March 4th. A young girl with blonde streaked, copper colored hair and blue eyes stared intently at her ever growing pile of presents. She smiled brightly at the colorfully wrapped boxes that already filled up two tables, and the ground in front of them. It was fun to try and guess what was inside. Antonio's present was gigantic. At least her height, maybe bigger. Maybe a really big dollhouse? Roderich's present wasn't wrapped, and had holes poked in the sides. An animal? Francis' was in a small bag. Maybe a gift card? While the girl continued to speculate, she heard someone calling her.

"Ciao, Kairi!"

"Where's our awesome little niece?"

Kairi looked towards the gate leading into the back yard and squealed, running towards the two men. "Eek! Uncle Gilbert! Uncle Romano!" Gilbert got on his knees and hugged Kairi tightly. Kairi kissed his cheek in return, and then did the same to Romano. "I missed you!"

"We've missed you too, nipote." Romano smiled as he watched Kairi giggle happily when Gilbert scooped her up. "So where's my brother and the potato ba- I mean, Ludwig?" He surveyed the back yard. He identified several socializing nations, but the German and Italian couple were nowhere in sight.

Kairi's face scrunched in thought. "Um...mama and papa are inside, I think."

"..." Gilbert sighed. "Please don't tell me Feliciano is baking again."

Kairi nodded excitedly. "Yeah, he's baking my cake! A yummy chocolate one!"

Romano pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'll get the fire extinguisher." Gilbert chuckled and Kairi pouted.

"Hey, mama's getting better! He hasn't set the kitchen on fire for a whoooole year!"

Gilbert and Romano looked at each other with paranoid glances. "A year?" They said in sync, turning back to the half German, half Italian girl.

"It's a new record." Gilbert said. Kairi and Romano huffed at him. The albino put down his niece and chuckled. "And you just agreed with me, so don't gimme that look, Romano."

"Yes, I agreed with you, but only I'm allowed to say stuff about Feliciano, not you!"

"Hey, he's my brother-in-law!"

Romano cringed. "Agh, don't remind me! It's bad enough that they're engaged now, I don't want to be reminded of what's coming!"

"Well, deal with it! Ludwig and Feliciano are gonna get married, and not only will I be Feli's brother-in-law, I'll be yours, too."

"I said not to remind me!"

Kairi giggled at them. "Why do you two fight so much? Families aren't supposed to fight." She gave them her signature "innocent eyes" (a trait she inherited from Feliciano) and their demeanor instantly melted.

"Y'see, cutie," Gilbert began, "Romano here doesn't like your dad, cuz he's in love with your mom, and he's really overprotective of Feli. But Feli told him not to insult your dad, so apparently he's taking it out on me, instead. Isn't that right, Romano?"

"Well, all this angst has to go somewhere..." The brunette muttered.

"But it won't work on me~! You know why it won't work on me? Tell 'em why it won't work on me, Kairi."

"Because he's Gilbert, the prince of all things super epically awesome!" She said with a smile and a nod.

Gilbert patted her head. "Attagirl!"

Romano scoffed. "Oi, Gilbert, stop corrupting her!"

"I'm not corrupting her!"

"Fine, then at least stop lying to her!"

"..." Gilbert sighed and shook his head. "Remember this, Kai. Your uncle is suffering from awesomeness denial."

"Am not!"

Kairi giggled before looking nervously at her feet. "Um...can you two help me with something?"

The men glanced at each other, then back at the birthday girl. "Sure," They answered in sync.

"Uncle Gilbert, you speak German, don't you?" She asked.

"Uh huh," The albino man replied.

"And you speak Italian, don't you, Uncle Romano?"

"Yes," The brunette answered.

Kairi smiled widely. "Good, there's something I want to learn how to say! Can you teach it to me?"

The men looked at each other again before grinning. They knew plotting children when they saw them.

"Of course we will. What do you want to know?"


Ludwig stood by the window, looking out into his back yard and watching as his daughter examined her presents. He felt arms wrap around his waist.

"What're you looking at?" The copper haired man asked, looking out the window as well.

Germany sighed. "She's gotten so big...She's already five years old!"

Beside him, Feliciano giggled. "It's like just yesterday she was our baby, giggling at everything and pulling everyone's hair."

"Or biting people," The blonde added.

The smaller man chuckled. "That, too, but she'll always be our baby. Right, doitsu?"

Ludwig looked on as the girl eagerly ran up to her uncles, smiling that bright smile that made her look so much like her mother. "Right...always our little girl." They watched Kairi giggle as Gilbert picked her up. "She's so beautiful, just like you, Feliciano."

"Aww," Feliciano kissed his fiancee's cheek, "but she's strong and kind. Just like you, Ludwig."

Ludwig just chuckled to himself in response, wrapping his arm around Feliciano. "She'll grow up and be a fine woman."

Feliciano groaned. "Don't remind me! When that time comes, she'll be up to her neck in men!" He pouted. "No man will ever be good enough for our daughter." His eyes burned with an angry, overprotective fury.

Ludwig sighed. "Just don't behead anyone who wants to take her hand."

Feliciano pouted again. "I know, I know. Just sayin'." The blonde simply nodded understandingly before realizing that Feliciano had other things to attend to.

"Um...Shouldn't you be watching the cake?"

"...You're supposed to watch it? Why? It's not gonna go anywhere."

Ludwig was silent. After a while, he sighed. "I'm so glad I planned ahead and bought a cake." Feliciano "hmph"ed and pushed Ludwig playfully. Ludwig pushed back, and eventually they ended up on the sofa. Just as they were about to kiss, they heard the front door open.

"Mama? Papa?" It was Kairi.

"In the living room, sweetie!" The men quickly separated as their daughter came into the room. She stood in front of them and scratched the back of her head, tousling her back length hair.

"Um...I wanna say something, okay?" She turned to Ludwig. "Um...I-ich...liebe v-viel..." The girl said, struggling to recall the words her uncles had taught her. She turned to Feliciano. "And...Um...V-vi ringrazio...per a-amarmi."

The two men stared at the girl in shock, jaws dropped and eyes wide. They looked at Kairi, to each other, then back to Kairi. They grabbed her and pulled her between them, sandwiching her in a tight hug.

"We love you, too, Kairi." They said. Kairi just smiled softly. They stayed like that until they heard the shuttering of a camera lens.

"Such an adorable family moment should be documented, da?" They looked in the voice's direction, and there stood a smiling Russia, holding a camera in hand.

"Uncle Ivan!" Kairi jumped off the sofa and ran to the tall man, who moved to pick her up. She hugged him around the neck. "Guess what, guess what! I spoke German, and Italian! Uncle Gilbert and Uncle Romano taught me how to say some stuff!" On the sofa, Feliciano and Ludwig shared looks that said "of course it was them".

Ivan chuckled. "Oh did you? Are you interested in learning languages?"

Kairi nodded eagerly. "Yeah! I wanna learn them all! So then I'll be p-p-po-pol-poly..."

"Polylingual," Ivan offered.

"Yeah, that!" Kairi giggled. "So if you're here, where's Uncle Matthew?"

"He's outside, putting your present on the table." The tallest blonde answered. He put the girl down. "And don't forget, there's one other person who wants to see you. And she's waiting for you right outside..."

"SASHA!" Kairi ran out the door quicker than Russia's eyes could follow her. He chuckled and moved to the window, Feliciano and Germany doing the same. They watched as Kairi ran up behind a blonde girl with violet eyes and pounced on her without warning, knocking them both to the ground. The girls broke out laughing, helped each other up, and wandered off hand in hand.

Feliciano smiled. "Awww~! How old is Sasha now?"

"Four. Her birthday is in two months." Ivan answered.

Ludwig chuckled. "She's so tall. Like father, like daughter."

Ivan nodded. "Da, very tall for her age." He turned away from the sight of the two girls playing tag to look at the other two men. "Perhaps you should come outside. I don't think Kairi would be happy if you stayed inside the entire party." This time, his eyes focused on Feliciano specifically. "Besides, wouldn't you like to make your announcement?"

The lovers looked at each other and smiled. "I guess now is as good a time as any." The three men walked outside again. Feliciano grabbed the microphone that was lying on one of the tables and flipped it on.

"Hello? Is this thing working?" Ivan and Ludwig, who were standing closest to him, winced and covered their ears. Feliciano grinned sheepishly and turned down the volume. He cleared his throat. "Attention, everyone~!" Every nation turned to look at the copper haired man, and Feliciano gulped thickly. "Um...there's something I wanna say...But I dunno how to say I'll have Kairi say it for me~!" Kairi raised an eyebrow and stood beside her mother. Feliciano handed her the microphone and whispered something in her ear.

Her eyes widened. "Really?" Feliciano nodded, and she grinned widely. "Guys, I'm gonna have a little brother!"

Silence followed.

And then, several excited yells and a loud round of applause filled the yard.

"When did you find out?" France asked.

"Um...about a month ago. So I'm three months along now!" Feliciano replied happily.

"Did you get an ultrasound?" Now it was Spain asking.

Ludwig nodded. "About two weeks ago, we went with Ivan to see Yao, and he confirmed the pregnancy and that we were having a boy."

Ivan watched from afar as Feliciano and Ludwig were hugged, kissed, congratulated, chased (in Romano's case), given advice for dealing with more than one child, and more. He grinned to himself.

"Ah, Ivan. Where are Ludwig and Feliciano?" China asked.

"Feliciano said he was tired, so Ludwig took him home." The blonde replied.

"I see..." The Chinese man flipped through a file that was under his arm. "You are Kairi's godfather, correct?"

"Yes I am."

"So I assume you'll be the godfather of Feliciano's son as well?"

"Most likely."

"Well...Something showed up on Feliciano's ultrasound. Come take a look."

If Feliciano being pregnant with Kairi had caused havoc, what would happen when Feliciano found out he was actually having twins?


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