V The Day The Visitors First Arrived By Joseph B.

Part 2 of 2

Just as soon as the Secretary of the UN left there was eeire silence as we wait for something to happen just then and there something happend. A humaniod appeared from the Shuttlecraft which stunned the world that was watching both evolutionists,creationists, and ufo belivers were amazed that there is actually life beyond our world. He was a typical middle aged man roughtly 6feet 160lbs he wore a strange looking uniform with the symbol again and some strange markings several diagnol stripes he wore English Riding boots. He had trouble seeing he blinked rapidly like he was being blinded by very bright light he took something form his uniform a pair of typical looking sunglasses he put them on and approached the podium that had a special microphne installed and he began to speak his voice was very strange kind of multi-track and resonant. This is what he said.

"I trust you will forgive me, but our eyes are not accostumed to this sort of brightness. As the Secretary General has told you, we have come in peace to all mankind on Earh. Our planet is the fourth in which you call Sirus some 8.7 light years from your Earth. This is the first time we have journeyed from our system ,you the first intelligent life we've encountered. We are pleased to meet you. Our names would sound peculiar to you, so we my fellow Visitors and I have chosen simple names from Earth my name is John. The Secretary General referred to me as a "Supreme Commander" actually I'm sort of an Admiral responsible for this small fleet around your planet. We've sent other unmanned craft before us some have monitored the Earth for some time so we can learn your languages. But some of us are not as skilled as others so we hope that you will be patient with us. We have come here on behalf of our Great Leader, Him who governs our united planet with benevolence and wisdom. We have come because we need your help. Our planet is in serious enviromental difficulty. Far,far worse than yours. Its reached a stage where we will not be unable to survive without immediate assistance. There are certian chemicals and compounds which alone can save our struggling civilization. You can help us manufacture these. And in return,we'll gladly share with you the fruits of all our knowledge. Now that contact is established . We would like to meet with individual governments so that we may present requests for certain operating plants around the world to be retooled for manufacture of the compound, which we need. And we'll reward your generosity as I have said, by educating your industrial and scientific complex to the limits of our knowledge helping solve your own evironmental,agricultural, and health delimas. Then we'll leave you as we came in peace. I know if circumstances were reversed and you have come to visit us, I'd feel a burning curiosity to see the inside of your spacecraft right away. With that in mind we'd like to have the Secretary General and five of your journalists accompany us back aboard our Mothership, for what will be the first of many opportunities to get to know us better."

Reactions to John's speech was mixed.

Some were very positve some negative. In all very excited to see people from another world.

And the rest is history. As I now end my short story recap of that day that changed the world forever.

My family and I want to wish you all a wonderful day as our day was changed by the arrival of The Visitors. The World will never be the same again. Bye for now.

The End

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