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Righteous Blood

Chapter One

The moon was bright. Much brighter than she'd remembered it. As it held steady in the winter's night sky, it's glow outlined her father's old hunting cabin. It was quiet; except for the occasional breeze that passed by, rustling leaves on the ground and surrounding trees. She tried not to disturb her family's safe haven, and carefully stepped closer to the front door.

Of course, she knew that her family had already successfully secured the cabin's perimeter; an evening ritual she was familiar with. Salt lines at every window and every door, protection symbols, devils traps. The works. She also knew every weapon her brother and father secretly concealed on their person at all times. It didn't matter. It wasn't enough to keep her out.

She'd known this place her whole life. To her, it was home. When she was little, Dad always said it was a secret hide-out made just for them. He'd convinced his five year-old daughter that the magical woods that surrounded it would always protect them. She kicked herself mentally for ever believing her father's childish psychology. There's no such thing as magic. But monsters...that's a totally different story.

She considered breaking in, but then decided it wasn't an option. Her father and brother would go into hyper-active defense mode, and she'd be done for. There had to be another way.

She approached the cabin's front porch quietly, not wanting to alarm her family. As she moved closer, she got a better look inside. She saw her brother Danny on the couch staring blankly at the television. From where she was standing, she could see the lovely shiner over his right eye. Danny was no stranger to what he called "battle wounds", but she was still concerned. She sighed, and shifted her eyes to find her Dad, empty bottle of Jack hanging loosely in his right hand, passed out on his favorite chair.

It was just then that she was hit with a wave of guilt. She never should have left them. Mom had told her that it was going to be her responsibility to look after baby Danny and Dad after she was gone and now she felt as if she'd failed her mother. She was only five when she quickly assumed the role in her mother's place as cook, housekeeper, nurse, teacher, and confidant. But above all, she was a hunter.

It had been her father's idea. Jerry was convinced that there was a way to bring his wife back from the dead and he ended up getting mixed up with all different things. He'd tried all kinds of summoning rituals and séances he'd found in dusty library books, but nothing worked. Over the years, he'd met Bobby Singer, a fellow hunter, who eventually told him that what's dead, stays dead. Jerry then started working alongside Bobby on various hunts, from simple salt and burns, to tracking demonic omens. Inevitably, Jerry's kids were raised and trained as hunters too.

Reburying the bitter guilt that began to rise in the back of her throat, she took a deep breath and knocked on the front door. Her heart skipped a few beats when she heard Danny unlocking it from the inside.

She instantly smiled when she saw him. He was the only person in the world who could make her smile even as the world around her was crashing down. "Hey," she said when she saw her brother's head peeking out from behind the door.

Her little brother stared at her. He'd grown a lot since she'd last seen him; his now six-foot three-inch tall body standing near her five-foot-ten. He had let his hair grow longer than usual between haircuts, and he hadn't shaved in a few days. Despite his physical changes, She knew it was her brother. His eyes were still the same shade of captivating baby blue that drove the ladies crazy. She frowned a little when she saw the mixture of sadness and fear behind them.

Danny didn't say anything. His words seemed to die on his lips. Danny stared at the figure before him for a few seconds, then quickly slammed the door in her face.

"Don't!" she said. "Oh, come on, Danny. Open the door." She began knocking again.

Inside, Danny knelt down to draw the silver knife he kept concealed between his right boot and pant leg. "Get out of here!" shouted Danny.

"Danny," she tried, "come on, it's me."

"That's not possible," said Danny, shaking his head.

"Please, Danny," said Stephanie. "I'm not kidding you this time. It's really me."

Danny decided to open the door again, and upon looking at her, he noticed that she resembled his sister in every way. His skepticism getting the best of him, he folded his arms across his chest and said, "Prove it."

She smiled a little, and began making a list, counting off each fact on her fingers. "You're favorite color is green. You love Twizzlers and you hate mayonnaise. When you were little, you were afraid of the guy on the Lucky Charms cereal box. Your Mom…our Mom died of cancer when you were only eight months old. You wanted to play little league as a kid, but Dad always said that hunting was more important. You didn't get laid until..."


She looked into her brother's eyes, and he looked back. Danny stepped aside, allowing enough room for his sister to enter the cabin. As she walked by him, he cut her right arm with a silver knife.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed. "What was that for?"

"I had to make sure it was really you," said Danny.

"Wasn't the profile hit list enough?"

"Nope. You can never be too careful." Danny stepped over salt line and walked through the hallway as quietly as possible. He knew it was best not to wake their Dad from his drunken slumber. He turned around quickly and saw that she had no problem crossing the salt line as well, and passed his second test. Danny proceeded to walk through the house and into the kitchen where he poured them each a glass of soda.

"You read my mind," she said, accepting the glass. Her hunter instincts told her that her brother had spiked the soda with some holy water. His third test.

"Ahh," she said after taking a long gulp from her glass. "I almost forgot how good it tastes." Danny stared at her, dumbfounded.

She began swirling the beverage and ice around in her glass, and asked, "So did I pass all your tests?"

What Danny couldn't believe was that she did pass all his tests. He couldn't believe how hard it was for him to believe that his sister was back. The same sister who'd raised him while Dad was out hunting. The same sister who taught him how to read, to write, to drive. To hunt. The same sister whose arms he laid in while he bled out onto the cold, forest floor. The same sister who bargained with a demon. The same sister who went to hell…for him.

Danny hadn't realized that tears had started to fall down his cheeks as his brain started to wrap around the idea that his sister was home. She was alive. Fully functioning, healthy, breathing, talking to him like nothing ever happened. He tried not to think of the last time he'd seen her.

"Stephanie," said Danny. "I've missed you so much."

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