This is to show how Mary Sues often violate Human Rights without the author ever realizing it.

Leah Dawnstar flipped her silver hair over one shoulder as she observed the group of women in front of her. They stayed huddled together in small groups as they looked up at the beautiful, defiant woman. "Right now, you're all pathetic," she started as she paced across the small stage she was standing on, "The men fight for you while you stay at home, whimpering. You must learn how to fight and become honorable beings," Leah yelled, her voice rising slowly, "We are equal to the men! Let's prove it and fight when the orcs come!" she raised her sword.

One woman, mother of three children, started to speak, "But if both the mother and father of our children dieā€¦" she cut off, seeing the threatening glare Leah was throwing at her. The silver haired woman's sword turned threateningly towards her, as if challenging her to say more. She stopped speaking out of fear of the sharp blade and the woman who wielded it.

'What will happen to our children?' she thought. 'If most of our women die fighting, how will we rebuild our society?'

The right to speak freely without fear of consequences.