Title: Regardless – Crash Landing

Author: pl2363

Series: Transformers AU/G1

Rating: M (for mature content)- Sticky (yeah I went there, don't like, don't read it!)

Notes: Thundercracker x Skywarp. Thundercracker winds up accidentally sparked. He can't even reveal he's bonded to Skywarp to the rest of the ranks, let alone that he might have a sparkling. What will he decide to do? Oh! and this is a follow up fic to "Miles Adrift, Inches Away".

Inspired in part from Unintended, by Asher119.

Thanks to Mirage Shinkiro and Asher 119 for the beta! And Lambotwinlove for support.

Title taken from the song 'Roads' by Portishead,

"Ohh, can't anybody see
We've got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say."

Also... Transformers belong to Hasbro, I am just playing with them.

A handful of images were seared deep into Thundercracker's memory bank due to their overwhelming beauty: The first time he laid optics on the Crystal City, the view of Vos from high above, and ... the sight of Skywarp overloading in his arms. At some point the sleek, mischievous flier had become the center of his world. After hiding his desire and repressed affection for vorns, he finally broke under the emotional weight, revealing how much the younger flier meant to him, and to his surprise, found his feelings returned.

In one rash moment they had done something unthinkable as ranking members of the Decepticon army: They had bonded to one another.

Much of the ruthless nature of the Decepticon army was born out of the fact that no soldier formed close relationships with fellow soldiers. Superficial friendships were deemed acceptable and berth hopping a regular practice, but a thick wall of machismo and bravado remained in place at all times. Hardened warriors were not supposed to delve into their inner feelings. That sort of molten slag was best left to the soft-sparked Autobots. Thundercracker had never felt like a hardened warrior, though. In private, he would frequently stew in his deep thoughts regarding the war, which often left him questioning the motives behind letting it continue to drag on long after their home world had been left in tatters.

His allegiance to his trine had been what helped him earn his high rank as they followed Starscream in his never-ending bid to be the supreme leader. Despite his deep dislike for their air commander, he had stayed loyal due mostly to the fact that he wanted protect the younger flier of their group. A life without Skywarp seemed like no life at all, even before they had bonded to each other.

"You even paying attention?" asked Skywarp.

Thoughts derailed as Thundercracker gazed down at the lithe form of his mate caged on all sides by his arms and legs. His knees were planted on each side of Skywarp's hips, and his hands firmly pressed against the berth on either side of his lover's helm. He leaned down at nipped at Skywarp's nose playfully. "Yes."

"Liar." Skywarp's hands slid down the sides of his torso and hips, sending a shiver over his dermal plating. Purple fingers pressed into the hip sockets on each side, grazing over the inner joints, which drew a shudder from Thundercracker's body in response. Pleased with the reaction, a self-satisfied smile pulled at Skywarp's lips.

Revenge came in the form of Thundercracker's glossa flicking out to glide along the sensitive neck cables of his attacker. Skywarp moaned softly and pushed his fingers against the joints again, making Thundercracker sharply gasp. "Fragger," he muttered as wrapped his lips around one of the neck cables to suck at it. Skywarp bared his neck while making little whining sounds of approval.

Purple fingers soon pulled free of his hips, and he lifted up his hands to land flat against the smooth surfaces of each of Thundercracker's wings. Nothing could melt his joints faster than a little wing-play, and apparently his partner intended to exact his own revenge. "Payback," said Skywarp as he started to massage the sensitive dermal plating.

Thundercracker lifted his head to lock optics with his foe. "It's berth warfare you want?" he asked while his whole frame shivered faintly from the attention to his wings.

Skywarp's optics glinted as a huge grin graced his lips. "Bring it on! You'll never win!"

Thundercracker sat back and grabbed hold of Skywarp's waist, pressing him in place on the berth as he scooted backward. The younger flier started to squirm in protest as Thundercracker pulled out of his reach.

"You're already losing ground," Thundercracker taunted as he flashed a smile at his mate. He dragged his mouth down over the length of Skywarp's torso, flicking out his glossa and mouthing as he went down.

Skywarp's face twisted with a mock frown that quickly dissipated the moment Thundercracker reached his interface array and licked at the panel cover. He glanced up to see Skywarp's dimly lit optics pinned on him. The squirming stopped as his mate seemingly submitted to his advances. Mouthing at the edges of the panel, he let his hands slide down over silvery paneled hips to rest on Skywarp's black thighs. Fingers swept in lazy motions over the smooth inner areas of his parted thighs, ghosting over seam lines as he continued to fervently lick and mouth at the interface cover for a klik or so.

He felt Skywarp try and push his hips up, but he moved to hold him in place and lifted his head to slowly drag his optics over the elegant sight of his lover splayed out in front of him on his berth.

Skywarp let out a little whine and tried to buck his hips again.

Thundercracker shook his head at his mate as he wrapped his hands firmly over his thighs and leaned a little of his weight down on them to keep him still.

"Fine!" Skywarp snapped. He ran his purple hands down over his own frame, pausing here and there to tease at his own sensitive seams as they pushed down over his chest and torso stopping at the interface panel. Thundercracker watched the erotic sight, his core temperature instantly rising as Skywarp clicked his panel open to reveal his beautiful interface array. Purple fingers moved over the jack that extended up to join them. He teased it with slow strokes up and down to stimulate the sensor nodes that lined its length. Skywarp rolled his head to one side and moaned softly as he worked over his own hardware. "I'll finish without you if I have to."

Thundercracker laughed a little at the empty threat, then slid one hand up Skywarp's thigh and traced his black fingers around Skywarp's busy hands to brush over the entry to his port. Skywarp's body faintly jerked from the light touch. He shifted himself backward a little further and bent down to run his glossa over the port entrance.

Skywarp pulled his legs up so his feet were flush to the berth and parted them wide as he moaned.

Obliging the unspoken the request, Thundercracker pressed his glossa into the hot, sensitive space, flicking around inside. He felt the thin interlaced metal walls tremble around his glossa at the stimulation, which soon started to seep with a viscous clear fluid as he started to lap his glossa in and out of the heated space. Skywarp's moaning got louder each time he pressed further. His glossa could only reach so far, though. He pulled back licking his lips and savoring the taste of his mate, while pressing a finger inside in an achingly slow motion.

He looked up in time to see Skywarp roll his head back against the berth and arch his back. Primus, he was so beautiful...

"The spot..." groaned Skywarp.

Thundercracker twisted his finger around feeling a particularly sensitive node buried deep enough inside only his fingers or his jack could reach it. He eventually felt its smooth rounded surface and pressed against it, which caused Skywarp to shudder and clutch at his own jack, long forgotten once Thundercracker had started working over his port. "Oww!" he yelped as he let go of it just as quickly as he had accidentally squeezed it.

Biting back the urge to laugh, he watched Skywarp's face pinch into a pout. He leaned forward to kiss his jack gently. Their optics locked on one another as he slowly licked its length. "More?" he asked coyly.

"Both," replied Skywarp.

Giving in, Thundercracker started to pump his fingers in and out of Skywarp's port while at the same time taking his jack into his mouth and sucking at it. His bondmate was soon reduced to a quivering mass on the berth, moaning and clutching at the smooth surface.

Breaking his lips' hold on Skywarp's jack, Thundercracker lifted his head but kept pushing his fingers in and out of the wet port. "Seems I am winning the battle," he commented smugly.

Skywarp rolled his head back and laughed. "No way! I am totally on the winning side here!"

Thundercracker pulled his fingers free and sat back to undo his own interface panel. His jack pushed free the moment the cover snapped back and he wrapped his wet fingers around it, coating it carefully. He glanced up to see Skywarp watching him intently. On his hands and knees once more, he crawled forward and carefully positioned himself so the tip of his jack teased at the hot entrance of his mate's port.

"I think I am about to win," said Thundercracker in a low tone. Before Skywarp could come up with a witty retort, he pushed forward, his jack sliding into the slick heated space with ease.

"Holy slag, TC... you feel so good...." Skywarp said, groaning.

"So do you," Thundercracker replied as he pulled back and then pressed back into the silky, warm space with his jack. A shiver ran up his back at the incredible sensation of the pulsing walls of Skywarp's port tensing around his jack.

With a soft sigh of air from his intakes, he kept his arms straight as he plunged his hips forward, soon establishing a slow steady rhythm pumping in and out of the only port he ever wanted to have. He had never been one to take part in berth hopping, and until they finally crossed the unseen barrier to interface the first time, he sometimes spent his private time self-servicing to the fantasy of Skywarp's port being his alone...and now it was. He groaned at the mere thought of it and let his head hang down between his shoulders in order to brush his lips over Skywarp's, who pressed against his soft lips in return. The younger flier then let his glossa flick out to meet Thundercracker's, where they wrestled together before pressing into each other's opposing mouths. That was another thing only soft-sparked Autobots did: kiss. He doubted they could muster the passion he and Skywarp had when their glossae entangled, though.

As good as the heat and pleasure that flashed through his internals felt from interfacing, Thundercracker craved more of his mate. Since the first spark merge that established the bond, they had merged countless times. Each time he had lowered more of his internal firewalls, which led to ever-greater, processor-blowing overloads. He felt his spark pushing in its chamber, craving to return to its partner's glowing warmth.

Thundercracker broke the kiss, and lifted his head to let his optics take in the lovely view of Skywarp writhing under him, moaning and clutching helplessly at his chest as their hips rocked together in a fevered synchronized motion. He leaned down and pressed his lips to Skywarp's audio receptor. "I want all of you," he breathed.

Skywarp nodded his head in agreement.

Initiating the required commands, Thundercracker let the cockpit glass part, and the spark chamber beneath opened. Skywarp did the same, and he lowered himself down, pressing his entire body flush against Skywarp's. Once their chests met, both sparks sent tendrils out and pulled themselves together between. One spark pulse...two spark pulses... and on the third they matched speed and melded into one another. Thundercracker gasped sharply, amazed at how fast they now could become one. His entire being now encompassed himself and Skywarp. He absently continued to roll his hips into Skywarp, the pleasure of which would flash over the edges of their spark connection.

Other than the incredible sensations spark merging produced, he relished the ability to express his deep love for Skywarp. Somehow words felt so complicated and heavy, and he rarely said anything affectionate to his bondmate outside of a moment like this. Here and now he could push all his love into the light of their sparks, free of fear. Skywarp always responded with his own love, which never failed to turn him into a quivering mass. Nothing else mattered here, not the war, not their obnoxious trineleader, not the slagging Autobots...all that mattered now was he and Skywarp as one.

Swept away he dropped all his firewalls and he bared his entire being for Skywarp. He felt Skywarp shiver against him before also dropping several firewalls. A thick tsunami-like wall of pleasure, passion, and love came crashing down on him all at once. He cried out and shuddered, totally lost in a long, deep overload that rolled through him. He was barely aware of his body at all as he succumbed to an all-consuming euphoria that forced his vision to blank out to white. Primus, what an incredible overload, he thought just before he slipped offline and collapsed in a heap over top Skywarp.

o o o o

The midday sun beat down on Thundercracker's frame as he hovered beside Skywarp over the vast shimmering ocean far below. They listened to Starscream's grating voice chew them out for not flying at their best during a battle the day before with the Autobots. They were attacked in the middle of collecting energon and fled once they had been out numbered, taking only what they could each carry. In the race to escape, Skywarp had accidentally dropped some of his payload, and Thundercracker had only grabbed a few cubes. Overall, it had been a disaster that Starscream had been squarely blamed for by Megatron. Not willing to admit it had been his blunder to allow a human to escape and alert the Autobots, Starscream now placed the failure on his trinemates.

"You two looked like bumbling fools!" Starscream's intakes sharply hissed with escaping air denoting his disapproval while his wings flicked behind him. "Now, let's practice the evasive aerial maneuvers I outlined. At the very least pretend like you are actually elite fliers and keep up with me!" Starscream transformed and took off with a burst of speed from his thrusters.

Thundercracker exchanged looks with Skywarp just before they too transformed into their jet modes and took off after their trineleader. Soon they flew in formation, maintaining flanking positions as Starscream led them around in series of sharp-banked turns.

The wind whipped over Thundercracker's wings as he easily kept pace with Starscream's maneuvers. During the time they had been hovering in the hot sun, waiting for Starscream to finally finish yelling at them, he had noticed that he started to feel hazy and tired. Now he felt much better as the crisper higher altitude air poured over his frame.

'This is supposed to be hard?' asked Skywarp over their bond.

Thundercracker let his amusement flicker back over the bond in reply.

Suddenly, Starscream pulled a sharp turn to the right. Thundercracker managed to remain in formation, but it took him by surprise. Soon their air commander executed a series of extremely complicated loops that had them circling upside down at parts. Thundercracker could feel his ability to keep in sync slipping as his fuel tank started to protest the agitating movements. Flying had never made him ill before, and he found the quivering sensation unnerving. Still, he pushed forward unwilling to admit to himself something wasn't right.

He continued to follow the curved flight path, which started to make him feel vaguely dizzy. Starscream dipped down low, practically skimming the lazy ripples of the ocean below them. The drop in altitude proved too much to take. Thundercracker broke formation by transforming into his robot mode and coming to a stop. Trying to fight off the overwhelming urge to purge his tank, he hovered just over the rippling water and ran a series of systems checks, trying to pin point the issue. He forgot entirely about his trinemates until Starscream yelled over the comm link.

:: Thundercracker! Did I say we were done?! Back into formation now! ::

'TC? Something wrong?' Skywarp asked over the bond.

Before he could answer either of them his tank decided to purge its contents, regardless of how he felt about it. His morning ration came rushing back up his intake valve as he doubled over, spewing it all out over the undulating ocean beneath him. The soft glow of energon floated atop the dark blue water, and he hovered, staring at it in disbelief. He had only purged his tanks once before, and that was from too much high grade at a party when he had been at the Academy.

'TC! What's wrong?'

'I don't know... I purged.' A thick wave of panic rolled through him. Why had he purged like that? Why was the hot sun making him feel so tired? He hovered in place as he continued to run systems checks. The only error registering was his now empty fuel tank.

:: What the frag are you doing Thundercracker? :: Starscream yelled.

He didn't answer.

'TC! I'm coming!'

:: Get back here, Skywarp! ::

:: Stick in your exhaust, Screamer! ::

:: Don't call me that! And we aren't done training! Both of you get back here! ::


The voices of his trinemates grew distant. Without fuel in his tank, his body initiated a shut down sequence. His heel jets failed, and he plunged into the cool water, quickly slipping below its surface. He stared upward at the fractured image of sky he was no longer floating in, wondering why his body had so utterly failed him. An intense flash of Skywarp's panic flooded their bond just before Thundercracker felt Skywarp's arms wrap around him. He hadn't seen Skywarp dive in, which led him to guess he had teleported. Relaxing against his mate's body he gave into the systems shut down and let the waking world fade away as he slipped offline.

o o o o

Systems were sluggish to come back online. Thundercracker felt them initialize one by one. He felt like he was fighting his own body's urge to keep recharging. Eventually, he broke through and lit his optics. He readjusted their focus until the silvery-violet paneling of medbay's ceiling became clear. Turning his head to the side, he saw Hook and Scrapper arguing over some sort of device they had laid out in pieces across a table.

For a couple of kliks he lay there, waiting for his internal systems to finally finish booting up.

'TC?' Skywarp's concern bloomed over their connection.

'Warp.' He sent reassuring waves back, trying to calm his mate.

'You're up! Want me to come get you from medbay?' Skywarp offered.

'Nah, I'll be fine.' He knew for a fact he was anything but fine, but he also didn't want to worry Skywarp.

'I'll be there in less than an astrosec.'

Thundercracker could tell by the touch of determination that attached to those words he had no choice in the matter. Pushing to sit up, a wave of dizziness hit him, but quickly passed. He looked over at the arguing Constructicons, who didn't even notice him stirring.

Skywarp came bursting into medbay, earning him dirty looks from Hook and Scrapper, which he completely ignored as he made his way over.

"Hey TC. You look like slag still." Skywarp came to an abrupt halt beside the berth he occupied.

"Thanks," he replied dryly.

"Come on." Wrapping an arm over around Thundercracker's shoulders, Skywarp carefully helped him off the berth to stand.

They made their way out of medbay at a slow pace.

Once they were out in the hallway and alone, Skywarp squeezed his arm. "You want me to teleport you back to the room?" he asked in a hushed voice.

"No, I feel better now that I'm walking." That was partially true. His systems were finally all online, but he could tell he needed to recharge more. His fuel tank also felt a little uneasy still.

In silence, they made the trek back to their shared quarters, careful to not touch too much. Thundercracker could feel his mate's worry flashing over the edges of their bond. So far they had carefully concealed the fact they were a bonded pair. Thundercracker couldn't be sure what the repercussions for their secret love might be, but he imagined it involved physical pain and possible confinement. In order to protect what they had, as well as protect Skywarp, it needed to remain a secret.

Reaching their quarters, Skywarp palmed the door open and they proceeded inside. The moment the door cycled shut Skywarp snaked his arms around Thundercracker's waist and pressed against him, hugging tightly.

"I was so freaked out, TC! What the slag happened?" Skywarp stared at him as a wave of concern pushed over their bond.

"I don't know," Thundercracker replied. He reached up to trace the leading edge of one of Skywarp's wings. "But I'm fine now."

"You still look tired," said Skywarp with a frown.

"My systems are lagging a little. I should probably recharge a bit more," he admitted.

Skywarp tugged on him, leading him to his berth. "Lay down then," he insisted.

Thundercracker leaned forward to playfully nip at Skywarp's nose, but the younger flier was having none of it, jerking his head back and narrowing his optics.

"Fine," replied Thundercracker, feigning disappointment as he flopped onto his berth.

Skywarp sat down on the edge and pressed his hand to Thundercracker's cockpit, flexing his fingers against the glass. "You scared the slag out of me passing out like that."

"It scared me, too. But I promise I am fine now," he said as he laid his hand over Skywarp's.

Despite the love that they shared, it still remained an awkward thing to express outside of spark merging. He watched Skywarp stare at their touching hands and neither said anything for a klik or so.

Skywarp let out air his from his intakes in a sigh. "I have to get to the control room for shift assignment. I am stuck on third shift tonight." He looked up at Thundercracker and offered a small smile. "You want me to bring you some energon when I get off?"

"Sure." Thundercracker smiled warmly at younger flier. He liked that Skywarp was trying look after him in his own way.

"Okay, I'll steal some extra rations and bring them back later." Skywarp crawled onto the berth and draped himself over Thundercracker, pressing his face against his neck.

"Getting comfortable? I thought you had to go," said Thundercracker as he gently ran his fingers over Skywarp's back.

"Yeah, I'm late." Skywarp lifted his head up to stare at Thundercracker, his beautiful pale face still pinched with worry. "Screamer took you off the schedule for now, so stay here and rest up, okay?"

Thundercracker nodded obediently.

To his surprise, Skywarp dipped down and lightly pressed their lips together. They had never once kissed outside of interfacing. The soft pliable metal of their lips met and molded together like puzzle pieces. It was all too brief though, as his mate suddenly disappeared mid-kiss through his warp gate. After he was gone, Thundercracker lightly ran his fingers over his lips. Why did such a soft-sparked act make him feel so cared for? He frowned at his own personal weakness when it came to his mate. He loved him more and more, it seemed. He just hoped that he could keep it from bleeding beyond their private moments together.

After waking from a deep, restful recharge, Thundercracker stretched his arms over his head and then let his frame relax against the berth. He glanced around the empty room, wishing Skywarp was already off shift, but knew it was far too early.

His mind started to wander, replaying the events of the last few days. He examined every detail, trying to determine what caused his tank to purge, but nothing made logical sense. A soft hiss of air escaped his intakes as he heaved himself to get up. He wandered over to the computer console set in the desk of their room and sat down to start a file search. He typed in 'fuel tank, purge, cause' and waited for the file listing to return. All the titles that came back listed 'high-grade', which he knew couldn't be the culprit. He refined his search by weeding out any files related high-grade then waited again. This time the computer slowed. Either that meant there was a high amount of data or else it was old archived data that the system was trying to access.

Thundercracker rested his chin on the palm of his hand propped up by his elbow on the edge of the desk as he waited. Eventually he also started drumming his fingers over the metallic surface waiting impatiently for something to show up on the screen that might help him figure out what could be wrong with his fuel tank. The screen suddenly lit up with file names, a lot of file names. He perked up and started to read some of the titles.

'How to deal with side effects of carrying a sparkling'

'Fuel tank issues related to phase one of being sparked'

'Purging fuel tank due to being a carrier'

The world dropped out from under him.

Thundercracker stared with wide optics as the realization hit him. Sparked? Him? He stared at the screen, stuck somewhere between disbelief and reality as everything crashed down on him. At that moment, he shut down his side of the bond completely to keep Skywarp safe from feeling his rising panic. He knew spark merging could spark one partner or the other if they dropped their firewalls completely...

"Fraggit!" Thundercracker threw his face into his hands, shaking his head in denial as his memory files reminded him of their last merging. He had dropped all his firewalls. What a fragging moron he was! How could be so stupid? How could he have forgotten? In truth, he knew exactly how. He had let his passion get the better of him and gave into desire instead of thinking things through like he usually did. Skywarp had that effect on him, though. Getting him to exist in the moment and damn the consequences.

"Getting myself possibly sparked is the consequence…FRAGGIT!" he yelled at himself as he got to his feet, fighting the urge to smash the screen and all the file names that felt like they were mocking him. He redirected his anger at the wall instead, leaving a deep dent in the thick plating. Staggering backward, he continued to internally curse himself for giving into desire and taking down his network of firewalls.

It took a few kliks of letting himself freak out before he finally realized that he needed to think rationally about the situation. Once he managed to calm himself down a little, he stood in the middle of their quarters trying to think through what he should do. After all, this was still conjecture, right? He might not be sparked. The only way to confirm it would be a spark scan. What would he do, waltz into medbay and ask? Even if he did that, what if it were true? Then Hook would surely notify Megatron. A shiver ran through his entire frame at the thought of that megalomaniac and what he might do about it. The only scenarios he envisioned included a painful beating and possibly being locked away after he was deemed unfit as a soldier. Then a truly horrifying thought occurred to him. What if they found out Skywarp was his bondmate? His own stupid mistake could end up hurting his lover.

If he couldn't go down to medbay, then logically there was only one alternative, one place to go for confirmation. And he really had to be out of his mind to even consider it.

"Autobot base…" he whispered.

They had the facilities, the tools, and were not required to notify Megatron of their findings. They could also lock him up or kill him. In the end, either option seemed to have a similar terrible outcome for the worst-case scenario. Comparing the two choices did show one big difference: Skywarp would be safely left out of the mess if he went to the Autobots alone.

"It's the best option."

He quickly checked the time: later evening, Earth time. Skywarp had gone for third shift, which left Thundercracker a fair chunk of time to get to the Autobot base and back in one piece without anyone noticing.

Without another moment's hesitation he exited their shared quarters and made a b-line for the lift.

The entire hurried walk toward the Nemesis' exit all he could think was: What have I done…?

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