Geordi regarded Data's open, honest face. It was... sweet. Especially when he was puzzled, as he seemed to be at the moment.
"Penny for your thoughts?"
His yellow eyes flicked back and forth as he scanned for the context of this particular turn of phrase. Geordi smiled. He occasionally used human idioms more than necessary, just to see Data discover their meaning. It never failed to amuse him.
"Ah, yes. A colloquialism from the old English vernacular, circa fifteen hundred. Though no payment actually changes hands, the phrase indicates an interest in the thoughts of another. Am I correct?"
Geordi chuckled.
"Yes, Data, you're correct."
The android nodded agreeably. "The subject my thoughts have been primarily occupied with..." He paused for a moment, seeming unsure of what to say next. "Perhaps it would be most effectively communicated using a non-verbal approach." The android stood up and made his way across Geordi's quarters, to the bed he was sitting on. He tentatively put an arm on Geordi's shoulder, precise and gentle.
Geordi's breath caught a bit, and his pulse quickened. Of course, he knew this was going to happen, but that didn't take away from the impact of the moment. Data leaned in for a soft, warm kiss- tender and chaste, but charged with immense energy. When they broke apart, Geordi leaned up to trail his lips along the golden jawline- a pilgrimage, an act of worship. He finally reached the android's ear, and whispered a prayer he had held inside for over a year. He let out a breath of relief and buried his face in Data's neck. Arms surrounded him and he melted into their form.
Geordi sighed. Yet again, something was not right. He couldn't put his finger on it, but knew it was there. This experience met up to his requirements. But... It wasn't real. An echo of something he once said to Data rang through his head- "It's human nature to love what we don't have."
"Computer, end program." Bitter knives stuck out of his words as the arms around him faded once more into the cold gray-and-yellow grid. He took a moment to collect himself before exiting Holodeck Four.