(A/N: "Allix" is said like "Alex". "Xakra" is said like "Zack-ra", so "Xak" is the same as "Zack".)

"You're staring again, Xakra," your best friend tells you.

"I know."

She laughs, "That means stop."

"But he's so hot..." you pout.

She shrugs, "Yeah, and he'll still be hot when you see him in Algebra next period."

You sigh, "Fine." You turn your attention to the papers in front of her, "What'cha readin' Allix?"

"The lyrics to Dem's new song. He asked me to read through it for him."

"Hm." Your eyes start to drift again.


Your eyes snap back, "Sorry."

"I don't get why you just stare at him. Why not go talk to him? I mean, you have THREE classes with the guy; don't you talk then?"

"Yeah, but I like staring at him. He's REALLY nice to look at."

She laughs again, "I don't even need to tell you how stalker-ish that sounded."

"Aah, but you love me and my stalker-ish-ness," you say, smiling widely.


You grin, "Time for Algebra!"

Allix smirks, "Funny, I thought you hated math..."

You poke your tongue out at her, give her a hug, and grab your stuff before heading to your math class.

Allix laughs for the third time, but gets her things and goes off to find Demyx.

You get to the classroom a little early, for some not-so-strange reason, and take your seat by the window.

After about thirty seconds, Larxene walks in, throwing a dirty look your way before sitting two seats in front of you.

You glare at the back of her head, wishing she would just spontaneously combust.

"Hey, Xak."

You turn to the left and find the very subject of your stalker-ish-ness. You smile, "Hey Axel. How's it going?"

"Eh, it's going," he replies, sitting at the desk next to you.

While he gets his books out, you look forward at Larxene, who's glaring daggers at you.

Smirking inwardly, you just wave with an innocent smile.

She scoffs and turns back around.

You snicker and get your math stuff out of your bag.

"Hey, did you finish that last sheet for Chemistry?" Axel asks you.

You chuckle, "Lemme guess; you didn't?"

He shrugs with a slightly sheepish smile, "What can I say? Chem just isn't my strong-suit."

"School isn't your strong-suit," you remark, getting the paper out and handing it to him.

"Hey, I'm acing Phys. Ed. That's something," he defends, starting to copy the answers he's missing.

"Jock," you mutter.

"Nerd," he counters.

You just laugh and shake your head, "Very original."

"I know, ain't I funny?"

As the rest of the students file in and the bell rings, the teacher gets up and starts the lesson. Thus, another day begins.

You wait outside the door for Axel at the end of the period.

He comes out and hands you the paper with a smile, "Thanks; I owe you."

You roll your eyes, "You say that every time I let you copy homework. As always, don't worry about it."

"Yeah, okay. I'll see you in Chemistry," he says, waving over his shoulder.

"See ya." You stare after him for a few seconds before turning to go find Allix down the hall.

As per usual, you find her at her locker, talking to Demyx with a smile on her face. With a sigh, you walk up to them, "Hey guys."

Allix hugs you, and Demyx grins, "Hiya Xak." Allix pokes you, "So? How was math?"

You shrug, "Same as usual, but I think Larxene's on the verge of murdering me."

"Nice!" she says with sarcastic enthusiasm. "You want I should make her disappear with my ninja-ness?"

"What, are you a mafia-ninja now?" you laugh.

"She's multitalented," Dem comments, Allix nodding in agreement after shutting her locker.

You laugh again, "Nah, that's okay. I'll deal with it myself."

"Fair enough," she says. The three of you start off for English. "So, who're you gonna ask to the dance?"

You blink, "...Dance?"

"The Sadie-Hawkins dance, Xak. Ya know, girls ask the guys?"

"I know what Sadie-Hawkins means. I just didn't know there was one coming up." You smirk at her, "No doubt you already have a date."

Demyx drapes his arm over her shoulders, "She's covered."

Allix grins at you, "So what about you? I mean, I bet I know who you want to ask..."

You narrow your eyes at her, "Shush."

"Oh, come on! Will you PLEASE ask him to go with you!?"

"No! I don't even like school dances!"

"Hmm... Ya know, not only would you get to go with you-know-who, you'd get to see the ├╝ber-pissed look on Larxene's face," she reasons with a smirk.

This gets the gears turning in your head. "Hm... that is a good point..."

"And plus, you think he's hot in general? Imagine that in a tux."

And now the gears are spinning in overdrive. As you start to daydream, Allix's laughter brings you back. "NONONONO!! Stop tempting me, you conniving pixie!"

"But now you sorta-kinda-really wanna ask him, riiiight?"

You sigh, "Shut up." You all walk into the classroom and take your seats in the back: you on the far right, Allix on your left, and Demyx on her other side.

She snickers for a few seconds, but then has a completely serious look on her face. "Just think about it, okay? Besides, if you don't, you know Larxene will. And you and I both know that you'll feel miserable then." She says all this with both sympathy and persuasion in her tone.

The teacher walks in with the bell and starts class.

Aside from the note-passing between you, Allix, and Demyx, you pretty much keep to yourself for the period. You sit there spacing out, considering all the things your best friend had pointed out. By the middle of the class, you've come to a conclusion: she's right. You do want to go to the dance with Axel, and you will feel horrible if Larxene asks him instead. Sighing, you write a new note to Allix.

-I'm going to ask him.-

When she reads it, she smiles and writes a response before sending it back.

-Want me to go with you? I can be moral support. :) -

You look at her and nod, knowing you'll be nervous as HELL.

She silently mouths "After class", so you nod again. She grins, obviously happy that you're going through with this.

You take a breath to calm yourself, mentally praying that you won't regret this. The rest of the class goes by at an agonizingly slow pace, and when the bell rings, you all but jump out of your seat and gather your things.

Allix and Demyx hug good-bye before the former follows you out of the classroom and down the hall towards Axel's locker. "Relax, Xakra. You can do this," she tries to reassure you.

You sigh, "I hope so." When you can see him getting his stuff, you start to smile, only to stop short and have Allix run into you.

"What? What's wrong?"

You just stare, "...Look."

She follows your gaze and murmurs, "Oh..."

Axel's finished exchanging his books and is talking to Larxene, who's smiling at him. Larxene says something, Axel nods, then she grins and walks away.

You feel your heart drop, "Allix?"

"I'm on it," she says, then speed-walks towards him.

You lean against a locker and watch as they talk.

After a minute or so, Axel turns and heads to his next class, and Allix comes back towards you. She sighs, "Larxene just asked him to the dance. ...I'm sorry, Xak."

Your heart starts to sting and hurt fills your eyes. "Thanks, Allix. ...C'mon, let's get to History."

She follows obediently, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You're both silent on the way to History class; Allix because she's worried about you, and you because you're too depressed to talk about it just yet. You walk in without a word and take your seats.

You sit at the table in the Chem. lab, staring absently down at the incoherent graffiti-scribbles on the marble surface.

"Hey Xak," comes his voice for the second time today.

You turn, giving him a convincing smile, "Hey Axel."

He smirks, taking the stool next to you. "Last class of the day, finally. Gotta love Fridays..."

You nod, "Yeah, I can't wait to get home and sleep."

The teacher hands out a new sheet for everyone to do after collecting the one you all did for homework.

"So, will I see you at the dance tomorrow night?"

You shake your head, "Nope. I'm not going."

He looks surprised, "Why not?"

You shrug, "Allix and Demyx are going together; I don't want to go by myself."

Axel blinks, "Wait... you don't have a date?"

You shake your head again, "Why, you thought I did?"

He looks away, like he's thinking about something. After a few seconds, he mutters, "That bitch..." He seems pretty ticked.

You stare at him confusedly, "Um... Axel?"

"Larxene said you were going with someone," he elaborates.

"...While I completely agree with you that she's a bitch, what does that have to do with it?"

He chuckles, "She said that so I'd be her date tomorrow night."

"Ooooooh... WAIT, WHAT!!?" you spaz, getting the attention of just about everyone in the classroom. You blush bright red when they start snickering and hide your face behind your paper.

Axel laughs slightly, "I told her I was hoping you'd ask me, so she made something up about you having a date already."

"..." You peek at him over your paper. "...You really wanted to go with me?"

He nods, "Still do, but only if you want me to. I've always thought you were pretty cool."

Your blush still flaring, you put your sheet back on the table, revealing your smile. "That sounds great. And thanks, you're pretty cool yourself." A thought hits you then. "But what about Larxene?"

He smirks, "Let me handle her, 'kay?"

You nod, "Okay." And you both get to work after that, mostly because the teacher's starting to glare at you.

You open your locker and start packing up your homework stuff. You're about to close it when someone taps your shoulder from behind. You turn and grin when you find Axel there, but frown once you get a good look at him. "What happened?" you ask, examining the nice red spot on his left cheek.

He shrugs, "I told you I'd handle telling her off, so I did."

You wince, "She slapped you, didn't she?"

"Yeah, but it's not that bad," he says, gingerly touching his face while trying not to flinch.

You smile up at him in his taller-than-you-ness, "Thanks, Axel." You go up on your tip-toes and kiss his non-afflicted cheek.

He grins somewhat goofily, "Uh, anytime Xakra." He holds out a hand to you, that smile still stuck to his face.

You take his hand, allowing him to lead you out of the building. Tomorrow night will be amazing, you're sure of it...