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It was just another ordinary day at Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital. For recent new Orthopaedic attending Calliope Torres, the day was shaping up to be slightly better than ordinary, as she already had one successful surgery under her belt, and the promise of lunch with her girlfriend to look forward to. Arizona had taken the day off, but had promised to stop by for lunch. Callie's surgery had taken a little more time than expected, so she hoped she hadn't kept her waiting for too long. Callie walked into the cafeteria, stopping to say a quick hello at the cluster of tables that had been rearranged so Doctors Shepherd, Grey, Yang, Hunt, O'Malley, Karev, Stevens, Sloan, and Lexie 'Little' Grey could all sit together. It was a rare event for all the surgeons to be free for lunch at the same time, so Callie marvelled at this for a second before heading on to the table where Arizona was sitting with Doctor Bailey, flipping through a book.

"Hey" she said, greeting her with a quick kiss. "Sorry I'm late. Hey, Bailey." Bailey just nodded, mouth too full with her lunch to give a proper reply.

"That's okay" Arizona smiled. "I dropped by to visit some of my patients while I was waiting" she held up her book. "One little girl, Tara, wanted me to look through her book of witchcraft. She told me to try out any spell I wanted, isn't that sweet?"

"Yeah" Callie grinned, sitting down beside her. "Well, can't disappoint a sick child. Which one do you want to do?" Arizona bit her lip, flipping back a few pages.

"This one looked interesting, 'A spell to turn back time'. Oh, but it says the chant will only work if its said by at least three people." The two instantly turned towards Bailey.

"Alright" the general surgeon sighed. "It's not like anything will actually happen, and like you said Torres, we can't disappoint a sick child."

"It also says we have to pick something to focus on" continued Arizona, looking back to the book.

"How about them?" Callie suggested, gesturing towards the table occupied by their fellow surgeons. "It should be easy since they're all clustered together like that." Arizona and Bailey agreed, so, after one last look over the spell, and a slight chuckle over the silliness of what they were about to do, the three women linked hands, closed their eyes, and began to chant. And it was then that this ordinary day at Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital became not so ordinary. Feeling a current of energy pass through them, the women's eyes shot open, to see the other surgeons gone, and only a pile of scrubs and lab coats left in each chair.

"Aw, hell no!" shouted Bailey. "Don't tell me it actually did something!" she turned to glare accusingly at Arizona. "Why didn't you tell me it was actually gonna do something?!"

"I didn't know!" cried Arizona, panicking. "Where are they?!" The answer to this question soon became horribly, painfully clear, for as soon as Arizona had asked it, little faces, which looked almost like miniature versions of the surgeons that had just disappeared, began poking out from the piles of scrubs and lab coats. Worse, it was quickly becoming apparent from the confused looks on their faces that these mini surgeons had absolutely no idea where they were, or, except Derek and Mark, who was sitting around them.

"Crap" said Callie. She took a quick look around, relieved that, in another miracle, the cafeteria appeared to be empty except for them.

"This is bad" said Arizona, panic growing.


Over at the other table, a group of small children gazed puzzledly around at each other. There were the seven year olds Derek, Mark, and Owen, five year olds Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, Alex, and Georgie, and finally little Lexie, who was only three. Lexie's confusion soon turned to into fear, and she burst into tears.

"Hey, don't cry" said mini Meredith, feeling a sudden urge to protect the little girl sitting across from her. "Um.. I'm sure all our Mommies are here somewhere.." really Meredith thought her Mommy was probably working, but even at five was smart enough to know saying this probably wouldn't help. "I'm Meredith, what's your name?"

"Alexandra Caroline Grey, but e-everybody calls me Lexie."

"My last name is Grey too" Meredith smiled.

"Really?" said Lexie, eyes wide.

"Uh-huh" Meredith replied.

"There's some grown ups over there" said mini Mark, gesturing to where Arizona, Callie, and Bailey were still sitting in shock. He too felt somewhat protective of the younger child beside him. "Maybe we can ask them what's happening." No sooner had a general murmur of agreement passed around when mini Cristina jumped out of her seat and began marching over to the three surgeons, trying not to trip in her enormously over-sized scrubs.

"Hey you ladies!" she shouted.

"Careful!" mini Owen called after her. "You have to be careful with strangers." Cristina of course ignored him as she stopped in front of the three women.

"We wanna know what's going on!"

"Um.." Arizona began. This matter became even more urgent when she spotted the Chief approaching the cafeteria. "You're all on Summer camp! That's right, a magical medical summer camp! Come on kids, follow me and Doctor Torres and we'll go get you some proper clothes!" She turned to Callie, whispering. "We can hide them in paeds until we work out what to do. You're okay to bring up the rear, right Doctor Bailey?"

"Why?" Bailey grumbled to herself. "Why do I let you people get me into these crazy situations?" Although, she knew, this situation was a lot crazier than most.