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Nnoitra Jiruga and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck: One Bitchy Fate

Blackness once again enveloped them. Nobody talked; the only sound heard was the humming from the machine.

The tensed quietness was, however, broken by Matsumoto's murmur.

"…I wonder whose memory we will watch next…"

Hitsugaya snorted none too loudly. "I hope, whose memories those are, they will less gory than Jaggerjaques' memory back then."

"…I doubt it." Ishida slowly commented.

"Why is that, Ishida?" Tatsuki asked curiously.

"What is the main reason someone can become a hollow?" he asked back to everyone. They were silent so he continued rather darkly, "It's because they have lost their heart due to the suffering they have to endure during the death. Or because of their painful life. Or, because of their excessive affection or tie towards something in their life, whether it is their beloved person, their property, or something else. Mostly their beloved person, that's why when they turn into hollows, they will chase after them first."

"It's the theory, Ishida. We all know that." Renji scoffed. "What's the point anyway?"

The Quincy pushed his glasses upward—though nobody saw this because of the sheer darkness. "I mean, these memories we will witness, are the collection of their sorrowful, agonizing, and painful memories. This will be quite depressing to watch, if you ask me."

"…Even I know that." Renji muttered dejectedly.

Everyone was drowned once more in uncomfortable silence until they heard a shrill cry. A pained one at that, they recognized.

"What the hell is that?" Ikkaku murmured, aghast. Everyone muttered their 'I don't know' almost simultaneously.

They suddenly realized that the darkness was fading and replaced by a dim lit chamber.

"A locked chamber?" Ishida blurted out unthinkingly.

"A dungeon, if you ask me." Ichigo, who was strangely silent all this time, commented sardonically.

They looked around the small, confined chamber. It was poor lit, dirty and humid. There was one bed with thin blanket spread upon and a small, simple table with a chair. They were made from iron. A small cubicle was located on the cell's corner; they assumed it was some kind of toilet or something. And it was indeed a toilet, a poorly hygienic one at that.

Thunderous footsteps brought their attention to the barred door. Two men were coming into their sight; one was fatty and burly, while the other was extremely tall and lanky. The burly one eventually stopped before the chamber and unlocked the lock. He opened the barred door and shoved the lanky man inside.

They almost instantly recognized the lanky one. Most specifically, Chad, Ichigo and Orihime recognized the man. Ichigo deepened his scowl, while Orihime shuddered and clutched Tatsuki's hand more tightly. Chad, however, kept silent.

Tatsuki turned to regard her best friend. She was suddenly worried looking at the pallor of Orihime's visage.

"Orihime? What's wrong?"

Orihime only shook her head and eventually nuzzled Tatsuki's shoulder. The tomboy was confused—until she heard Ichigo's strained remark.

"It's him. Nnoitra Jiruga." The orange head hissed.

Tatsuki and the others looked at Ichigo and then at the lanky man who now turned around to face the burly one. The poor lightning gave away his face and it was indeed the ex Quinta Espada, Nnoitra Jiruga—minus his trademark eye patch. His slanted purple eyes gleamed with cold impassiveness, something that was unusual for him. He didn't have his normal toothy grin on his face, however. His raven hair was still long and languid, now tied in loose ponytail. He wore a simple brown tunic and matching loose trouser. All in all, he looked like a slave or, more likely, a prisoner.

"Good job, Jiruga." The burly man intoned. His thick moustache quivered when he let out a snide chuckle. He, however, missed Nnoitra's disgusted expression. "You're the best fighter we have here after all."

"…Of course, Master." Nnoitra drawled in monotone voice, somehow emphasizing the word 'master' in sheer loathing tone. If his master heard the insult, he didn't show it. "I live fer battle and battle only."

"That's right, Jiruga. You're my Angel of Despair. You live for battle only. My battle." The fatty man sneered as he turned to leave. "And you'll also die in battle. My battle, of course."

Feeling that it was unnecessary to counter the statement, Nnoitra kept silent. Though, his eyes narrowed in pure repugnance as he watched the fatty man swaggered out from the chamber. He sighed heavily and eventually sat down on the chair; though the furniture couldn't support his overall feature. He then raised both long legs onto the table, propping them together. He leaned onto the chair, rocking back and forth in idleness.

Closing his eyes in tiredness, the usually loud and obnoxious man only sighed once more and murmured faintly—though the group could hear the words clearly.

"I'm tired of this life… let me die already…"


Nnoitra startled awake by a pained cry.

He slumped on his chair once more when he recognized the sound.

Another one dies…

A man with grey uniform and stern, serious appearance appeared before his cell. Nnoitra squinted to see and recognized him as his jailer. No, not jailer—he was his foreman. Nnoitra almost snorted at this thought. Foreman… as if he was a normal worker…

"Jiruga, Master demands your presence." The man barked.

"What fer?" Nnoitra barked back. He didn't like this man.

"Work. What else?" he mocked and unlocked the door lock. He beckoned Nnoitra to stand up and walk towards him. The lanky man obliged, although indolently.

"Take a shower before and wear this." The jailer shoved some folded clothes to him. Nnoitra raised one of his non-existent brows as he looked at the clothes in his hands.

"What's this?"

"Your attire for today's work." The jailer's sneered. "You're lucky, Master likes you. At least you won't die quickly."

I'd rather die quickly than be favored by the likes of him…

"You'd better be quick. Master and his guests don't want to wait for long."


The jailer sneered again, making Nnoitra somehow wanted to plant his punch on his hideous face.

"That's why I told you that you're lucky to be Master's favorite fighter. You can show off in front of his guests and, not to mention, his guests for today, well one for particular, is one hell of a babe."

Nnoitra scoffed. "A woman? What's a woman doin' in this hellish hole?"

"Dunno. Be quick and you'll find out."

The man scurried away when he heard his name being yelled. Nnoitra watched him go and then chuckled humorlessly.

"A woman, huh? I wonder who she is."

After taking a quick shower, Nnoitra donned his attire for today. He grimaced when he saw what he had to wear today: a ruffled white shirt and black tights. He was okay with the leather brown boots and the ornate belt, however. But tights? Ruffles? Puh-lease…

I look like some fuckin' pansy…

He noticed someone approaching him. He glanced to his side and watched as a middle aged man with grayish-light brown hair trudged towards his person, dragging something big behind him. The thing was covered in thick black cloth.

Nnoitra frowned. What was that thing anyway?

"…Yo, Nnoit." The man greeted him cheerfully. Nnoitra grimaced. He hated the nickname.

"Don't call me that, ya old fart! What's that thing ya drag around anyway?" he spat ruthlessly at the older man. The latter didn't seem to mind his rude words and proceeded to lean the thing on the nearby pillar.

"This… is your new weapon for today's work. The name is Santa Teresa."

"Santa Teresa? What a pansy name fer a weapon. Ya usually do better than that, ya old fart Jose." Nnoitra jeered, clearly mocking the blacksmith. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned his tall limb onto the wall.

Jose only smirked and pulled the cloth covering the aforementioned weapon. Nnoitra couldn't help but gape at the weapon. It had a giant crescent moon-shaped blade and a long, sturdy handle. The weapon itself was as tall as him; even more, when it was being erected.

"Ya—ya seriously consider me to wield this fuckin' huge abomination of axe and scythe around?" he practically screeched in shock. Jose chuckled gaily.

"I know you can, Nnoit. You're the strongest fighter I've ever known in this whole hell-hole."

Nnoitra rolled his eyes and muttered. "Che, whatever. What's with the size anyway?"

"I made this special for you, yanno. There is no other in this entire world. It's special, only for you."

Nnoitra was still shocked, but slowly a toothy grin appeared on his face. "Special fer me, heh? So you really mean it, old fart?"

Jose laughed. "Of course. Oh, by the way, Tesla asked about you."

Nnoitra chuckled as he recalled the little blonde, Jose's smallest son. "If I don't know much, old man, I will bet my lunch that yer little spawn is in love with me."

Jose laughed louder. "Perhaps, Nnoit. I, honestly, don't take a shit about it anyway."

Seeing Nnoitra's suddenly pale face, the older man howled in another fit of laughter.

"Ye're kiddin', right? There's no way little Tesla falls fer me… right?" his voice was uncharacteristically shaky.

Jose spluttered for a while. "Of course, I'm kidding. My little Tes admires you, yes, but no, he doesn't fall for you. That's for sure."

"Howddya know?" Nnoitra skeptically asked.

"He dates this Loly girl. To be honest, I don't like that girl; she gives me the creep. But, oh well, Tesla likes to go out with her, how can I say no to him?" Jose sighed good-naturedly.

Nnoitra snorted. "Ya're spoilin' him too much, old fart. Tesla will surely grow up as a weak man if ya spoil him too much."

"Maybe. Can't help it, Nnoit. My dead wife made me promise to take care of him. Well, he's the only living son I have now." His voice faltered. Nnoitra, however, knew the cue and didn't utter any word.

Jose's family, aside from himself and Tesla, were dead because of the accident on the mining site. Nnoitra and Jose's master, Juan Carlo de Karras, was the owner of one biggest charcoal mines in the entire Spain. Not to mention, the host of the deadliest illegal underground bout, where Nnoitra currently joined.

"Try the weapon, Nnoit. Be accustomed with her."

"Her? This weapon is a she? Jose, ya're one sick old man."

Jose only chuckled at Nnoitra's disgusted face.

Nevertheless, he picked the giant axe-scythe and weighed it on his arm. It was heavy, but he surely could handle it. He saw that the weapon had a long chain on its end of the handle.

"Old fart, what's this chain fer?"

"Oh, you can attach the belt-like chain onto your waist. Say, it's your personal holster of Santa Teresa."

Nnoitra grinned. "…Somehow, I like it, old man. Thanks."

Jose smiled. "Anytime, lad. Anytime."

Carrying his new weapon on his shoulder, Nnoitra strode towards his master's huge hacienda.

He didn't stop to greet anyone; he just kept walking towards his destination. He had been already ten minutes late, courtesy of his small talk with Jose. Not that he minded it. He would rather spend his time talking with the old fart than facing his master at that time.

Arriving at the inner field of the hacienda, he spotted his master standing with his guests near the fountain. But what drew his attention more was the person standing beside his fatty employer. The person was a woman with gorgeously curvaceous body, who was clad in white ruffled gown; and she had wavy green hair.

Nnoitra raised his non-existent brows. Green hair? What a weird woman… but she definitely has nice body and rack to compliment…

His master chose the time to wave at him, much to his chagrin.

"Ahh, Jiruga, nice timing." He then waved his fatty arm towards his guests, who consisted of the gorgeous woman and a frail old man—most likely her father or uncle, Nnoitra mused. They had similar green hair for sure.

"This is Herr Adolph Tu Odelschwanck and his daughter, Fraulein Nelliel. They are my business acquaintances." Juan Carlo tried to imitate German's accent when he addressed them, but failed miserably. Nnoitra did his best not to snort openly at his master's blatant silliness. He, however, didn't miss Neliel's attempt to hide her smirk behind her gloved hand.

Nnoitra noted her beautiful hazel eyes and somehow childish face. Her smile was radiant and cheerful. Her assets—Nnoitra almost gawked at them—were marvelous, both in size and appearance. Her hips were wide and feminine, her waist slim. The gown, however, did almost nothing to conceal her overall appealing, feminine features. Nnoitra could imagine the heavenly shaped and long legs under the confinement of her ruffled dress.

She's gorgeous…

"I told my guests here that you, Nnoitra Jiruga, are the strongest fighter I've ever owned in my hacienda. Fraulein Nelliel, however, is a practitioner of martial art. When she heard about you, she instantly wants to fight against you, Jiruga."

Nnoitra's eyes widened. This …woman wanted to fight him? It was joke, wasn't it? No matter how skilled, how strong—how utterly attractive—a woman shouldn't be superior from or even equal with a man. No, a woman shouldn't be above a man. Women's place was below men. It was nature's law. Nnoitra firmly believed that.

"No shit." He spat, earning a glare from his master and a wide-eyes from both Tu Odelschwanck. "Ya're sick-jokin', Master. There's no way a woman like her can fight me on par. Women can't fight—they shouldn't fight! Their place is beneath us, men!"

His words were ambiguous in meaning, making Juan Carlo grinning in lecherous way—though he still maintained his glare towards his subordinate—and Nelliel to redden, either in fury or embarrassment, Nnoitra didn't know. And he didn't give a shit, really.

"Excuse me?" she inquired quietly, though with her somehow childish voice, the question came out less quiet. It didn't even sound intimidating Nnoitra felt laughing from hearing it.

Nnoitra scoffed rudely. "Ya're a woman, thus ya can't fight me, missy. Fighting ain't women's plaything."

Nelliel's eyes narrowed; she was offended. "Oh, really? What about a round then?"

Nnoitra glared at her. "I ain't fightin' ya."

"You're scared, hmm?"

"Hell no!" Nnoitra was infuriated. How dare this—this female challenge him! "What's the deal, woman?"

Nelliel smirked, promptly ignoring Nnoitra's rude remark or her father's worried glance. "A fair round, one-on-one, free style. You can use…" she paused as she pointed at Santa Teresa in his hand, "…your weapon there and I will use mine. Whoever wins can ask for whatever thing from the loser."

Scowling, Nnoitra eventually agreed. "Fine, woman. When? Where?"

"An hour later, here. Deal?" she glanced at Juan Carlo and the fatty man nodded.

"'Kay! Deal!"

"Nel dear, you shouldn't fight against that man." Adolph Tu Odelschwanck literally begged her daughter. "He seems dangerous! And he's also rude, uncouth, impolite—"

Nelliel smiled at her beloved father while she checked on her favorite blade. She had changed her attire into a plain blouse and black tights. She also wore black boots; and a matching belt around her slim waist. "Father, I assure you there will be no harm in this fight. I'll win for sure."

"Honey, he isn't one of your sparring partners! He is a true gladiator or warrior or whatever term Senor de Karras calls him! He can seriously harm you!"

Nelliel gave her father one of her radiant smiles.

"Father, I'll win. I will definitely win."

That woman! Bitch! How dare she—!

Nnoitra fumed as he adjusted and readjusted his boots. He then checked on Santa Teresa and tried to swing the axe-scythe several times to get more feeling using the weapon. He was thankful he was adept to wielding more than one weapon easily.

Sure, she's an absolute goddess—what's with that guitar's shape and marvelous tits—but still, she's a bitch! The nerve of that female! Challenging me like that!

Nevertheless, Nnoitra's mind strayed to another thought; another kind of …fight.

He imagined how it would feel embracing Nelliel, kissing her, making love to her… he shook his head vigorously.

Nnoitra Jiruga didn't fall for any woman. He would probably sleep with them, but he wouldn't fall for any woman. Especially woman like Nelliel…

Nnoitra Jiruga definitely didn't love.

His life was solely for battle. Only for battle.

Santa Teresa clashed against Gamuza with screeching sound.

Their wielders pushed against each other for a while before released their entanglement. Purple orbs met hazel ones. They glared at each other.

"…Heh, not bad fer a woman." Nnoitra panted. A toothy smirk appeared on his face.

"You're not bad either, lanky." Nelliel rasped back.

They had sparred for a good thirty minutes. Herr Tu Odelschwanck and Senor de Karras watched from their vantage spot on the nearest balcony.

Nelliel was surprisingly a good fighter as Nnoitra noted after several minutes sparring. She could attack, hold, and dodge his assaults similarly well, if not better. Somehow Nnoitra felt discouraged.

Could she truly defeat him?

No! Never! Not a chance! The time I let a woman defeat me in my battle or be superior to me in whatever shit I'm in, it will be the time I die, fer sure!

With a harsh cry, he launched another attack in the form of a swing from his Santa Teresa. Nelliel avoided most of the swing, of course; but the wind following the swing somehow disrupted her stance. She stumbled forward and Nnoitra used this chance to swing another attack towards her.

Santa Teresa's blade almost hit her back if it wasn't for her swiftness by rolling aside, out from the attack's range. She maintained her stance and second later, she had charged towards Nnoitra. Stunned by her sudden assault, Nnoitra didn't have enough time to retract Santa Teresa and perform any counter attack. When Gamuza was thrust forward, he could only block with his left arm…


Santa Teresa was out of his hand, the chain severed from his waist. Nnoitra felt his weapon thrown from his grasp, clattering noisily on the pavement. Next moment he felt the cold tip of Nelliel's blade against his throat.

He was mortified.

He had lost the fight.

Nnoitra couldn't help but feel furious.

How come he lost his fight? To a mere female? He didn't need this—this humiliation!

"Kill me, woman."

Shock flickered within Nelliel's hazel eyes. She stared downward at Nnoitra's prone form—the man was still trying his hard to stand back, despite his large gash on his arm and shoulder where Gamuza had made a contact back then. Nelliel herself sustained some injuries, though none could be considered fatal or even serious. Only mere scratches and narrow gashes on her cheek and arms.


"Kill me, goddammit!" Nnoitra yelled in desperate rage. "That's the way of living in my life! In every warrior's life! To die in their lost or to soar in their triumph! Finish me off! You've won the round! You should finish me off! Or else—"

"Or else… what, Nnoitra?" Nelliel regarded him somewhat coldly; her hazel eyes fixing on his. "Don't you remember we have an agreement considering the fight? Whoever wins can ask for whatever things from the loser. Do you forget that, Nnoitra?"

Nnoitra froze. He indeed forgot the treaty.

"Well then, I deny your death, Nnoitra." She told him solemnly. "I ask you to live. Even in humiliation of defeat."

Nnoitra still froze; eyes wide at her. Stupefied. What the hell is she talking about? What the fuckin' hell is she talking about?

Why? Why? Why is she denying my deserved death?

"I ask you to live, Nnoitra. Say, it's the price you have to pay for your loss. Isn't it lucky for you, hmm?"


Please let me die…


"Live, Nnoitra. I want you to live."

Let me die, goddammit!



Nelliel was shocked beyond belief. She couldn't believe her own ears.

What did he call me?

"What… do you call me?"

Nnoitra looked upward, locking his gaze with hers. He sneered.

"I call ya 'bitch', ya fuckin' bitch."

Nelliel was taken aback by the amount of hatred within those gorgeous purple orbs. Since she laid her eyes on him, she was instantly fascinated by those eyes. They hid considerable amount of emotions within: anger, contempt, bitterness …sorrow.

She slightly wondered; how did they look like when they reflected softness? Lust? Affection? Love? She wanted to know; she wanted to get closer to this uncouth yet fascinating man.

She wanted him.

But now, the chance was gone as she saw the amount of hatred within those deep purple orbs. It hurt her to see the painful emotion within his eyes, especially when it was directed towards her, just like that.

Nelliel wondered what she had done to raise such deep hatred from him. And then she realized…

She had defeated him. In his fight. In his own field.

She had robbed his victory from him.

It was humiliating. It was unbearable. For a seasoned warrior to be defeated by a woman in their first fight, just like that. For once, Nelliel regretted her impulsiveness for challenging someone into fighting.

Her father was right; this man could seriously harm her.

Not in any physical term, though. It hurt her just by looking into his wounded, humiliated eyes.

It deeply hurt her.

"What …do you call me?"

Nnoitra looked upward from his half-prone form, still trying vainly to stand on his own two feet. Blood flowed freely from the wound she had inflicted on his arm and shoulder. He felt dizzy, probably from a blood loss.

"I call ya 'bitch', ya fuckin' bitch!" he spat ruefully. He watched as her hazel eyes widened more. She was shell-shocked.

He saw a flash of hurt within her beautiful hazel eyes. He saw a brief ripple of hurt disrupt her composed feature; how her lips slightly parted in her shock, how her hands holding Gamuza quiver slightly…

…And he was suddenly struck by a shocking revelation: he didn't want to see that expression on her face anymore. It hurt him to see her so lost, so forlorn, so …pained…

Hurt… so much…

But he couldn't pull back his words. He couldn't swallow his pride to say sorry for her. He couldn't risk his entire life only for her… he knew it wasn't worth it…

She was so much different from him. So far, so ungraspable for him…

It isn't worth it…

His fight was his pride. He lived for battle and battle only. He was, like his master called, the Angel of Despair.

And she robbed his pride from him.

Yes—as Nnoitra darkly mused—she wasn't worth the pride…



Nnoitra didn't hear his master's yell, commanding him to stop. He didn't hear thunderous footsteps which were coming from the other henchmen as they swiftly surrounded him. He definitely didn't hear Nelliel's hitched breath as she tried her hard to stem her upcoming tears.

"I HATE YA! I HATE YA FUCKIN' BITCH!" Nnoitra halted as he panted for a breather. He stared at the ground with pained look. He felt his heart and gut clench painfully as if being crushed by heavy and massive talons, altogether. He didn't register as he was yanked forcefully and hauled towards the underground dungeon.

"…I hate ya, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck…"

Soft sobs followed his each footstep towards his impending doom and Nnoitra Jiruga knew that the words he barely whispered were merely lies.

Nelliel tried her hard to stem her tears—to no avail.

It hurt. It hurt so much.

His pain… it hurts so much…

"Nel dear…" her father came to hug her. He had already prepared fresh towel and first aid kit to tend for her injuries. She let her father hug her as she eventually cried on his chest.

"Nel dear… it's alright, honey. It's alright now." Her father soothed her. "He's gone now. He won't harm you anymore. He won't scream at you anymore."

Nelliel froze.

No, it's not that… Father, you're wrong… it's not that…

"Your father is right, Fraulein Nelliel." Juan Carlo trotted until he stood beside his father. He sounded apologetic enough. "I do apologize for Jiruga's rude behavior. I will make sure he gets his punishment tomorrow morning."


"Make sure he does, Senor de Karras." Herr Tu Odelschwanck reprimanded the other man firmly. "He injured and blatantly insulted my precious daughter. He has to be punished. Severely."

"Of course, Herr Tu Odelschwanck." Juan Carlo grimaced. "I'll make sure he does get his rightful punishment."


Nelliel's raspy murmur startled the two men.

"Nel dear, what did you say?" her father stared at her incredulously.

"No! It's not like that, Father!" Nel yelled out of her lungs. Her father and Juan Carlo stared at her like she had barely lost her last shred of sanity.

She shook her head fervently, over and over, in denial. "It's not like that… it's not like that…"

"Nel, dear… your head must be hurt quite hard after the spar," her father spoke softly at her. He had held her arm and half-ushered her into the inner part of the hacienda. Nel didn't object, though she still murmured her denial.

"Senor de Karras, would you please… the doctor…" her father pleaded the landlord.

"Of course, Herr Tu Odelschwanck, right away," the other man suavely responded.

"Nel, let's get inside and have your wounds treated, dear."

As her father took her arm and continued to lead her into one of the guest rooms, Nelliel couldn't think about anything else, except her guilt toward Nnoitra.


"Wake up!"

Nnoitra jerked awake from his restless slumber by cold water being splashed over his face. His body felt numb and sore. He also felt his arms and ankles being chained onto the wall; and he somehow wondered when and how he had gotten into this mess. And then he remembered everything—specifically, about Nelliel—and grimaced.

"I said wake up, Jiruga, goddammit!"

Nnoitra felt his gut being hit by hard thing, probably a stick or something. Grunting slightly, he opened one slanted eye and grinned scornfully at his tormentor.

"…Aaahh, Manuel, it's ya and yer bastard face…" he mumbled humorlessly. The foreman—now his tormentor—Manuel, glared at him. Using the wooden stick he had in his hands, the man hit Nnoitra hard on the gut, again. The latter grunted but he didn't cease his wide and scornful grin.

"Shut up, Jiruga! Do you even realize what you've done before? You've made Master angry!" he ranted. "I've never seen him that angry before."

Nnoitra sneered, somehow pleased. "…'S that so? I'm glad to hear that…"

Manuel glared at him. "Shit, Jiruga, I know since the first time you came here that you are a fucking troublemaker…but I don't believe that you'll make it until this far…" he trailed off. Nnoitra blinked.

"Whaddya mean?"

"Master ordered an execution for you."

Nnoitra's sneer faltered as he froze shocked.


"You'll be executed tomorrow morning." The older man continued grimly. "Just be prepared for your upcoming death and pray." With those words, he left Nnoitra alone.

Nnoitra was silent even after the foreman-slash-tormentor left. He let the man's recent words sank into his mind. As he recalled his suggestion to 'be prepared and pray', Nnoitra snorted loudly. His snort turned into a rueful, wry laughter.

"Pray? Pray? No, ya're wrong, Manuel! It's not me who should pray in the first place…it's ya! Ya and the others! And that fuckin' fatty bastard of a master! It's them who should pray! It's them who should be prepared! For I, Nnoitra Jiruga, won't let myself die in some pathetic manner of bein' executed!

I am a warrior! And a warrior will live as one till they die! They will fight fer their life and in the battle they will die. I live in battle! I will also die in battle! I will die as my last breath leaves me before my body even hits the ground! That's the way I want to die! Not somethin' as pathetic as bein' executed…" he trailed off, panting.

His exclamation rang through the humid and thick walls of his dungeon; though nobody was bothered to listen to it. Nnoitra grimaced. He felt silly for yelling out loud like that, but he couldn't help it—he needed to yell, to vent his frustration.

As he waited silently for something to happen, anything, Nnoitra stared blankly at the darkened wall. Recalling the source of his current predicament, he could only murmur wistfully.

"…Nelliel, I hate ya…"


"Father, the preparation is ready."

A soft boyish voice whispered as its owner crept towards his father. He was a teenage boy with handsome face and light brown hair—a similar trait he shared with his old man. He was now crouching behind the thick bushes and foliages inside de Karras' hacienda—without being noticed, of course.

His father was also crouching beside him. He held something big in his arms, wrapped in black cloth. He nodded at his son, confirming his words.

"Good work, Tesla. You can go home now."

Tesla stared at his father before slowly shook his head. "…No, Father, whatever you will do tonight, I will surely join you. I won't go home, letting you plunging yourself in harm just like that."

Jose sighed. "Please, Son…"

"No. I will come with you. It's all about Senor Jiruga, isn't it? Well, he's my idol, so I am sure as hell I will join you to rescue him."

Another sigh escaped the old Jose. "…I know you will say that. Though 'rescue' isn't the exact word for our action tonight…considering Nnoit, it'll most likely turn into one bloody hell of a brawl."

Beckoning his son to follow him—and to help him carrying the thing he held now—Jose stealthily crept towards the path that led towards the underground dungeon. He didn't need to worry about the guards, since he had bribed them with the best drink he could muster. He almost cursed under his breath as his saving pouch thinned just for buying a crate of those liqueurs.

"Careful, Tesla. We mustn't be noticed."

"…I know, Father."

To get inside the underground dungeon was an easy task—once you know how. Jose had been the hacienda retainer since he was still very young; he knew every turnoff, every crevice of the mansion that even the landlord himself didn't know. So he took the hidden path, the path that mostly other coworkers didn't take, for they usually took another less inconspicuous way.

Moving carefully so the thing they carried with didn't fall or even scratch their vicinity, both father and son slowly yet surely crept inside the underground path. Jose halted when he heard some conversation being held. He stood still, hidden by the shadow and listening intently to the voices. Tesla also stopped behind his father, waiting and listening.

They heard yells and angry curses; and then stomping footsteps moving towards their place. Jose quickly moved onto the most shadowed corner, dragging his son and the thing with him. They held onto it tightly, feeling anxious in a fear of being noticed. They waited until they could see the person who stomped his way from the inner cell—Nnoitra's cell.

"…It's Manuel…" Jose whispered to his son tersely. Tesla nodded; he knew the foreman. He surely didn't like him.

"This way, Tes. And be careful with that thing."

Tesla shrugged. "I know, Father. What's this anyway?"

Jose smirked though his son didn't see him. He drawled, "My masterpiece, Son. My masterpiece."

Tesla only shook his head, chagrinned with his father's antic somehow.

They almost jumped out of their skin as they heard harsh exclamation from the cell. It was clearly Nnoitra's voice, cursing and shouting something about praying and the way of life as a warrior. They couldn't hear word per word, but what made them shiver after the exclamation was over was Nnoitra's hollow murmur—which strangely sounded more clearly than his previous shouts.

"…Nelliel, I hate ya…"

Both father and son looked at each other, bewildered; before continued to walk towards the cell. Once they reached the door, Jose peered inside through the barred gap. What he saw made him wince.

Nnoitra was chained onto the wall by his wrist and ankles; his lanky body was bare aside from his rag-like pants. Bruises, gashes, and open wounds alike could be seen clearly on his bare skin. He had a large gash on his left forehead—someone must have hit him hard at that place.

The tall man didn't seem to notice him as his somehow vacant eyes stared at nothing in particular. Jose held an urge to cluck in pity. Nnoitra hated for being pitied.

"Pssst, Nnoit." He rasped, trying to gain his attention. Nnoitra didn't seem to hear him so he rasped louder. "Nnoit!"

Nnoitra's head snapped upward as he heard the harsh rasp. He had felt someone's presence nearby, but he dismissed it as another guard. When he eventually heard his name being called in that manner, he frowned. His purple eyes darted towards the barred gap and he nearly dropped his jaw as he saw the old Jose peeked inside from behind the iron door.

"Jose—! What the—what're ya doin' here?" he hissed, shocked beyond belief. He didn't have even a strand of mind that someone would be willingly going that far to free him from that hellhole called underground dungeon. He didn't even think that someone would be the old fart Jose.

The old blacksmith smirked lopsidedly. "To rescue you, Nnoit. What else?"

Nnoitra couldn't believe his ears. "I don't need to be rescued! Especially from ya, ya old fart!"

"Pssst! Be quiet, will you? I bring Santa Teresa with me…thought you're going to need this once you're free. Oh, I also bring Tesla to help me." He jerked towards another head behind him.

Tesla had also peeked inside and grinned awkwardly at Nnoitra. The latter couldn't help but glare at the teen. Tesla's grin faltered and he shrank away from Nnoitra's harsh glare. Jose chuckled.

"Awww, Nnoit, don't be that harsh towards my youngster, will you? He idolizes you, you know."

"That's beside the point, old man Jose!" Nnoitra snapped, unnerved. "What I wanna ask ya is, just what the fuck are ya doin' down here and pretendin' to help me out of here? It's dangerous, fer ya and yer son—"

"I'm touched, lad." Jose smirked widely. "You're worried about me and my son? That's very nice of you. Don't worry; the guards won't be coming for the time being."

Nnoitra spluttered. "I'm not worried, ya geezer! I—I just, well—"

"Oh, shut up. Wait for a second; I will get you out from here."

Nnoitra opened his mouth to retort, but thought better of it and eventually shut his mouth. Jose's head had disappeared from his point of view—only to emerge later with wide smirk on. Nnoitra heard a not so loud CLANK before the iron door was opened from the outside.

"…I don't know that ya're such a wrecker." Nnoitra commented in an offhanded manner. His signature wide grin was back on his face.

Jose mimicked his grin. "Call me genius, lad. For a veteran blacksmith like me, no key or chain can hinder me anymore."

"Che, whatever."

Snickering, the old man sauntered inside, followed by Tesla. They carefully leaned Santa Teresa on the corner of the cell. Jose then told his son to be on guard, just in case. He then looked around the cell and grimaced.

"…Honestly, Nnoit, they have totally gone too far this time…you don't deserve this, after so much time you've dedicated to fight for that prick, fatty bastard." Jose spat in disgust. Nnoitra smiled.

"…My time here isn't any longer than ya, old man. And when does that fatty bastard ever care fer ya? Never. He didn't even spare ya a visit when Elena and Rudolfo died in the accident back then…"

Jose gave him a sideways glance as he was busy crouching and fiddling with the chains on Nnoitra's ankles. "…I know. That's why I've come to this decision. Not that I wouldn't do it for you if I decided otherwise, though…"

Nnoitra was silent. Inwardly he was grateful for Jose's aid. Sometimes, someday, he would like to regard the old blacksmith as someone equal a father for him.

A not-so-loud clank was heard as the chains bound onto Nnoitra's ankles came loose. The lanky man tested his limbs' movement by stretching and kicking in the midair as Jose finished his work on the other chains on his wrists. After he had done, both men stood silent and looked at each other.

"…Now what?" Nnoitra idly asked the old man.

"Get out of here, of course." Jose replied, chuckling. He pointed at Santa Teresa. "You'll gonna need that."


Nnoitra picked his weapon; the familiar weight of Santa Teresa somehow reassuring him. He glanced at Jose, who had his eyes on him, and Tesla, who awkwardly stood beside his father. Grinning, he commanded.

"Let's get the fuckin' hell outta here!"


There was a ruckus coming from the direction of underground dungeon.

It was probably Nnoitra. Nelliel knew that much, since she had gained every information about Nnoitra's restraint from the household's retainers. The more she sought out information, the more she found out about Juan Carlo de Karras' vileness towards his workers. All she had to do was gaining more and more evidences before she could show the landlord's faults to her father and call for the authoritative force. They would capture and eventually jail him, and his former retainers would gain freedom.

Including Nnoitra.

Thinking about the man now made her heart skip. Nelliel was very much aware that she—apparently—had a feeling for him. Despite their brief meeting, she was sure that her feeling was valid. Even though…

Even though, Nnoitra didn't have the same feeling for her. She knew—damn, she painfully knew that he hated her. He hated her with passion. He hated her because she had managed to defeat him in his own field. Battle was his life, for as long as he lived, he lived only for battle. And Nelliel had ruthlessly snatched it from him.

It was her fault. All her fault…because of her, he was restrained. Because of her, he came to hate her. Because of her…

A loud scream of agony jerked her back from her reverie. She blinked in confusion, but another series of agonized screams snapped her out from her confused stupor. She quickly dashed towards the door, yanked it open, and almost collided with her panicked father, face first.

"Father!" she shouted, dismayed. Her father quickly gave her a brief hug before told her the truth. "That slave, the gladiator who fought you today…he has escaped from his prison!"

Nelliel's eyes widened, thoroughly shocked. Nnoitra has escaped? How—

"Father! How—how could he—?" she stammered out loud, unable to finish her sentences.

Herr Tu Odelschwanck shook his head. "I don't really know, dear. It seems that some other retainers help him through."

Nelliel was stunned. So the slaves and retainers within this hacienda had begun their rebellions towards their master…well, it was about time. Nelliel let out a grin. Her father, however, looked at her with bewilderment.

"Nell, dear, why are you grinning? This isn't the time to feel excited about the prospect of battle! Daughter, we have to go! The man will probably be after you, since you defeated and humiliated him! Senor de Karras has prepared for escape-route—"

"No, Father. I won't come with you." Nelliel's voice sounded resolute. Her father couldn't help but gape at her.

"Nelliel! What in the ever loving heaven are you talking about?" Herr Tu Odelschwanck did nothing but yelled. His daughter didn't even flinch at his loud voice.

"I'm talking the truth, Father. I won't come with you and Senor de Karras to escape from this place. I will stay here."

"Nelliel! Why?"

"Because the man I love is here as well."


"…Che, they're nothin', but a bunch of pathetic weaklings." Nnoitra commented disgustedly as he flung the blood from Santa Teresa. Jose let out a harsh chuckle at his comment.

"…Damn right, lad. But still…could you tone down a little, will you, Nnoit? It's getting more and more bloody here; and I feel somehow repulsed…"

Nnoitra grinned, kicking away a dead body of the guard near his feet. He saw Jose flinch at the display. Amused, he chortled. "Whazzematter, old fart Jose? Chickened already?"

Jose glared at him, his face slightly green. "Of course not! I'm just…not used to see so much blood and torn limbs…fuck, Nnoit, how could you be so calm about killing them? Who knows that amongst them we can find familiar faces, like Sancho, Ramiréz, Énrique…the hell, Nnoitra, just—just look before you swing down Santa Teresa, you dork!"

Nnoitra raised one of his nonexistent eyebrows. "Now ya're lecturin' me about what I should or shouldn't do, hey old man? This is a battle, Jose! And we're now standin' in the middle of the battle ground! Aside from ya and yer spawn, Tesla, I have no other allies here! All of them are enemies! Enemies whom I have to cut down! No more and no less!"

Jose stared at him long and hard, before turned back to face another incoming troop. "…At least you still consider me and Tes as your allies, Nnoit."

Nnoitra grinned widely and swung his Santa Teresa towards the ranks. The huge scythe easily cut them down, blood spurting from their wounds. Some of them were even almost split in half. They dissolved and withered as their screams rang through the quickly empty hallway. Humming a merry tune and clearly enjoying the slaughtering, Nnoitra retorted.

"Of course, old fart Jose. Ya and Tesla are my loyal allies. Always be like that, huh?"

Jose only chuckled.

A loud gunshot startled them both. Some strangled cry and Jose hurriedly darted towards the source of the noise. His eyes were as wide as saucers when he saw the scene.

One of the guards had eventually had his hands on a riffle and used it to shoot Tesla—right on his heart. The poor teen didn't even have a chance to call out for his father or Nnoitra—only let out some strangled cry—as he fell onto the ground, dead. Blood pooled around his prone body, framing his thin form into one huge, crimson scene on the stony pavement.


With surprising strength for an old man, Jose managed to yank the riffle away and finally stab the guard right on his gut using his knife. Overwhelmed by his own shock and bloodied wound, the guard eventually slumped against the wall and died.

Jose quickly scooped Tesla's body and cried over his son's tragic fate. Nnoitra witnessed this scene; and he couldn't help but cuss loudly.

Tesla's dead…my fault…it's my fa—

"Jose! Behind ya!"

Nnoitra ran as fast as he could to aid Jose—as the old man was jabbed from behind…by Manuel of all people. The old blacksmith coughed blood, though he didn't give any effort to fight back. It seemed that the burden of losing his only son had him to give up even for his own life.


With a swift swing, Nnoitra beheaded Manuel. He ignored the headless body, which crumpled onto the ground, and supported Jose's weak form as gentle as he could muster. Settling Santa Teresa beside him, the tall man tried to stem the bloody hole on the old man's back—to no avail.

"Dammit, Jose! Why didn't ya avoid the blow? Why didn't ya fight back? Why? Why?"

Cussing loudly as his effort to bind the wound failed, Nnoitra frantically looked around for some help. Maybe…just maybe, he could find someone—someone who had been friends with the old Jose…someone who would willingly help the old man…someone, somebody…


Nnoitra's head snapped back to look down at Jose—who smiled warmly at him. He stared blankly at the old man, unable to comprehend why the hell that man was smiling in the first place…

"…Nnoitra…it's okay, pal…I'm fine…this is…fine…"

Nnoitra's conscience kicked back as he digested Jose's word. Anger, somehow mixed with anxiety and worry for the older man's condition, laced his expression and voice when he glared down at him and yelled tightly.

"The hell ya're fine! Ya have a fuckin' bloody hole on yer back, ya old prick! There's no way ya're fine!"

Jose smiled weakly and shook his head. "…You don't understand, young lad…you just…don't understand…when someone loses his…beloved one, he will…uh, also…loses his meaning of…life…I have…lost Tesla…my dear son, Tesla…I…don't have any meaning…to live…anymore…"

Nnoitra stared blankly at the old man.

"…Heh, don't cry, lad…"

Nnoitra almost countered the comment heatedly—Nnoitra Jiruga didn't cry, goddammit!—when he felt those old yet strong fingers brushed against his cheek. As he grabbed Jose's hand, he felt something wet on his own fingers. He startled himself…he had been crying!

Letting out a harsh chuckle, Nnoitra hastily wiped away the remnant of his shameful tears.

"Heh, I'm not crying, ya old bastard! Nnoitra Jiruga, the Angel of Despair, doesn't cry, remember? He makes other people cry and beg and pray, but he surely, definitely doesn't cry himself."

"…Heh, sure…he doesn't indeed…"

"…Shut up, Jose. Save yer strength. I'll find someone, some—some healer to cure yer wound! Ya just wait—"

Nnoitra barely stood up when Jose's next words stopped his movement.

"…Nnoitra…don't…my time…almost…"

The old blacksmith coughed blood once more and then fell limply within Nnoitra's arms.

Jose was dead.

Nelliel ran through the empty corridor, hand gripping Gamuza. Her father was trailing behind her.

They couldn't find their host anywhere within the hacienda; Juan Carlo de Karras simply disappearing from the site. They also couldn't find even just one living being within the mansion, aside from themselves.

Stepping into the grassy verandah on the other side of the building, Nelliel couldn't hold her shocked gasp. She clamped a hand over her mouth to stem retch that threatened to rush out.

The outer verandah was a bloody mess. Dead bodies—cut in half, headless, and torn apart alike—sprawled haphazardly on the ground. Looking from their uniforms, they were the guards and maids of the hacienda. And, again, looking from their wounds, they were cut by some kind of heavy blade.

Heavy blade…Nelliel suddenly remembered about something. That scythe-alike blade…yes, it must be the culprit's weapon.

Horrified, Nelliel realized the possibility that the culprit was, most likely, Nnoitra.

She paled and gasped. Confused and worried, her father quickly trotted towards her, only to be stopped by his daughter's croaky warning.

"F—Father, don't come over here! Stay where you are!"

"But, Nelliel dear, why—"

"Just stay where you are, Father! You don't want to see this…"

Herr Tu Odelschwanck halted in the mid-step, somehow shocked by his daughter's sharp yell. He was still for some moments, before he cast a disapproving look at her. Clucking his tongue in such fatherly-impatient manner, he strode over the few steps towards Nelliel and went to reprimand her—when his nose caught a whiff of some…unpleasant, tangy smell.

"What? What is this smell…?"

Nelliel turned to glare helplessly at her father. "Father, I've told you to stay where you are!"

"And I don't need you to tell me everything I want and have to do, Nelliel dear. A lady shouldn't yell like th—"

His voice was caught in his throat as he peered at the verandah. His eyes widened significantly, a horrified look flashing within those hazel eyes. Quickly, he clamped a hand over his mouth and nose; and backpedaled from the door. The poor old man couldn't hold it anymore and retched.

Nelliel sighed. Her own urge to vomit seemingly faded as she looked at her father vomiting his stomach out. She felt sorry for him, though.

"Father, are you alright? Let's go from this place. We'll find another path aside from this way."

Exhausted after emptied his stomach out, Herr Tu Odelschwanck could only nod weakly at his daughter. He let his daughter grasp his arm and led him away from this hellhole…

"Please! Please stop, Jiruga! I beg you! Please st—"





"…Sorry 'bout that, Énrique. Regardless of Jose countin' ya as one of his friends, ya're nothing more than the bastard de Karras' lick-boot dog.

So…even prayin' and beggin' won't be enough to keep yer life on. Just shut the fuck up and die already!"


"…Ah, I forgot…ya're dead already…"

Nnoitra, where are you?

Where are you, Nnoitra?

Why are you doing this? Massacre isn't the answer for your freedom! Why, why, Nnoitra?

Don't…don't fall too deep into the abyss of blood lust, Nnoitra! There's more than just living for the battle! And meaninglessly dying for it! There's more than just that, Nnoitra…more…

I want to be the one who free you. I want to be the one who give you more meaning for your life.

I want to be your sunshine.

I want to be your love.

I want to be your life.

I want to…

I want to…

But, the question is…

Do you want me to?

Another one of those pathetic, lick-boot dogs finally fuckin' died.

Those damn bastards just don't know how to quit! They know I'm stronger than them, they know I'll be the death of them…yet they keep goin' and goin' to attack me!

Pathetic, useless, stupid fuckin' garbage dogs!

Jose and Tesla are gone now; I'm fuckin' much alone. Alone…I'm used to it, though. Alone, I'll free myself from this hellhole shit. Alone, I'll go findin' my own damn path of life…Heh, Jose must have laughed at me now, from his place in that nonexistent realm called heaven.

Yeah, I don't believe in heaven and hell and god and those fuckin' pathetic bullshits. I mean, come on! If god does exist, how come he creates some kind of abomination namely Juan Carlo de Karras? As my master, nonetheless?

Fate is truly, really a bitch

Fuck this ramble…I digress…

Hafta find that fuckhead bastard…and cut 'im clean in pieces before I continue my escape plan…

Flee from this goddamn hellhole and free from her…

On second thought, maybe I won't be free even from her shadow…

Even in death…my death…

Or maybe…

She will be the death of me…

That Nelliel…


I fuckin' digress…

Nelliel stepped over a dead body—this one was torn limb by limb—and had to hold her nausea. God, she felt like retching!

Behind her, she could hear his father pray and mutter the Almighty Lord's Prayer in German. She could only tighten her grip on his father's clammy hand—a sign that, hopefully, everything would be alright. She felt his father reciprocate her gesture; and she smiled wistfully.

Nnoitra…where are you?

Nnoitra eventually found him—his fatty master—inside one of his secret chambers in the highest tower of the hacienda.

It was the treasure chamber. It seemed that the lord of the hacienda eventually chickened after finding out about Nnoitra's escape-slash-killing-spree; so he decided to grab some gold and flee. But before he could do that, fate in the name of the Angel of Despair or Nnoitra Jiruga, had found him first. The poor man was now curling tightly like some kind of ball, hugging his satchel of gold; and Nnoitra couldn't help but snort at him.

"Well, well, well, look at what I got here...good 'mid' night, Master. As ya've known, it's time to die fer ya, Senor de Karras. Good bye."

"Wa—wait! Wait, Jiruga, wait!" his fatty master squeaked out, terrified. Nnoitra halted, mostly because of habit—for obeying his master's order—and not because he was truly listening to his master's plea.

"I can give you anything! Anything! Please, Jiruga, please spare my life! I am your master! I was the one who took you in from the street! I was the one who cared for you! I was the one who fed you! So, please! Please spare my life, Jiruga! Jiruga!"

Nnoitra fixated his gaze at the slumping form of his obese master, deeply disgusted. He scrunched up his nose in sheer repugnance as he muttered only two words.

"…Pathetic weakling."

And Santa Teresa was swung down—

—only to be blocked by a slim, Japanese styled sword.


Nnoitra was shocked. As he whirled around to face his opponent, he could see her wavy green hair. He could see her saddened beautiful face. He could see her voluptuous form, clad in light green night gown.

She was gorgeous…she was a goddess.

Nnoitra didn't believe in gods, let alone goddesses. But he believed, that at that time, Nelliel was a goddess. His goddess.

"Stop it, Nnoitra." She sternly admonished him. "Killing isn't the right solution."

Nnoitra blinked at her. And then he sneered mockingly.

"Then what's the right solution then? Bitch."

He saw her flinch after hearing his harsh words. Deep down there, within his wretched heart, Nnoitra didn't want to call her by that degrading term. He didn't want to degrade her.

But he was scared…

Yes, Nnoitra was scared.

For Nelliel and him were like heaven and earth. Too many differences, too far the gap between them. He wasn't for her. She deserved the better man than just him; heck, she deserved the best.

"I know about the vileness and cruelty of this…" she glanced disgustedly at the landlord, before turned her eyes back on Nnoitra, "…man. I can gain more evidences about his deeds and then we can bring him to the government."

Nnoitra snorted. "Don't dream, bitch! He allies with law vassals and the government henchmen! If we turn him in, he'll just bribe them and then he'll be free again. Nope, na-dah, not a chance. The only way to get rid of him forever is to kill him, right here and right now. No puns there, period."

She scowled at him, seemingly disapproved.


"No buts either, bitch. This is final. The fuckin' bastard must die."

Nnoitra went to swing his Santa Teresa down at the poor man—when he saw that his prey had disappeared. Cussing loudly, he frantically looked around to find him.

"Father! No—!"

Her voice snapped him to look back at her. She turned her back to him and faced the opposite direction. Nnoitra threw his gaze forward, following her eyes; and eventually his own eyes widened in shock.

Juan Carlo de Karras, in his desperation to flee, had taken Herr Tu Odelschwanck as a hostage.

"You—you bastard! Release my father or—" she bellowed indignantly, but her threat was cut off by the burly man's nervous sneer.

"Or? Or what? You will turn me in, Fraulein Nelliel? You will definitely turn me in, won't you?" he breathed hard as he pressed his short knife at the older Tu Odelschwanck. The poor man whimpered weakly, making Nelliel yelp in fear and worry.

"Father! Stop! Stop! Don't hurt him…"

"I won't…in one condition."


"You have to be mine, Fraulein Nelliel."

How dare he?

How dare he?

Nelliel is…

Nelliel is…

She is…

"Ya goddamn fuckin' bastard, de Karras!"

"Nnoitra! Don't—!"

A swing.

A hasty movement.

Santa Teresa down.

A hasty movement.



A clash.

"Move, bitch! I hafta kill that bastard!"

"Dammit, Nnoitra! You can't! My father's there—"

"Dammit, bitch! I don't fuckin' care about yer father!"



"Nnoitra, you—!"





Another clash.

"Stop it, Nnoitra! Stop it right now!"

"No! I hafta kill de Karras! Just move yer ass, bitch!"

"…No, I won't."




Another and more clash.

"Move, bitch! Move, goddammit!"

"I said NO!"


The oppressing force.



Another gasp.









"…N—Nnoitra…I…I love y—"

Nnoitra couldn't believe it. His hand holding Santa Teresa was trembling; and eventually it gave away of its grip. The heavy weapon fell onto the ground, clattering noisily against the hard surface.

Nelliel, ya damn bitch…

He stared blankly at her, watching as her hazel eyes went wide in shock and disbelief. And then they dimmed and rolled into the back of her skull. In front of him, Nelliel eventually collapsed. He could only dimly hear her father's screams; calling for her—his world was now rotating around her and her only.

Why did ya do this to me?

He could hear her last remark, although it was whispered out of her last breath. How come…how…just how…

How come she could love him? Him of all people?

Nelliel, ya fool…


Large, bloody gash adorned her body, deeply wounding her chest. Her heart. Blood gushed out in rapid flow, quickly forming a puddle beneath her feet. She was dead…because of him. Because of his Santa Teresa…

"…Nelliel, no…"

Nelliel, I hate ya…

He heard a loud bang and was dimly aware that his master was no longer existed—a bloody hole adorned his fatty chest. He didn't even care anymore. He just kept staring at her dead body. At her somehow serene feature…

He tried to reach for her—only to have a riffle shoved onto his head—or, for precisely, onto his left eye. He didn't even care anymore.

"Don't even think to touch my precious daughter, you filthy murderer!"

Nelliel, I hate ya…

I hate ya so much…

I hate ya so much I can't even bring myself to hate you anymore…

Weird, huh?


"…When someone loses his beloved one, he will also loses his meaning of life…"

Jose, ya goddamn old fart…I think I know now what ya meant back then…

Too late fer me, eh?

Even before I met her, I've been already dead. She made me relive once more—only to let me dead, again, in the last time.

Damn ya, Nelliel…

"…Die, you son-of-a-bitch!" Herr Tu Odelschwanck cocked the riffle.



I think I love ya…


I finally say it…

Too bad ya can't hear it anymore…



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