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Chapter 1

Crazy much?

The world is turning upside down from normal to crazy, when a fairy god mother makes a horrid mistake of cursing Hinamori Amu instead of cursing Tsukiyomi Ikuto. She has turned into a dog every night and human only when the sun has rise. Let me start this story by explaining to you how it all began but first, I just want to clarify something. Ok, I can't think of anything to clarify so, forget that I typed that. Now let us witness THE BEGINNING.


An old woman in her mid 40's is sitting on a bench down by the river silently; she was gazing at the dark sky admiring the stars but this peaceful moment did not last that long since she was interrupted. She heard a loud hard core music coming beyond the woods, must be some drunken teenagers again. After a few seconds the disturbing music grew louder and louder, this could only mean one thing, those teenagers were coming down her way…

"Get you're hands off of me!" The old woman heard from one of the teenager. She could hear their voices clearly, and it was truly irritating especially when she came here for some peace, well some PEACE she gets! Hmph. She was certain that one of those punks were bringing a radio since the music was still getting louder.

'Oh my, I better go yes I should!' The old woman in her mid 40's thought, and without any hesitation she got up and was about to leave when a drunken boy, probably one of those teenagers stopped her.

"Hey! Don't you know this is no place for wrinkles like you?" He said, emotionless. (A/N: And don't you know that's not the proper way to talk to elders? Tsk2x)

Anger. Insult. And Shock was the emotions she felt when she heard the word "Wrinkles", you can call her a bitch but never a word that relates to her age because she never thought of herself as an old woman, despite of her age and looks. She had sworn to herself; the day she turned 48 that she will only accept that fact when she's in a coffin. She looked at the young man who called her that forbidden word with her fiery eyes ready to nag but when she met his gaze she notices that the young man wasn't that bad, for a drunken retard. He was beautiful, so beautiful in fact. He had dark sapphire hair that illuminated due to the full moon; lustrous eyes and red perfectly shape lips and his body? Oh! Just DELICIOUS! I mean it was average, just six pack FUCKING ABS! He was oozing with sex appeal.

"Hey lady will you please stop looking like you want to eat me, it's grossing me out." The beautiful young man exclaimed plastering his famous smirk.

The old lady stood calmly as a smile creeps on her lips "Do you want to witness an interesting show?" (A/N: CREEPY OLD LADY)


"Mutkins! Where are you? That fucking dog! I can't believe he made me chase him till' here." A girl with fuchsia hair said a bit loud than she had to as she tried to drew back her breath.

Suddenly, Mutkins (a brown terrier) runs further into the woods making fuchsia girl starts running again to catch her annoying and an obviously pain in the neck (A/N: and legs) dog.

"DARN IT!" She shouted angrily.

"DARN IT! Who are you lady?! And why did you grow wings on your back?" The beautiful young lad shouted, now showing an emotion called confusion and anger.

The old lady smiled wickedly "I am a fairy God Mother who has a great authority to bestow a magical punishment upon anyone whom I think deserves it. And you will be the first young lad for me to test this newly found authority with" She stated with a bit of a boast.

"Shut the fuck up! GOD! I think I'm too drunk, I'm starting to hallucinate" He stated not believing what he is seeing or hearing.


'Shit! When will this dog stop running?' Amu thought running out of hope… and breath.

The crazy fairy god mother popped out her wand as she points it at the confused young man "Booma Boom Boom!! #$%^&*()#$%^&#$%^&*^" She chanted words that can't be written, words that she only knows of.

Just when she was about to finish her seems to be an eternal blabbering of shit a brown terrier passes in front of her, and did I mention this wannabe young old lady has issues when it comes to fury animals? I guess I didn't.

"Ahhhh GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU DIRTY *$% mutt!" She screamed. She did not notice that her wand is already firing something magical towards a direction opposite to the young man who was supposedly to get punish.

"Oh HOLY MAGICAL SHIT!" The fairy god mother exclaimed loudly when she sees a fuchsia haired girl who is about to get hit by the magical punishment.

Amu (Fuchsia girl) could see it clearly something white and glittering with various colors is coming her way, and all she could do is gasped in surprise.

"What the Fuck." Were her last words.

And then, everything became a blur

To be continued…

Preview for the next chapter:

"Arf Arf Arf!" She wanted to say something but the words came out wrong, very wrong. 'What is happening to me, why is "arf arf" the only word that's coming out? And why did I shrink? WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO BIG?! GOD damn it!'



"This is your fault wrinkles, so don't make me keep her or whatever this is in my house." He explained coolly.



It was already morning. He shifted his position and opened his eyes slowly; lazy to greet the morning. When the image right in front of him made his jaw dropped and eyes wide awake. A beautiful girl with weird colored hair, who was fully naked, was sleeping gorgeously on his bed!!!

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