him into her a daring quarter of the way.

It was there she lost the ability to continue as she moaned weakly with want, wanting him further, deeper, embedded within her.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened as she took him into herself. He had never bedded a female that enjoyed and wanted the act of mating. He found himself excited at her desperation to be touched by him. She was actually enjoying the sensation of his manhood entering her, something a Bitch would be fighting by now to stop.

He thrust into her, hissing as her walls clenched onto him tightly as she gave another husky moan. Her knees opened to him even further and he surged forward, filling her to the hilt and breaching her final barrier.

She clenched around him so tightly he thought she might stop the blood flow as he froze inside her, silently allowing time for the pain to pass. His lips comforted her on her neck and shoulders.

Making his way up to her face, he took her lips again with his and felt her opening to him again. He withdrew and pressed forward, sliding into her slick, hot cavern. With every stroke, he seemed to breach another layer of her sex and each one was more orgasmic than the last.

Once he felt she had become accustomed enough, he withdrew completely and flipped her onto her belly. His hands guided her to sit on her knees with her head down and her bottom in the air.

Coming to kneel behind her, he placed one hand encouragingly on her hip as his other guided his cock into her pussy. Rocking back and forth, he pumped into her slowly until his head grazed the pocket deep within. Her body responded by arcing further, her legs spread apart as far as they could go and tensely holding that position to take him, all of him.

His pace picked up and she was crying out with every thrust now, the sexy sounds nearly sending him over the edge by themselves. Her sex tightened around him as she came again for at least the fourth time. She was so wet, her tight, virginal passage offering no resistance to his throbbing, demonic member.

He thrust into her, claiming her, taking her, making her his forever. He watched his manhood slide in and out of her at such a fast pace and felt a tightening in his scrotum as his release neared. He paused, calming himself and spread his knees further apart in the sand for better positioning. His hands held her hips firmly in place as he slowly began thrusting again, immediately falling into a fast pace that steadily increased.

Kagome felt another orgasm building, instinctively lifting her bottom higher into the air to give him better access as her walls clenched tightly around his member again. His cock going so deep, so swiftly into her it drove her to a powerful climax and she came with barbaric moans of pleasure.

Sesshomaru felt her walls close around him even tighter. His hands dug into her hips, gripping them hard as he slammed into her over and over again, his release building.

"Ohhhhh," he moaned as he slowed inside her, prolonging the inevitable. Kagome felt heat fill her passage and a current of it as his seed began slowly pouring into her. His cock glistened with the white of his it as the sex continued, the seed continuing to pour into her as he gently moved himself to the hilt and back out of her again and again.

Smirking at her expression, his lips found her ear and whispered, "My...mmmmmh.. release is ooonly the beginning, Koi. We're in for a long-uh! day."

Kagome moaned hours later at sunset as Sesshomaru eased them into the water of the lake. The cold temperature soothed their heated skin and she drank greedily of it. He was still inside her from behind, his strong arms holding her body close to his as he continued to ever so slowly move his milking manhood in and out of her.

Soon though, Kagome was moaning her frustration of their limited mobility. She wanted him fucking her, hard and the waters wouldn't allow such.

So they moved back to the shoreline, where he arranged moko moko into a makeshift pallet. She fell forward on her knees, lifting her rounded bottom into the air in invitation. He stroked his manhood, covering it with the seed it was still providing, as he entered her again.

She moaned her appreciation as she felt him fill her, his hot seed once again hitting the deepest part of her.

Sesshomaru felt her knees tremble as she neared another climax. This time when she tightened around him, he felt his aura thicken around them as his fangs elongated to taper below his bottom lip. He used his demonic speed to thrust into her as she came around him again and he came, too, an even larger blast of seed filling her cavern as his mouth descended, his fangs piercing the skin of the mark on her neck.

The taste of her blood was intoxicating and Kagome was in an equal state of euphoria as their auras merged and their love making came to a crashing crescendo, a chaotic release and rush.

He finally withdrew and she collapsed in the sand, almost instantly fast asleep. He dressed them both before gathering her in his arms and taking to the sky, headed for his home.

He had her in bed with two graceful steps, one on the balcony ridge and the other halfway into the bedroom, as he gently slipped her beneath the satin covers. He followed shortly after checking on Rin, who was also fast asleep. She felt the weight shift as he slid into bed beside her and rolled over, throwing her leg over his lap and positioning her head on his chest. His arm wound around her back protectively while her hand rested on his torso.

He looked down at his new mate, sore and spent against him. She looked immaculate, glowing and he felt a swell of pride seeing her so comfortable in his embrace.

His last thought before slipping into unconsciousness was that he would never feel solitude again.

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