AN: Hey guys. I decided to write another short DxC oneshot before writing chapter 10 of Her Mask. Enjoy! And Review~

Five times Duncan left words unspoken.

The first time, was right after his first kiss with Princess, but he never got the chance to utter the words that were on the tip of his tongue. She walked away, leaving him with a stupid look on his face. Though all he could think was; "You're amazing."

The second, at Playa De Losers, when his boat pulled up to the unfamiliar resort and his duffel bag was dumped onto the wooden dock. He stood there while the ex-campers greeted him, but all he did was search for her. He spotted her sitting on the stairs that led inside the resort, looking back at him with a glassy eyed expression. "I'm sorry."

The third, when she was back in the competition during TDA. After kissing her and before she knocked him into the pit of fake tar during the stone age challenge. "I've missed you."

The forth, after he won TDA and Courtney had said, "Every king needs a queen." "Are you really my Queen?"

And the fifth and final words he forced himself to keep down, were possibly, the most important of all.

Five years after TDA had ended. 5 years since he'd seen his Princess. 5 years since their relationship had ended. And when she showed up on his door step, soaking wet from the rain, and saw the tears that slid down her cheeks, he wasn't sure what to say anymore.


"Duncan..." She wrapped her arms around his waist, her voice just a whisper.

And when he shook his head at her, unhooked her arms from his waist, and gently nudged her out the door, he knew his heart wasn't the only one breaking.

"I love you."

Five times Duncan had left words unspoken.

One time it mattered.