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New Hampshire and New Jersey sat at the dinning room table, playing a game of chess.

"I think I can put it right here." New Hampshire said, placing his chess piece down on the board.

New Jersey rolled his eyes. "Would you please stop talking to yourself?"

"I don't think I can."

Delaware busted through the kitchen door and Texas followed.

"It's true!" Texas yelled.

"It's insane!" Delaware yelled back. "There is no such thing!" He looked down at the kitchen floor. "If you're going to be in the kitchen take those shit kickers off!"

Texas sighed, took off his boots and randomly threw them in the kitchen. The boots fell to the ground and the spurs scratch the floor.

"There, now will you please listen to me?"

Delaware stared at Texas for a moment. "I have been listening to you and you aren't making any sense."

"I make perfect sense!"

Delaware shook his head. "You sound like New Jersey when he rants about the Jersey Devil."

New Jersey jumped out of his chair, knocking over the chess set. "The Jersey Devil is real!"

New Hampshire sighs while looking at the mess. "I wish he wouldn't be so hotheaded."

"Stop talking to yourself." New Jersey demanded again.

"Sit down and stop acting like a fool." Delaware demands New Jersey. New Jersey glared defiantly, but sat down anyway.

Delaware picked up Texas's boots and handed them to Texas.

"If you throw them again I'll burn them."

Texas rolled his eyes and Georgia entered the room. She looked angry.

"Who put that huge scratch on my floor!"

Virginia entered and looked at the spot on the floor Georgia was pointing at. She gasps and put her hands over her mouth.

"He did it." New Jersey said pointing to Delaware.

"No I-"

"Why would you do something like that?" Virginia asked.

Delaware felt his heart drop.

"Virginia I would never do something so childish it was Texas."

"Don't blame your little brother!" Georgia yelled at Delaware.

"He's not little! And you-"

Delaware jerked his head to the side.

"Did you hear that?" He asked.

"Shut it Delaware." Georgia spat.

"No." Texas interrupted. "Don't yell at him, I heard it too."

"What is it?" Virginia whispered

"It sounded like someone was messing with the backdoor." Delaware said.

Texas put his boots back on. "Let's check it out."

"Alright," said Delaware. "but everyone else stay put."

Texas and Delaware snuck to the backdoor. Delaware reached out and grabbed the knob only to have it fall off.

"Shit." Whispered Texas. "Someone's been here."

Delaware opened the door slowly and walked out.

"Well," said Delaware, looking at the empty backyard. "There not here now."

Texas grabbed Delaware's arm before he had a chance to leave. He pointed at the ground to the footprints that led to the trashcan.

"No," Texas said. "They're still here."

Delaware nodded. "You lift the lid and I'll grab him."

"What! No way. I'm stronger."

"Fine! On the count of three."


"What, why five?"

"I like that number."

"Me too."

"Five then?"

Delaware shrugged his shoulders. "Sure, why not. On the count of five. Ready, one."





Delaware opened up the lid and much to his surprised in stead of grabbing the man Texas smiled at him and yelled happily.


RhodeIsland and Canadamarched into where all modeling was taking place. Canada wandered if it was a good idea to lead Rhode Island here and was glad everyone else was safely hidden at France's house. He watched Rhode Island scan for his sister. He didn't understand why he was so angry though. He never acted like he cared. Of course, Ohio being sweet and innocent was enough for people to want to protect her, but there had been plenty of times Rhode Island had done things to his siblings that contradicted he actually wanted to protect them (or liked them). All in all seeing him act this way was odd and suspicious.

Canada was sure they'd never get in the back room, but Rohde Island being Rhode Island walked right in, like he owned the place, and got away with it. No one said anything to him until the two of them got to the dressing room. RhodeIsland walked through a beaded curtain. Canadastopped before entering. He didn't know which dressing room it was. Boys or girls? Canadafigured it out when a chorus of high pitched screams erupted. Canada watched the curtain in a panic. He was about to go in and help look for Ohio so they could get out of here quicker until Rhode Island walked back out, holding onto Ohio's arm.

Ohio looked at Canada.

"Uncle Mattie?"

Canada smiled. "Hello Ohio. How have you been?"

Rhode Island put on his irritated face. "Small talk later, leaving now."

Rhode Island pulled Ohio with him. They had almost made it to the door when they heard a panicking voice. A man stopped in front of Rhode Island, blocking his way through the door.

"No, no, no! Look at you!" The man screamed at Rhode Island. "You look like you haven't bathed in three days."

"Four." Rhode Island corrected.

"This will not do." The man shook his head.

Rhodes Island gave the man his annoyed face. "You are the most annoying road block I've ever seen."

Ohio pulled out of his grip and said in a hushed tone. "Be nice."

Rhode Island rolled his eyes. The man pushed Ohio and Rhode Island.

"Don't worry sweetie we'll fix you in time." He pushed Rhode Island into a room and looked at Ohio. "Sweet heart you're up soon."

"I know." Ohio looked at Canada. "I'll see you in a little while."

Canada nodded and watched Ohio run down the hall.

"Wait!" Rhode Island yelled, struggling to get out of the grasp of a rather big man. "Don't- God damn it if you touch me there on more time, I'll fuckin cut you!- Don't go! Ohio!"

Canada watched as he was pulled into the back room again.

"What are they doing to him?" Canada wandered.

"To who?"

Canada jumped, startled by the voice. He turned around to see France smiling.


"The one and only. Now who are you worried about?"

"R-Rhode Island."

France smile grew even wider. "My eye candy is here?"


"Oh Rhode Island.~" France sang, skipping into the dressing room.

Canada listened helplessly outside of the room.

"What the hell are you doing here you French son of a bitch?"

"Don't be hateful sweetheart. I've missed you."

"I'm not you're sweetheart you freak!"

"Come now, let's kiss and make up."

"Don't touch me!"

Ohio stood quietly beside Canada.

"Ohio? I thought you were going on stage?"

She quietly put her head down. "I-I didn't because Rhode Island seemed upset about me doing so."

Canada looked at the Ohio. It seemed she went back to feeling insecure.

Rhode Island stumbled out of the door with France tugging at his shirt. Rhode Island's anger faded when he caught sight of Ohio.

"Oh thank God." He said relieved.

"Ohio?" France said confused. "You're supposed to be on stage."

"No," Rhode Island shouted. "she's supposed to be in England."

"Rhode Island." Ohio said. "What are you doing here."

Rhode Island was silent for a moment. "I came all this way to look for Arizona, but I sort of got side tracked."

Ohio seemed excited. "Do you know where Arizona is?"

"Y-yes, he's somewhere in China."

"Then we have to go there!"

"Ohio, no. Let's discuss this later . Others are waiting for us at France's house."

"Someone's at my house?"

"Other States. " Canada answered.

"Then what are we waiting for?" France asked. "Let's go!"

Rhode Island rolled his eyes as France excitably skipped away.

"RhodeIsland?" Ohio asked.


"You really need to take a bath."

Prussia, Germany, Italy and Idaho were off wandering around.


"Yeah, West"

"Are you sure this is where you saw him?"

"Hell yeah, I'm sure."

Idaho pointed into the crowd of people.

"It's Alabama!"

"Who?" Italy asked.

"My brother. Alabama! Hey over here!"

"Idaho?" Alabama shouted back. Indiana and Arizona quickly ran to his side.

"It's Indiana and Arizona too!" Idaho screamed happily.

"See." Prussia said. "I found them all at once. I am awesome."

Germany shook his head at his brother.


Prussia looked away from his brother to see Arizona skipping his way.


The two ran and hugged one another. Alabama passed the two and rolled his eyes.

"Idaho." Alabama said and hugged his brother. Indiana joined in.

"I can't believe all three of you are here." Idaho said.

Indiana smiled. "We were with China, but we managed to give him the slip."

"Arizona hasn't noticed we ditched him though. He thinks were playing follow the leader." Alabama said sheepishly. "So don't tell him were not coming back. He'll freak out."

"Wait," Idaho said. "Arizona wants to stay with China?"

Indiana sighed. "Yeah, you know Arizona will do anything for a pecan roll."

Idaho shook his head. "He has the weirdest addictions I've ever seen."

Indiana looked at Germany and Italy. "Who are your friends?"

"Oh, sorry. This is Germany and Italy." Idaho motioned to the two.

Alabama and Indiana smiled at the two. Alabama looked at Arizona.

"And the man still hugging Arizona would be?"

"Prussia." Idaho answered bitterly then yelled to Prussia. "Stop molesting my brother!"

"Brother!" Germany yelled when he saw where his hand was heading.

Arizona oblivious to the fact that he was being molested, but confused, continued to let Prussia hold him.

"How about I claim your vital regions?" Prussia suggested.

Arizona looked at him confused.

"What do you with Phoenix?"

Russia looked at the man he had tied to a chair. He had seen the man before that is what alerted him. After the man was subdued and searched he found some very interesting things. The most interesting a blueprint of his own house. This man had been following him for a very long time and hadn't slipped up(until now of course). He was very impressed. He smiled at the man.

"What is your name."

"I will not answer that. I will however tell you a very important piece of information."

Russia raised a brow.

"Really what would that be?"

"The location of Alaska."

Russia was taken back.

"Why would you tell me that?"

"Because." the man said. "He took off to look for that damned wolf of his and he can't be out there alone. He'll get lost and starve or possibly die."

"That's true. Russian winter is pretty bad. I will find him and when I get back we will discuss you, da?"

"Sure, but by then I'll be gone."

Russia chuckled. "Of course you will."

"He's in the north part of town, going up towards the mountains."

Russia smiled. "Alaska knows where I would go to throw away a wolf then? I wonder how he figured that out."

"I told him of course so I guess you could say his endangerment is my fault."

"Da, you could." Creepy smile.

West Virginia watched the huge Russian leave out the door. Hopefully he'd fine his brother and keep him safe. But for now he had to worry about getting out of here. He smiled. That was the easy part.

Massachusetts walked with Vermont towards the airport.. Little Hawaii sat on Vermont's shoulders messing with his black hair, trying to make it into different styles. Nebraska limped along side Massachusetts. He couldn't walk after being hit with the car. If it were any other State they would of took them to the hospital, but it was Nebraska and Nebraska got hurt a lot. Nebraska getting hurt was common and Massachusetts knew the man would be back on his feet in no time. The States made their way through the airport. They got their tickets (the fake passports worked like a charm.). And made their way to their final obstacle, the metal detector. Nebraska, Massachusetts and Hawaii walked through with no problems. Now was the moment of truth. Vermont stood in front of the metal detector, eyeing it warily. Massachusetts sighed. God only knew what that man had on him. All of them held their breath as Vermont walked through the metal detector. Very slowly Vermont walked through when he made it to the other side he jumped for joy. They were all surprised he had made it. The three brothers let out a sigh of relief. The three brothers' joy didn't last to long as Vermont saw Hawaii being lured away by a man with a piece of candy. Vermont did a mad sprint for the girl. His confused brothers quickly realized what he was doing and went to aid him.

"Hawaii!" The three screamed.

The man was startled by the three running in his direction and ran away. Massachusetts scooped up Hawaii and Vermont ran past the two and tried to chase down the man.


Vermont could hear someone calling his name but chose to ignore it. He was gonna get that asshole. He was fucking Vermont! If he wanted something he would get it. He chased after the man. He was closing in and the man knew it. Vermont smiled sadistically then leapt like a panther catching his prey and... missed. The man ran away as Vermont hit the hard marble floor. He lay there eyes closed tight in pain.


"Stop prickin around!"

Slowly he opened his eyes to see Massachusets hovering over him.

"I said stop prickn around. Get up before he brings his friends back."

Vermont jumped to his feet and ran in the direction of the boarding gate to the airplane.

Nebraska sighed. He knew their chances were slim.

Maryland walked along side his brother New York. The two had been bored and one of them suggested the go get ice cream.

"Hey Mary?" Asked New york.

Maryland scowled. "Maryland" Maryland corrected. "What do you want?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to call you Mary."

Maryland scowled again. His electric blue eyes showing hatred. New York almost thought he was being sowled at by Alfred for a moment. It was an honest mistake considering the two looked almost exactly alike. Maryland wasn't called little America for nothing. If someone gave him a cowlick and sat him beside America and Canada they would be triplets not twins.

He sighed, missing one of his best friends.

"What's wrong?" Asked Maryland, licking his ice cream.

"Do you think he's alright?"

Maryland stopped licking his ice cream.

"Yes, actually I do."

"How can you be so sure?"

Maryland shrugged his shoulders and met New York's prairie grass eyes. "I can just feel it."

New York stared at the ground. He could see Maryland's sandals and part of his long brown shorts. He then stared at his sneakers and sighed. He felt something, but it wasn't good.

"Stop worrying." Maryland said. "I'm sure he's fine."

"You're right. He's probably somewhere, right now, doing something stupid."

Maryland laughed and held up his ice cream. "To Alfred."

New York held up his ice cream. "To Alfred."

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