"Well..you were… see you were about to…" Daniel stammered.

Oh great, she thought, I was about to do something worse

"I was about to what?" She demanded

"You were about to untie that… shirt your wearing." Jack said, pausing as if to find the right word to describe her article of clothing.


"Relax Carter" Jack said with a chuckle "I got there in time to stop you. Actually truth be told I got there JUST in time to stop you."

"God… I haven't done anything this stupid since college." She mumbled, more to herself than anyone else.

"Oh?" Jack said, amused again "So there have been more 'Carter gone wild' moments?"

"Unfortunately." She said, unable to remain embarrassed for long, this was after all not the worst thing she had ever done. "But in my defense I was younger… and stupid."

"You? Stupid?" Jack asked "Why do I find that hard to believe?"

"Well you know sir, over a dozen beers and too many shots to count will do that to you." She said with a smile

"Carter the drunken college girl." He mused "That I would have paid to see."

"Actually I'm rather glad there is no proof" she said, knowing it wasn't completely true.

"No proof you say?" Jack asked smiling, a little too pleased with where he was going "So that ink … not a part of your college experience?"

Sam blushed, not many people had ever seen that. At sixteen she had gotten very drunk and decided that it was a good a time as any to get the tattoo she had been planning since, well forever. It was a stream of purple stars and black and teal swirls dipping from her hip bone downward, very far downward, on both sides. Where the stars ended there were two tiny butterflies and a dragonfly. She realized now that having removed the skirt and only having those skimpy cheekies on had been enough to reveal the tattoo to everyone.

"Actually no, that one was a part of my high school experience." she said, thinking back

"That one?" Daneil asked

"As opposed to what one?" Jack asked, curious.

"Had you been a few minutes later I'm sure I would have to explain it to you. But as you said, you got there before I did anything REALLY stupid." She said with a smirk

"Come on Carter" Jack said "Could it really be worse than doing a strip tease?"

"Surprisingly, yes." She said

"Come on Sam." Daniel said

"Not a chance." She said firmly. "I'd have to be just as drunk as when I got it before I'd show it to you."

"That good?" Jack mused "I could always make it an order"

"Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that the court marshal judge would side with me on my defying that one." She said "Now, I'm going to get my clothes back so we can go home and forget this ever happened."

"Wouldn't count on that." Jack mumbled as she walked away.

Less then five minutes later Sam returned in her BDU's carrying the Colonel's shirt just as he said, clearly not realizing she was coming up behind him, "Pay up Danny."

"To what are you referring O'Neill?" Teal'C asked, speaking for the first time.

"You did NOT make a bet on whether or not I had any tattoo's!?!" Sam demanded, glaring at the other two.

"Not exactly." Daniel said, looking guilty

"We made a bet on whether or not you had any embarrassing tattoo's" Jack said unashamed.

"You're joking!" She yelled, half outraged have amused.

"Oh and if you had your belly button pierced" Jack continued pleased "I won, on both counts."

"It was Jack's idea." Daniel said quickly in defense

"Thanks a lot Daniel."

"Well in that case.." she said "Teal'c you owe me lunch."

Daniel and Jack looked at each other confused.

"Indeed" Teal'C said, before turning to the other two "Captain Carter had the vague suspicion that you two were conspiring to some degree amongst yourselves. I disagreed. Apparently I was mistaken."

"How did you know?" Daniel asked

"I can't count how many times have I seen you two talking amongst yourselves, smirking and getting really quiet when someone else passes, especially me" she said, pleased with herself "It's funny what you hear when everyone stops talking."

And with that she began to walk back toward the gate, Teal'C following behind her. Still a little dumbfounded the other two followed after them.

Well, Jack thought to himself, they were certainly going to have to be more careful in the future. After all, what fun was is if the person you were betting on knew you were betting on them?

As they headed home Jack thought back over the trip. Daniel had had his fun, learning about whatever these people were, Teal'C always seemed rather indifferent, and Carter, well Carter had probably learned more then she'd wanted to.

But he had learned something as well, which was strange for him because usually all he got from these things was boredom. Carter was not as innocent as she appeared to be, and she most certainly should not be left alone on a planet that loved their women as much as these people did.

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