Chapter 2.

Edward POV

God they're hot. A vulgar man thought towards Bella and Renesmee. The brown haired one is married, but the bronze haired oneā€¦ WOW. I moved closer to Renesmee, shielding her from the real world.

"Who's thinking what now, Eddy?" Emmett called.

"The man with the goatee is thinking rude things about Bella and Renesmee." I told him.

Gawd, dad. Over protective much? She joked with me.

"'Gawd'?" I questioned.

"Yeah, you drag it out." She told me, rolling her eyes.

"Alice has broken our daughter." I murmured to Bella.

Eddy? Jacob asked, shielding Renesmee too.

"Emmett does it to annoy me." I told him.

"It works too." Emmett chuckled.

Renesmee looked as though she was struggling with all the humans.

They're all so close. She panicked. What if I slip up? STUPID VAMPIRE GENES! She resulted to imagining that they were Jacob. That doesn't help!

"You're doing fine." I told her.

"You're struggling?" Jacob asked.

Renesmee nodded, afraid to speak.

"It'll be okay." Jacob soothed her.

Is she suffering? Carlisle asked. She shouldn't be. His mind went to Bella.

"Not Bella." I whispered, too low for humans to hear. "Renesmee." I told him; only Jacob called her 'Nessie'.

Oh! I didn't think that she would need to hunt. He was shocked. I walked slower so that we could talk.

"Neither did I." I told him.

"She properly wouldn't have either." Carlisle sighed.

"It wasn't her fault." I agreed. "She won't believe me, though."

"FINAL BOARDING FOR ENGLAND!" The auto-voiced women shouted.

Bella's POV

We all boarded the plane; getting ready for the long journey.

"Wonder how big the toilets are." Jacob whispered to Renesmee.

She didn't answer, didn't even think anything to him.


"I forgot she is afraid of flying." Edward whispered to me.

"She's afraid of flying?" I asked shocked; my daughter is one of those people that would try anything at least twice to see what it was like.

Edward gave me his crooked smile and nodded.

First class was very comfortable, and we were all surrounding Renesmee; it wasn't that we didn't trust her, she was just struggling.

I settled into Edward's chest, and willed the long journey away.