Eleven Roses

A/N--A tribute to Frances Reid ( Alice Horton )

I was inspired to write this from another short story

and I wanted to do something...I didn't think I could but I had this idea.

Julie, Doug and Hope go into a beautiful flower shop in Salem. THey are surrounded with every beautiful flower imaginable of beautiful colors. Some are artificial in vases and magnificent arranges on stands. Julie smells the wonderful smell of marigolds, violets, other smells that she can't identify in her grief. Doug goes over to a beautiful marigold and daisy cross....Hope fingers the ivy plants while thoughts of her loving grandmother fly through her mind and Julie is the first to speak:

"What should we get?"

Hope turns around and says in a strong voice with a hint of sadness:

"Maggie wanted us to get some violets for her"

Doug looks around and says:

"Marlena called and wanted something in gold, I think this cross will do"

Suddenly a woman comes up and asks:

"May I help?"

Julie looks at her husband and sister/step-daughter and says:

"Yes, we have flowers to order for a funeral"

The sales clerk lowers her eyes in respect and Julie gets out a list out of her jacket and the clerk goes to get a pen to write down then Julie hands her the list and says:

"This is what family members want but personally we want a beautiful spring arrangement for the casket and a dozen roses rom Doug & Julie"

Doug clears his throat then says:

"Eleven for that arrangment"

Julie and the clerk look at him in surprize and Hope walks up slowly and Julie asks:


Doug looks at everybody and with tears in his eyes says slowly:

"Because....she was the 12th rose"

Tears falls freely from Hope's eyes and Julie covers her mouth with her hand and sobs her tears in her husband's chest.