"You're sure about this Doctor?" Donna asked, placing her left foot in the palms of his hands. He nodded furiously.

"Yes, yes. Now hurry up and climb the wall." He pushed her higher up. Donna grabbed at the brick stones looking for uneven stones to grab. They heard the gate open and slam shut. The Doctor and Dona froze at the sound of foot steps heading their way.

"They found us Doctor." Donna whispered looking down at him. His eyes filled with fear. Donna slowly and quietly got down and they looked for a place to hide, but it was too late, they had found them.

"I'm sorry Doctor, Donna, but its game over." The female said glaring into the Doctors eyes. He reached into his jacket pocket pulling out a small object and aiming it at her head.

"It's not over till I say it is." He said. The female and the male smirked and stepped closer to The Doctor and Donna, cornering them.

Donna latched onto the Doctor as if that alone would save her. "Its time Donna." The male said smiling at her. Donna sighed and released the Doctors clothing. She stepped forward leaving an awe struck Doctor behind her.

"How can you just give up like that?" he practically yelled at Donna. Donna turned to face the Doctor.

"Its over they found us." She sighed.

"No it's not ov-" the Doctor got cut off by the male.

"Oh, Doctor give it a rest. It's just a game of hide-n-seek." Jack said pulling Donna closer to him smiling.

Rose smiled and pulled the Doctor forward. "Yea, seriously Doctor. It's just a game." Rose said crossing her arms.

"Were it doc." Donna said trying to get out of Jack's grip.

"But I don't wanna." He pouted.

"Oi, grow up spaceman." Donna shouted pulling him out of the room.

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