Home Sweet Home.

By TeamDeanWinchester4Ever.

Chapter 1.

AN; / this is set 6 years after 'Breaking Dawn'. Jacob and Renesmee are engaged and Alice is, naturally, designing their first (of many) weddings!


Renesmee POV

"Renesmee, are you doing your homework?" My dad asked.

"Yeah, dad, of course." I replied; I didn't have to speak. I just wanted to.

That and I was otherwise preoccupied with my fiancée.

"I love you," I whispered against his neck.

"Love you, too." He whispered back, ducking down to my neck and kissing it.

I heard someone coming upstairs, even though I could be with Jacob... like this. I felt uncomfortable with being spotted.

Carlisle walked into the room then, completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

"We're having a family meeting in five minutes, Jacob you're invited too." He told us.

"Okay, Grandpa thanks." I told him, I would have gotten up; but I couldn't, I was topless." We'll be down in a minute.

"We will?" Jacob asked, playfully tickling me.

I nodded to him, putting my top on and running down the stairs at top speed, with Jacob following closely behind me.

Carlisle POV

I waited patiently for Renesmee and Jacob to come downstairs.

We were going to move again, we had to... all of us. That included Jacob.

At that moment, Edward's face crinkled, he still had problems with Renesmee and Jacob. No one particularly blamed him.

Edward. I called to him. They're going to get married. I had to remind him, every so often.

"'k, Grandpa," Renesmee said, blushing. "What's going on?" She asked, averting the attention from her cheeks, she was so much like Bella.

"We're moving soon." I told them all.

"Will there be a mall?" Renesmee asked, sitting down on Jacob's lap.

"I don't know." I told her, "It's in England." I admitted.

"Cool, will there be any shopping centres?" Alice asked.

Before I could respond Renesmee started to cry.

"Nessie, what's the matter?" Edward and Jacob asked.

"You're not going to let Jacob come are you?" England's too far away for all the pack stuff." She whimpered. Jacob was the first to comfort her. I hadn't thought of that.

"Baby, I'll go wherever you are," Jacob soothed her; "Anyway, it'll annoy Blondie." Jacob staged whispered. Jacob and Rosalie hadn't been rude to each other for three months, since Jacob proposed to Renesmee, he was just playing around.

Renesmee quietened down; Jasper comforted her in his own way. "Sorry." She whispered.

"It's okay," I told her "Now, Jacob, you need to go and tell the Packs. We're going to get ready to leave. Alice, now you can now go and pack." I told them.

Jacob went and all of us disappeared to our rooms to get ready to leave.

Jacob's POV

I phased quickly, anxious to get back together with Nessie.

Hey everyone, I thought The Cullens are moving, so Leah, you're in charge and bye. I thought, I mean what am I supposed to say!

Wait! What the hell? Leah asked. When are you moving? Oh great EX Alpha!

You've wanted to say that for years, haven't you? Anyhow, they're packing now, so really soon, I'd guess. I honestly didn't know.

Bye Jake. Everyone thought.

I ran off and phased back.

"JACOB!" Renesmee shouted.

"Coming!" I responded. I heard a whip-like sound coming from behind me. "Shove it." I muttered, running upstairs.

"Pack all your stuff." She commanded.

"You're lucky I love you so much," I told her, getting ready to pounce.

"You wouldn't dare." She said, a sinister smile escaping her lips.

"Wouldn't I?" I questioned, leaping up into the air and crashing into Renesmee, sending her flying onto our bed.

You really need to get packed. She thought to me.

I got up and moved around far too slowly. "Spoil sport." I moped.

You'll see why, now." She told me, and Edward walked in.

"Are you too ready?" He asked.

Maybe, I responded. What is it too you?

"We have plane tickets for an hour."Edward told us.

"Guess we have to leave then." Renesmee muttered.

Edward got our luggage the, which was actually quite a lot. Agreed, most of it was Nessie's. We left then.