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Dark Rose smiled cruelly as she tortured a man. Said man was withering in pain on the floor, body contracting. She laughed as she struck him once again with the burning hot metal pole. She hit him in the face and was satisfied with the gut-wrenching scream. His face turned red all along his forehead to him cheek. He was lucky she had missed his eye. The burn was a second degree and likely to stay there for the rest of his life.

She kneeled down to him and said softly and calmly, as if speaking to a child, "This is what you deserve. You insulted me with your actions." Her midnight black hair fell over her shoulders in waves and her crystal eyes were the very image of beauty. She then proceeded to kick him in the stomach. The unknown man gasped again, pride and body taking the hit. Still, he tried to speak with as much reason as he could, keeping himself from crying out in rage and anger. "I called you lady and asked you why a beautiful and defenseless woman such as yourself was out in the woods alone at night. Tis dangerous."

He spit on the ground, saliva mixed with blood. Dark Rose's red lips once again twisted into a smile and she bent over to him, milky breasts threatening to spill out of her dress. The man averted his eyes, obviously uncomfortable with this, yet still in extreme pain. "Now, what makes you think I'm defenseless, hm? I seem to have proved I can defend myself perfectly well, you sexist pervert." She spit out. The man's eyebrows furrowed slightly at the strange word, then realized what she was insinuating. "Perhaps you should not wear such a dress if you wish not for a man to look." He replied heatedly, only to be kicked again. She picked up her metal rod again and dipped it into the fire until it was orange from the flames.

She burned him again for his supposedly cruel and insightful words, speaking of feminism being held back by men like him who didn't respect women. He couldn't reply back that he had been respecting her by calling her lady and offering her his help. Couldn't tell her he had meant no harm and that, had she wanted, he would have escorted her to Rohan. He couldn't tell her, because she was currently mutilating him.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.