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Jazz held tight to Prowl's hand as Ratchet moved the set of pincers close to his chest. A blip of medical overrides had the plating of his abdomen shifting and flowing apart until his spark chamber was revealed, and a prod with the tip of the tool made Jazz flinch and the chamber iris open. Nestled next to his own spark, anchored by a fine filament of light and looking for all the world like the second half of a miniature binary star system, was the smaller spark of their sparkling, ready to be transferred into his first shell.

Ratchet carefully manoeuvred the pincers into Jazz's chest, mindful of the sensitive and vulnerable edges of his spark chamber and the surrounding circuitry. The spark was captured in the delicate end of the tool, and as Jazz gripped Prowl's hand harder the thread of light was broken and the spark quickly and gently placed in the dark spark chamber of the sparkling body.

Jazz's chest instantly closed up with a series of clicks as plating was once again locked down, and he and Prowl scrambled over to the tank to watch their sparkling come online. (Prowl would later deny that he did any such clumsy thing, but even a mech with his grace of movement must be excused when his first sparkling is born)

In the tank the protoform metal was picking up the energy of the new spark, and the shining material flowed through each limb of the sparkling, changing the shape of the helm to add a tiny chevron, creating two stubby sensor panels on its back, and morphing the face to one that matched the patterns set into the spark.

The new parents held their breath as the glow of metamorphosis faded, waiting to see the colours of their child, but as the dazzle faded Prowl's sensor panels drooped, and Jazz gripped his hand tighter and buried his face in his shoulder.

The sparkling was dull, lifeless grey, and lay limp in the tank. However, as Ratchet moved to disconnect the wire that had fed energy to the protoform material to keep it alive before the spark was introduced, the sparkling twitched, and large optics powered up for the first time.

"Pwa?" The noise startled Jazz away from Prowl's arms, and the couple turned back to the tank to see their tiny ash grey sparkling lift his arms and curl and uncurl his fists, just begging to be picked up. Jazz did so immediately, and Prowl wrapped one arm across his bonded's shoulders and the other under their sparkling. The little sensor panels fluttered against his fingertips, and as he watched the chevron on his sparkling's head blushed gently from matte grey to brilliant red, just like his creator's.


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