HOLA! This is my first fan fic so don't hate me….plz. As you may know America is not America without its states. I sorta got this idea while watching the patriot with me dad. Ya know the part where the guy says he wants Ohio. I have A.D.D can you tell. Any ways here ya go sweet things.

As usual Iggy was busy with his...magic to pay attention to America. he sat there waiting for him to notice he had walked in the door. So far he got nothin. And a one And a two and a

"Iggy!" He jumped spilling whatever spell he was brewing all over America .

"You bloody idiot!" he screamed. America was about to say something, but quickly found out he couldn't. He felt light headed. Almost like he was floating. It was then he blacked out.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" England yelled. Just when he thought he couldn't be anymore stupid he pulls this! He will never learn.

"Well?" he asked again, waiting for an answer. But his question was only met with silence. He looked around the room. It seemed to be empty. Where the hell did he go? He looked where the potion had spilled. There were shoe prints there. Then It hit him.

"Oh bloody hell he's been telaported somewhere!" Don't panic Don't panic! Ok let's think for a minute this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Ok maybe It was. That idiot could be anywhere in the universe for all he knew. "This is just great now I have to tell everyone Americas lost in an alternate universe." Well they'll either be really happy or really sad. Either way this was going to be a long day.

America's P.O.V

America awoke in a land he had never seen before. A land where the sky's were pink and purple and the sun was blue? "O hell I screwed up Big this time"

Russia's P.O.V

England's news of America's newest screw up some what sadden Russia. America can no longer become one with Russia. Oh well, there's always France. He smile at France and he quickly hid behind ... Um who was that guy again? Oh well. America his only worthy rival is gone for now so now he'll set and be patient. The other nations look at him warily. Then France suddenly finds the courage to speak.

"As you all may know this is very bad." France said standing at the front of the table.

"So" Russia says, once again startling France. "What do you suggest we do?"

"It's going to take a while for me to find him weeks maybe even months, but I will find him" England says. Russia doesn't doubt him at all. Every country knows how much England cares for America. They fight, yes that is true, but they have a bond that fighting can't seem to break.

"In the mean time we requested one of America's states come take his place until he is found." France stated. Russia heard of America's beloved States but he had yet to meet one. He didn't think any of the other countries had either. He looked around and saw everyone deep in thought. He guessed he was right then. Well this should be interesting.

England's P.O.V

England could hear the whispers already.

* A state?* Don't believe I've ever met one*

To tell you the truth neither had England. Well he had met some but It's not like he remembered them. They weren't as important as America so why bother to learn their names. For God's sake there's FIFTY of them.!

"England?" China said raising his hand. "May I ask the name of this State?"

England took out the letter the States had written to him in response to his request. He scanned it and read a loud the final passage

"We the "United Sates" of the oh so heroic America"

He stopped reading for a moment.

So help me God if these States were just as vain as America.

He continued "Would love to send you one of our best and brightest States to aid you. So we are pleased to inform you will be receiving help from Ohio. Best of luck blah ,blah blah. Peace out, Arizona."

Ohio? He couldn't quite recall this State. Now Arizona he remembered. Such a rude boy. The first time he met him he told him where he could find a good beautician to pluck his eyebrows. America had laughed and just patted England on the shoulder.

"That's Arizona for ya" he chuckled as if the guy couldn't help it. What if this Ohio guy was just as bad. Just as annoying.

Ohio's P.O.V

America... She felt so awful he was all alone somewhere and there was nothing she could do to help. Nothing. Ohio was sad but she had to pretend she was happy. If any other States found out things would get crazy. So far the only States that knew were Arizona, Alabama, Indiana and herself and that already was far too many. She rushed threw the fields. Ohio could feel the soft grass beneath my feet as she ran past the horse stable into her home. she packed her best dresses and of course her moo cow( Stuffed cow doll). As she walked down the stairs with her luggage she tried to remember the other countries America had told her so much about. There was Japan, who America said was a very quiet and gentle man. China, who he said was well respected. Italy, who loved pasta. Germany, who America said was a kill joy. England, (also known as Iggy to America). America respected. That much you could tell by the way he talked about him. England was supposedly a gentlemen and sucked at cooking. She put her stuff in the trunk and called for Able. (A red bird called a cardinal also Ohio's State bird) she held up his little golden cage and he flew in. So she rewarded him with a cracker. Able was small even for a cardinal. She had raised him when he lost his mother and decided to make him her state bird. She was taking him with me because he was afraid to be left alone. Poor thing. She set him gently down in the front seat and buckled him in. Finally she got in the drivers seat and waited. Ohio sat there in her yellow bug waiting on herself to get the nerve to go. Then she saw shadows fly across the hood of my car. She got out and looked up to find it was America's pet eagles. All three of them. They were all such beautiful creatures that no matter how much you saw them you could only stare and They were all flying around Ohio, bidding her farewell.

America's P.O.V

The place was weird. That was the only way to describe it. The ground was puffy clouds and the trees were glowing. America continued to walk. He had been walking for hours It seemed. He didn't know. He'd lost track of time what seemed like days a go.

"England," he begged "get me out of here!"

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