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Chapter 1

Sakura P.O.V

I sighed walking through the desert to Suna. Tsunade had decided to send me when the Kazekage had sent a message saying that they needed a strong medical ninja to help them with their hospital. The letter also said that their medical team was lacking in certain areas and needed someone to train them. Tsunade told me three days ago to get ready I was heading to Suna. While there I would be staying at the Kazekage's house with him and his two siblings. I was also to help him with his insomnia.

I was still terrified of Gaara. After he had tried to kill me at the chunin exams when Orochimaru had killed our hokage at the time. I really didn't want to do this, but I had no choice. Tsunade said I was best medical ninja she had ever seen. After her of course.

When I saw the outer walls of Suna I slowed down I really wasn't thrilled about this. But there was nothing I could do about it now. When I got closer the guards ordered me to state my business. I told him that the Kazekage had wanted someone to come and update their hospital. They let me pass. I had no more got passed the guards when Temari ran towards me and capture me in a bone crushing hug.



"I'm so glad Tsnade sent you. If she had sent Ino I would have probably killed her."

I laughed, "Ino can be annoying and a bitch."

She chuckled and pulled back to look at me, "I can't agree more. Let's go get your stuff settled into your room and then I'll take you to see Gaara and then to the hospital."

She looked at me as I cringed at Gaara's name.

"You're still terrified of him aren't you?"

"Can you blame me? He tried to kill me when I was little and it left a bad impression on me."

"Sakura, just try to give Gaara a second chance. He regrets everything he did back then. Please try, ok?"

She looked at me with pleading eyes.

I sighed, "I'll try."

"Thank you." She hugged me again and led me towards their house.

When we entered their house I got hugged by Kankuro.

"Hey kid it's been awhile."

"Hey dork, I'm not a kid anymore."

He gave me a once over, "I noticed."

He got smacked by both me and Temari, "PERVE!"

He stomped away muttering stuff about abusive females.

We laughed and Temari grabbed my hand and started dragging me towards the stairs.

"You're gonna love your room. I just know it."

I raised an eyebrow and let her lead me up the stairs. When we entered the room I gasped. It was gorgeous. There was a red comforter with my family crest on it and the walls were the same color pink as my hair. There was a matching black chest, wardrobe and vanity. The carpet was black and it was the soft kind that you sunk into.

"Temari, who...?"

"It was all Gaara's orders. He said since you were gonna be here a while he wanted you to feel at home... well as much as home as you could here."

"That was so sweet of him."

I started unpacking and put everything where I wanted it. Temari sat on the bed and I placed pictures of my friends on the dresser. I put my stuffed bear that Naruto had got me for my birthday on the bed along with a dog stuffed animal from Kiba.

"You done?"


"Come on." she stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Where are we going?"

"To see Gaara."


This was what I had been dreading. She dragged me across the hall. And burst into Gaara's room.

"Gaara she's here!"

"I noticed."

"Gaara be nice."

He raised an eyebrow, and turned his back on us.

"Gaara!" Temari snapped glaring at him. He ignored her and she got an evil look on her face, "Sakura, let's go since my little brother has a stick shoved up his ass right now. And I'll show you some of the home movies of us as kids and Gaara's baby pictures."

I heard a growl behind us and I turned around. The glare he was giving Temari would have sent me running in the opposite direction.

"Temari, don't even think about it."

"Why you were such a cute and funny baby?"

"Temari do you wish to die?"

"I'm so scared. Look I'm shaking in my boots...Oh wait I'm not wearing boots."

I giggled it was so amusing watching them argue. I sighed and walked out of the room and back to mine. When I entered mine I screamed at what I saw. There was blood splattered on the wall and on the wall written in blood was this:

You can run little cherry blossom but you can't hide forever. You will be mine.

Under it was the Uchiha symbol. I started shaking in fear he was back. Sasuke was back and he was after me. I sensed someone behind me out of fear I spun around lashing out pumping chakra into my fist. My fist was grabbed by... sand? I finally realized I had tried to hit Gaara as I looked up into his sea green eyes.

"Gaara, I'm so sor..."

"Don't apologize. You lashed out in fear that is nothing to apologize for."

When did Gaara become so chatty? Temari said he had changed and maybe he had. He pushed me behind and into Temari's arms. I pressed my face against her shoulder and started crying so hard I was shaking. While Gaara examined my room to see how he got in and examined the writing on the wall. When my tears subsided Temari pulled back slightly to look at me.

"What does he want with you?" she asked.

"He wants to continue the Uchiha clan. And all he wants me for is to be a fucking baby making factory! I will die before I let that happen."

"How do you know this? And Tsunade would kill us if anything happened to you. She would say fuck the treaty and kill us."

I gave a watery laugh, "True. How I know what he wants from me is because I ran into him a few days ago and he said he wanted me to come with him and have his kids for the sake of his clan. When I refused he got pissed and we started fighting and then he..."

"And then he what?" Asked Gaara in a cold voice.

I spun around and looked at him. His eyes were yellow and had a very very pissed off look in them.

I froze, "Am I talking to Gaara or Shukaku?"

"Shukaku. Now tell me what happened. I'm having to keep Gaara from going berserk and going to find that basterd. He's extremely pissed that he dared come into his city, into his house and threaten his guest."

"Isn't he normally the one keeping you in check to keep you from killing everyone?"

"Normally. But he's not thinking straight. He's pissed and wants to find him right now and if he dies I die. And I rather like being alive thank you very much. Even if it means eating some nasty as hell food."

"Wow Shukaku actually as a calm side go figure."

He rolled his eyes, "Tell me what happened."

"When we were fighting he managed to knock me to the ground...and he tried to rape me. Being as stupid as he is, he underestimated my strength. So right now I'm pretty sure he has to pee sitting down."

Shukaku winced, "Ouch."

I grinned evilly, "The basterd had it coming."

"Do you mind if we kill him then?"

"Only if I can help."


"I think I need to go train a little while."

"Be warned he may still be in the village."

That was the finally straw I fainted.

Normal P.O.V

He lunged and caught her before she hit the ground.

He glanced at Temari, "I have a feeling things are going to get very complicated."

"Don't they always? Now can I have my baby brother back?"

His eyes went back to sea green and Gaara was seething with anger.

"Temari I want you to keep her with you at all times. I will assign her guard so when you can't be around."

"Okie dokey."

"He will pay for this."

"We need to let Tsunade know what happened."

"Oh I intend to."

With that he walked out of the room and Temari sighed. Him and Shukaku were both out for Sasuke blood now. And when they both got pissed things got very violent and bloody.

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