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It was a simple recon mission. Get in, check it out, and get home. Simple. However, from the gate there was no way to tell whether or not the planet was inhabited. It was therefore agreed that they would take a look around and report back to Hammond in no more than thirty six hours. Not that any of them really minded, after all this was exactly the type of thing they had signed on for. Well Sam and Daniel more so then Jack, and Teal'C seemed relatively content no matter what they were doing.

The possibilities of all the different cultures that lay beyond the gate was something that Daniel could not even fathom. Truly a scientist at heart, this was the type of thing that thrilled him, the type of thing that was exactly his element. On top of that, every planet they visited brought him one step closer to his ultimate goal of finding Sharee. To be perfectly honest he would give up everything he had ever had to get her back. She was his motivation for everything he did.

Sam Carter was probably the most versatile of them all. She was thrilled with her position as a member of the Air Force and excited by the scientific possibilities of what they were doing aswell. She knew that with her training she would prove useful in a hostile situation, though she was still unsure if the Colonel felt the same way. He seemed to believe that she was capable, but there was something about him that suggested he had a certain, lack of patience when it came to her, though it could all be in her head. If he really did have a problem she chalked it up to the fact that at heart she was a scientist, and he really didn't like scientists.

Teal'C was a very closed person. He said very little and showed very little emotion. Though his first hand knowledge of the Guo'auld was indescribably important to the team. His strength and skill provided comfort to those that he was serving with and he had proven himself many times in the short expanse of time that he had been with them.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, the leader, was… well bored. Sure this whole going off world business was fun and all but retirement was pretty good to. As for his team, well they were pretty great. Of course Daniel and his self righteous 'we need to explore this and learn from that' got annoying sometimes, but he was a pretty good guy, and handy with communication.

Teal'C, well he certainly was special. A born warrior, proud and self less, especially in battle, that was certainly something that every team needed, and his intel on those snake heads was pretty useful to.

And Carter, while she was a scientist, she was also a damn good officer. He would trust her, and the rest of them for that matter, with his life and never had any doubts when they stepped through the gate. He knew that no matter the situation, they were strong and would face it head on, and they all shared the same 'never leave a man behind' philosophy that he did.

It was with this relatively new found team that they made their way across the planet.

"So what exactly are we hoping to find here?" Jack asked, clearly bored already

"Perhaps a village O'Neill" Teal'C said, pointing out the obvious

"I think the Colonel meant what are we hoping to gain from it" Carter suggested

"Exactly" Jack said, thinking at least one person on this team was going to understand him when he spoke.

"Jack, there could be the remnants of ancient civilizations here. Or ruins of temples, or ancient writings, or…" Daniel began

"Alright, alright. I get it" Jack said, holding up his hand to make Daniel stop "Important junk from hundreds of years ago, got it"

Carter laughed and Daniel rolled his eyes

"In all seriousness sir, it is possible they have some technology or weapon that surpasses our own" Carter said

"See that I can get behind. Some kinda powerful weapon would be fantastic" he said with enthusiasm.

She laughed again, what was it with men and big guns? Sure she was an air force officer but guns and killing didn't really excite her, it was more of a feeling of duty. She knew that at times deadly force was necessary, and at those times she was willing to do what was needed. But finding some more powerful means of killing people was not really her idea of a good time.

As they made their way across the terrain a village became visible. It couldn't have been more than five clicks away and they agreed to make it there before dark. As they trudged on each member of the team started to wonder what new wonders and mysteries would they find here? Would it have been worth all the time and effort it had taken to get the Stargate up and running? Or was it nothing more than an abandoned village, inhabited and left many thousands of years ago?

As they approached the village they could see that they buildings were comparable to those of early settlements back on Earth. There were houses, what appeared to be the equivalent of a general store, a bar and stables in the back. The closer they got, the more their presence was becoming known.

As they entered the village they were greeted by over fifty people, all curious as to who the new strangers were. Before long an elderly man stepped forward.

"Greetings travelers." He said "My name is Kalen, I am the leader of this village."

His tone was appraising, not entirely sure what to make of these strangers. His gaze fell to their weapons and his face became concerned. Daniel, who noticed the change in the man's expression, was quick to ease his worrying.

"I'm Daniel, we are peaceful explorers." He said

"For a peaceful people you come well armed." Kelan said

"Those are for protection." Jack said "Can't be too careful."

"Indeed" Kelan replied, still uneasy "From where do you hail?"

"We came through the Stargate." Sam said, using her hands to demonstrate in case they did not know what she meant.

"The great circle?" he asked in awe "Really?"

"Indeed" Teal'C said simply

"Then this is much cause for celebration." Kelan said with excitement " It was been over a generation since anyone has come through the great circle. There is no one left in this village that has borne witness to such distant travelers, and it has become not but legend. It is a privilege to have you amongst us, please come."

He motioned for them to follow him, and they did. Kelan led them to a large building, which upon entering they found full of people. The building, Kelan explained served as both their dining hall and celebration room.

"We were just about to have our evening meal. It would be wonderful if you would join us." Kelan said

Jack looked at his team, silently asking for conformation. Receiving no disagreements he said "Sure, why not."

They made to take their seats at the table with Kelan when two middle aged women came to the table.

"Kelan, you forget your manners." One of the women said.

"Marina?" he asked

"There is a woman amongst this group." She said "Have you forgotten our ways?"

"Ah but of course my dear, you are right." He said with a smile " Madame…"

"Captain Carter." Sam said

"Captain Carter, I apologize." He said "It has been so long since we have had visitors"

Sam was confused, something she was sure was evident on her face because Marina quickly explained.

" You, as a woman and a guest, do not sit amongst the men. There is a special table, amongst myself and the rest of the women in this village, at which you shall sit. The men of this village are beneath you my dear, and while we understand that perhaps were you are from you are equal, here the women are held to much higher praise." She said

Sam, unsure of what to do looked to Colonel O'Neill, who had an amused smirk on his face.

"Go on Carter." He said "Have fun."

"First you must change." Said the other women "These clothes do not flatter you at all my dear, but no worries, we have just the thing.

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