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The Timeline: Somewhere in the neighborhood of Seasons 4 and 5 while the Technos rule the city.

Ratings: T (violence and some sensuality *not very graphic, though*).

The Summary: A girl separated from her tribe, the Believers, ends up in the hands of the Technos. With this new reality being forced on her, she has two lives to choose between. Why does Ram seem so interested in her?

Pairings: Mostly canon except some Ram/OC.

Chapter 1…………………………….(Ram's POV)

It was late, very late. I should have been in bed by now, but my mind wouldn't slow down enough to let my body relax. The pain in the back of my neck was strong, but I ignored it. I could ignore anything if I worked hard enough.

The new program was coming along nicely. Reality space had evolved from a simple pet hobby to something I could be proud of. My gloved fingers tapped out a familiar rhythm on my keyboard. With one push of a button, I could add or subtract anything I wanted. I could create a jungle, a mountaintop, a city, an underwater utopia. There were dangers to playing God, but I didn't care. I was aware of most of them.

A philosophical moment….yes…

I wondered…if there was a God, wasn't it doing precisely what I was doing? Was there some divine keyboard in the universe that could trigger meteor showers or force the spawning of galaxies?

Nah. There was no God. God was just another way to control the population, I was almost sure of it. The Chosen had tried to use Zoot as the God figure when they ruled over this area. It worked, but not for long. Zoot had a great thing going, but he misunderstood one thing. "Power and Chaos" had been his oxygen, his food, and his water. What he had failed at was controlling the "chaos".

A little chaos could take a person a very long way if they knew how to use it. But chaos must also be controlled adequately—something Zoot had not done. In the end, he met his fate because of it.

I was getting good at mastering this. With the sheriff, Lex, in my captivity, I had gained some more influence. Lex was hotheaded, impulsive, and full of himself. He was perfect for my little plan. All I had to do was stroke his ego a bit and he would easily play into my hands. Lex loved the Mall Rats to be sure, but he loved himself more. It was an easy bargaining chip.

The plan was to make Lex a movie star. Without technology, the Verts were surely bored with their peasant-like lives by now. Lex was no different than the rest of the non-Technos. He thought his way was best. I was going to prove him wrong.

The program was finished. Satisfied, I closed the lid of my laptop and put it back inside its leather case. I hadn't paid attention to the clock, but I estimated it to be around two o'clock. Java and Siva, my two lovely wives, were already asleep. Ebony, soon to be my third, was probably asleep as well.

I smiled as I wheeled my electronic wheelchair towards the bed. Ebony was beautiful. Ebony was ruthless. Ebony was power-hungry. She was exactly what I wanted. We were evenly matched on all areas. I doubted she had any useful technical skills, but what she lacked in that area, she lacked in street-smarts. She could pinpoint a weakness in someone within five minutes of meeting them. Even I'm not quite that gifted.

With a yawn, I pressed the remote control and the lights went out. I settled beneath the covers and fell fast asleep. I dreamed of tomorrow's big events.

But there was one dream that I found particularly disturbing.

I saw myself slumped over lifelessly in my chair surrounded by garbage. The ruts in the mud indicated I had tried to escape but had not succeeded. Somehow, I knew I was dying. Filthy Verts surrounded me, picking stuff out of the rubbish heap that they could use.

A loud motorcycle engine cut the rattling and talking. A burly man removed his helmet. He look one look at my limp figure and told the Verts to scram. Then, he hoisted me out of the chair and placed me on the back of the motorcycle.

I woke with a start. The sunlight was showing through the cracks in the blinds. It felt as though I had only slept a few minutes. I thought about sleeping in longer, but decided against it. There was work to do.

A/N: Yes, very short for a first chapter, I know, but it will pick up, I promise. I just wanted to lay the groundwork.