60 Ways To Piss Off Byakuya Kuchiki

1) Set him up on a blind date with Renji, and blame it on Yoruichi

2) Send him love letter, say they are from Renji

3) Ask him does he want a sex change

4) Say that Senbonzakura wants him to get one

5) Make wings with his scarf, when he has it on

6) Tell him that Rukia is pregnant

7) Tell him that the father is Ichigo

8) And that it will be the next head of the Kuchiki clan if he doesn't have a kid already.

9) Every time he walks in to a room sing, "Dude looks like a lady"

10) Ask if would like to join you on a nooner

11) Steal him scarf, and put in on Zambimaru

12) Tell him Renji has started a rumour that they slept together

13) Start that rumour

14) Take a picture of him in his boxers. (Yeh I think he would wear boxers)

15) Blow said picture up and put in on the wall in the captains meeting room

16) Tell him that Renji could kick his ass any day

17) Tell him that if he were in a relationship with a guy he would be the bottom

18) Tell Yachiru that Byakuya has some sweets for her, watch and laugh all day when she follows him around.

19) Have a big party in his manor

20) Invite everybody… I mean everybody

21) Ask Yoruichi to strip at said party

22) Tell him "he is your husband to be"

23) Say that it is an arraigned marriage and there is nothing he can do

24) Hug him

25) Skip away and say "Have a good day darling"

26) Leave a note on his desk that says, "I watch you masturbate"

27) Ask him he ever get an out of character urge to rape Renji

28) Tell him that he only became a captain because his grandfather was one

29) Play with his hair when he is doing paperwork

30) Braid his hair

31) Say long hair makes him look gay

32) Say he has dead ends

33) Help him with that, by cutting it short with Senbonzakura

34) If you really don't want to live, Gel it up

35) Next time you see him wolf whistle and say, "Looking good captain"

36) Call him light (Byakuya mean true light)

37) Say him and Yoruichi make a cute couple

38) Ask him if he wore a ribbon in his hair when he was younger

39) Tell him that Aizen thinks he is hot

40) Ask him if he like bananas… then Grin

41) Sneak in to his manor and but a red sock in with his captains robe washing

42) Laugh when it turns pink

43) Laugh harder when he has to were it

44) Tell him it was Ichigo

45) Run in to the captains meeting with pink flowery boxer and say "Captain you left your boxers in the office".

46) Run

47) Tell him that he is stupid and you could out smart him any day

48) Tell him that Hisana never loved him, she only wanted his money.

49) Spank him

50) Play tug-a-war with his scarf

51) Lend his scarf to Ukitake and return it with blood stains on it

52) Invite him to a fish BBQ and let it slip that they are his fish

53) Get squad 6 to play twister on duty time

54) Get him to join in

55) Beat him every time

56) Tell him that you sperm jacked him

57) And that you are now having his child

58) And you are going to call it Renji

59) Kiss him

60) Walk away when he is talking to you