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Chapter III

"Are you kidding me?"

"Ahhhhh!!!" Amu shouted angrily which all the neighbours probably heard. Who could blame her? She woke up finding a nose bleeding Ikuto beside her who's by the way already knocked out.

"What's wrong with this guy? Is sleeping with nosebleed his daily routine every morning?" She questioned loudly to herself. Just then a thought hit her! She shouted earlier with her human voice and now she's speaking words using her beautiful human voice! This could only mean one thing, she was HUMAN again! The fairy god mother was right; she WILL turn human every morning. Yay.

She was happy as she started jumping on the hard floor, as she enjoyed the sensations of being human, as she felt her mountains bouncing, up and down. When another thought hit her, but this time the thought hit her hard it made her knees weak as she dropped herself on the cold hard floor.

"I can feel my mountains. I'm NAKED?!"

Her jaws dropped and she can't feel her legs any longer. She was too embarrassed to do anything especially now that she had realized that she was HUMAN again and NAKED!

'How can I be so clumsy? Oh my god! I'm going to die! So this is the reason why this jerk is all NOSEBLEED!. I should stand up! Come on legs! Walk and go to the kitchen. Get a knife. And slice my wrist!' She was thinking crazy.

A few minutes passed and the man who collapsed beside her started to gain consciousness again. Slowly and carefully, Ikuto started opening his eyes. He was very aware that a naked Amu might still be sleeping beside him, so he was very careful.

"Don't open your eyes!" The voice of the beautiful pink haired angel spoke. "If you DARE open your eyes now, I'm going to stab you." She did not really mean this. Ok. She did.

Ikuto shut his eyes closed. He doesn't like people giving him orders but it's very necessary for this matter. "This is your fault Amu. I told you to sleep in the sofa." He reminded her in case if she'll blame him.

Amu was grabbing any clothes she could to wear in Ikuto's locker. "I'm sorry if I wasn't comfortable sleeping in a HARD sofa. How about next time, I sleep in the bed! And you sleep in the sofa." She said obviously irritated.

"It was inevitable you know. I mean ME seeing YOU naked. You should've expected that."

"What are you saying? How could I expect that? Wait. Are you saying I did this on purpose?" She could feel her flesh shaking from anger.

"I am not saying anything like that."

"What are you trying to say then?" She challenged.

"The fairy god mother already told us that you would change back into a human when the sun has rise. Do you remember that?"

"Of course" She already finished dressing up by this time. She wore Ikuto's faded blue jeans and a sweat shirt too big for her size. "You can open your eyes now."

He opened his eyes as he continues "It was inevitable Amu. When you changed unto a dog you did not wear anything. All your clothes were too big to fit into your dog form and so it is unavoidable that changing back human would also make you naked since you did not wear anything." He explained as visible blush crept on his face when he mentioned the naked Amu part.

"If you knew this all along then why didn't you warned me!" She was getting angry again. Her expression was hard and cool.

Ikuto sighed trying to ignore her anger "I only realized it now."

"STUPID! Anayways How m-much d-did you see." It was a very stupid question. She was stuttering and she could feel her face getting hot.

A smirked crept on his lips "Hmm. Do you want to know?" He got up slowly from the bed as he headed gently towards Amu.

"Just act normal for once and tell me how much you saw so that I could kill myself already." She declared melodramatically.

Ikuto chuckled once "You're truly unique aren't you? You're going to kill yourself instead of killing me." His eyes narrowed to her.

"I saw your. EVERYTHING." He muttered husky.

Amu gasped.

Still Ikuto kept on coming forward towards her; his speed racing.

"What are you doing?" She demanded.

"You." He told shortly grabbing Amu for a short 3 seconds hug and then pushing her forcefully on the nearest wall.

His right hand placed on the wall at the right side of her head and his other hand holding a tight grip on her waist, as he pulled it closer to his. He wanted just to tease her and then make fun of her, but the contact of their body and her reaction made him, Horny. And when a flashback of Amu body; full of a woman's desired curves did not help at all. It only made things worse...

He moved his right hand from the wall to Amu's chin, making her face him. He pulled her more tightly than ever to him, making her breast tight on his chest, and their faces an inch away to a passionate kiss.

"I-Ikuto. Stop it." She finally said her intent gaze on his.

"I will. When it's done." He continued nearing his face to her more when, SLAP!

A fierce slap hit his face hard, making him stop as he realized what dirty things he was about to do and dirty thoughts he was thinking. As soon as conscience took a hold of him; as gently as he could, he freed Amu from his tight grip.

He stared at her, at Amu. She was just standing there in front of him with both her hands on her side and an expression so unreadable. It was cool, hard and calm.

"What were you thinking?" Amu questioned her voice very hard and demanding.

Ikuto ignored her still trying to analyze the girl in front of him "

"Ikuto, I'm asking you a question." She tried gaining his attention and somehow Ikuto answered but it was too low she couldn't hear him.


"I said it already, don't make me repeat."

"I did not hear it. What did you say?"

"Damn woman! Are you trying to make a fool of me?!" He countered, it wasn't anger but it was irritation.

"You sure have the nerve. Honestly, you sure have personality disorders." She said irritated.

He rolled his eyes as he walked off abruptly leaving Amu.

"What an asshole." Just then she suddenly heard a cat scratching on one of the windows inside the room. She rolled her eyes as a thought popped in her mind 'I sure get stuck with cats today.' She sighed.

She looked at the bed unknowingly as she remembered the memory of Ikuto's hot peppermint breath. The way he touched her was so sensational. The way they were pressing their bodies together it aroused her. Anyways, what is she thinking?

She shook off the thought and decided to follow Ikuto towards the kitchen.

Unknown to them, SOMEONE was watching them, someone very magical.

"Oh my. Oh my. This isn't going well. I was hoping they would fall in love with one another in their first night together." The fairy god mother sighed. She was watching Amu and Ikuto's every move on a huge heart shaped vintage looking mirror.

"Hey roseliema. What are you doing? Is it another match making game of yours?" Another fairy god mother called out.

"Yeah. I'm sure this two would make a perfect couple." She exclaimed excitedly.

The other fairy god mother saunted forward towards her joining roseliema "You always do this don't you? You should stop this you know."

"This is FUN. Trust me after 4 months this two would already be in love with one another."

"4 months?"

"Yeah. I told them I would find a way to stop the cursed by going back to alakataka, and it would take me exactly 4 months."


"A fairy place I invented. Haha and they believed me so easily." Roseliema darkly chuckled.

"Oh my, Roseliema. You know it's against the fairy law to play with people's hearts?"

"I'm did not cast a spell to make them fall in love with one another. I just did something that would bring them together and maybe start falling in love." She explained raising her hands in a motion.

"Well. This ought to be interesting."

To be continued

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