AN: I decided to do a part for Courtney, too.

Five times Courtney left words unspoken.

Number one, during the dodge ball game while on Total Drama Island. "Oh, and why should I help you, Darling?" "Because you're the only one who can. We need you. I need you."

Number two, Duncan getting ready to leave on the Boat of Losers, that would take him home for a few days before Total Drama Action began. Began without her. "Don't go."

Number three, when she returned to TDA, and continued to angrily remind Duncan about his alleged 'hook-up' with Gwen, even after the real anger had faded and the one seen was fake. "I forgive you."

Number four, the moment he picked up the phone that one night, and she spoke quickly. "It's over." "And I hate myself for it."

And lastly, number five.

While she ran through the rain, trying to get the image of her current boyfriend Elliot, -who was currently in bed with her best friend- out of her mind. She ran until her lungs burned and her legs felt like jelly, but it took her a moment to realize where she was after finally stopping.

"Princess?" He looked bewildered, and maybe even a bit concerned, when he opened the door.

"Duncan..." She whispered, out of breath, and her tears mingled with the rain water that flowed down her cheeks. She then latched her arms around his waist, too tired to do anything else.

And when he shook his head and removed her arms from his waist, then eased her out the door, she was sure her heart was the only one breaking.

"Please, don't leave me alone like this."

Five times Courtney left words unspoken.

It never mattered.