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By: ShadeBladeZZ

The Missing Hokage

Book 1: Reputations & Training

Chapter 1: The Pissed Off Hokage

-x Valley of the End x-

The Valley of the End, a place where legendary ninjas fight legendary battles, now one more is happening but what if it didn't end the way it was supposed to?

Flying through the air the two ninja attacked each other the curse sealed Sasuke with his chidori coming at the two tailed Naruto with his demonic rasengan.

"Chidori!" "Rasengan!" Were the two yells heard through out the valley as two friends and brothers attacked each other both trying to get control. Finally Naruto's rasengan overpowered Sasuke's chidori and with a full powered demonic rasengan in the chest Sasuke went flying into a stone wall making a crater, and causing a rock shard to come across his eyes blinding him forever and making his Sharingan eyes useless. While Naruto only received burns across his right arm from the chidori.

-x Forest outside Valley of the End x-

Jumping through the trees one copy cat ninja was trying to find the two members of team 7 with the help of his dog Pakun, "Pakun how far away are we from them?"

"They're right over that cliff Kakashi." sensing the chakra pulse from over the cliff.

-x Valley of the End x-

"Sasuke you teme why would you try to leave the village to go to that snake bastard." Naruto screamed out in rage as the last of his demonic chakra left him. " And on top of that you tried to kill me, and I thought of you as a brother."

"You stupid dobe." Sasuke spat out, "It was for power, only Orochimaru can give me the power to kill my brother, and you were like a brother to me that's why I need to kill you to gain the ultimate Sharingan to kill Itachi."

And with his last bit of strength Naruto yelled "Sasuke you're an idiot." and with that Naruto passed out from chakra exhaustion.

Coming out of his hiding spot in a tree not far from the battle, Orochimaru's puppet Kabuto came to collect the last Uchiha to bring back to his lord for his new body. But when he saw the Uchiha no longer could use his Sharingan he knew his lord would not be happy with either of them, so instead he took out a needle and vial he always kept with him and drew some of his blood to clone a new stronger body with the DNA of the sound five he found in the forest awhile back. "Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke... you showed so much promise in being lord Orochimaru's next vessel, now you're useless, but your blood will make him an even better body when the time comes." He said while healing the wound so no one would notice. And with that he jumped off in the direction of the hidden sound village.

Not even a minute later the copy ninja Hatake Kakashi came over the cliff to see his two students passed out, one from pain and the other from chakra exhaustion. Now Kakashi was a man of few emotions from his years in ANBU yet now he felt so many that it felt like he was going to explode. Summoning two shadow clones he ordered them to carry the Uchiha while he took Naruto. "Pakun, try to smell out the closest medical team on the way back and hurry!" he commanded. All the while thinking 'Obito and Minato-Sensei would not be happy with me now.'

-x Konoha North Gate x-

At the gates of the hidden leaf village three very worried women; one a pink haired girl named Sakura Haruno waiting for her teammate to bring back the other; another the fifth Hokage Tsunade Senju waiting for her favorite blonde ninja to come back; and the last being the very shy very timid Hinata Hyuuga heiress of the Hyuuga clan. 'Please come back safely.' was on all three of their minds.

A few minutes later a black blur could be seen coming through the forest towards the gate. "Hokage-Sama we need to get these two to the hospital fast."

From seeing them she could tell that while Sasuke was more physically hurt Naruto was suffering from severe chakra exhaustion. "ANBU! Take Naruto to the hospital and make sure no one sees him but me, and take this traitorous piece of trash there to with constant ANBU guard!" she yelled out to the ANBU guards near her.

But before they left they heard an outburst coming from the most unlikely of people "Lady Hokage I'm going with Naruto as well!" Commanded Hinata in seeing how her blond crush was hurt.

'This girl must really like that gaki, maybe she'll be good for him.' "Fine but only you... ANBU why haven't you left yet!" the last part she screamed making the ANBU nearly wet themselves from the killer intent coming off of her.

And with that the ANBU left with Tsunade and Kakashi close behind. During that whole time Sakura could only stand there stunned from the damage the two boys have received. Before she left, knowing she had a lot of thinking to do before she does anything else.

-x Konoha Hospital x-

Three hours later both boys were at the hospital and stabilized from their injuries, with Sasuke now strapped to his bed and knocked out. While Naruto was waking up to quite a surprise in his own room.

Naruto woke up to feeling heat in his hand and on his shoulder, moving his neck to see what it was he saw a head of blue hair on him. 'Who is that... wait, blue hair... what is Hinata doing here?' he thought as he remembered the girl from the chunin exams. He was just about to try to slip out of her grip when he heard an "eep" from the girl and stopped to see her eyes open.

Just then Hinata awoke to her pillow moving from under her head or at least she thought it was her pillow, yet when she opened her eyes she found out it was Naruto's shoulder. "N-Na-Naruto-Kun.. y-your awake!" she sputtered out looking right in her crushes eyes she turned a shade of red that would shame a tomato.

'Wow Hinata's eyes are so beautiful.' He thought. "Hey Hinata what are you doing here?" He asked through the daze of waking up, still not knowing where he was, then he happened to notice the white ceiling. "I'm in the hospital again what am I doing here?"

-x Konoha Council Chambers x-

At the same time a very heated argument was going on in the council chambers of Konoha about two different genin one Uchiha Sasuke and the other Naruto Uzumaki.

"Settle down, settle down, its time to discus what will happen to genin Uzumaki and Uchiha." Said Danzou the head of the civilian council. "First the punishment for Uchiha Sasuke, the council elders have decided that he shall serve a one year suspension from the ninja corps and be kept in the village for training until we decide he can take up missions again"

This time the elder Koharu talked "Also to ensure his loyalty to the village we shall marry him off to all of the Kunoichi of his age."

At this Tsunade burst, she was already pissed at what the Uchiha did to her reason in coming to this village but now they want to marry him off to all the girls his age and let him go with a slap on the wrist. That is not going to happen. "First off the Uchiha is lucky I didn't kill him when he came in the gate, he will be in the ANBU jail for the rest of his life if not longer, Jiraiya has already sealed his chakra, Sharingan, and curse seal so only someone of his skill will be able to undo them and there is no one that good anymore. And that is that" The killing intent coming off of Tsunade now made several of the civilians pass out while soiling themselves.

The elders knew they couldn't stop her on this but their next decree she could not stop. "Now onto the punishment for the dem... Uzumaki." Homaru stopped herself knowing if she said that she would not live to see the end of the day.

"WHAT!... has he done to be punished?" she asked while having killer intent wash over her.

This time it was Danzou who spoke. "He attacked a loyal leaf ninja while trying to rescue him from his kidnappers." "So we, along with the Daimyo, have decided that Uzumaki must be exiled..." He exclaimed while gauging the reaction of Tsunade, which was surprisingly a blank face. 'She has something planed I know it, but once the demon is gone I will send Root out to take him and break him to make him the perfect weapon.' "Now we will give him one week after he has been cleared from the hospital to get his affairs in order, then if he is not out of the village ANBU will kill him."

"Fine. All those in favor to exile genin Uzumaki Naruto." All of the civilian council and the three elders voted. "And all those against." The clan heads along with the Hokage raised their hands. "As decided genin Uzumaki Naruto will be given one week after being cleared to get his affairs in order to leave the leaf or be killed."

And with that the half of the council that voted yes left with evil smiles on their faces, and all through the hidden leaf the sound of a desk being turned into dust was heard. Standing up, Hiashi started to speak "We know you will find a way to make this turn out for the best and we want you to know we all see Naruto as the hero the Yondaime wanted him to be and will help with whatever you need." and with that the clan heads bowed and left to go back to their compounds to tell the news.

"Shizune I need to ask you something. If Naruto is leaving then why are we staying? I only came back to hold the job for the blonde gaki." asked Tsunade

"Milady I will follow you where ever you go... especially if we get to bring down those responsible for Naruto-Kuns pain." said the young apprentice, and with that they both left to visit our blonde hero before they set their plan into action.

-x Konoha Hospital x-

After hearing what happened while he was back after his mission, Naruto started to re-tell his whole mission to Hinata while acting it out with sound effects. Which Hinata found insufferably cute. Now while reenacting one of the fights, Tsunade threw the ANBU guards out a window and Shizune just happened to slam the door open in her rage and made Naruto fall into Hinata and ended up in very compromising position.

"Awww now isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen Shizune?" Finally being knocked out of her rage by the two kids.

"Why yes it is Milady, just one of the moments I wish I had a camera with me." the apprentice said trying her best to hide the fit of giggles the two kids were causing her.

Jumping up from on top of Hinata they both did their best to hide the blush they were getting. "What are you doing here granny?"

"Well Naruto I came to check up on my favorite knuckle head, but it seems that Hinata here was doing a good job of watching you herself you know she has been by your side ever since Kakashi returned with you from your mission." she said while thinking of a way to tell him of his exile.

"Wait you mean that you've been here the whole time watching me Hinata!" He asked the shy girl while jumping up to hug her, making her faint in the process. "Baa-Chan what did I do you need to help her hurry!?"

"Naruto she's fine, she'll be up in a few minutes, but now we have something you need to hear but first I think you should tell Hinata here your secret, she really does like you, you dense knuckle head." 'If she does accept then maybe we'll have a traveling partner his own age that can help him get ready to restore his clan and become a Kage in his own right even if its not for the leaf.' She thought of what Hinata could do to help him. "And this is an order so you have to do it." Just then Hinata decided to wake up.

Yet outside in the hall a very different conversation was going on between two teammate's. "Come on Tenten Neji-Kun is resting why don't we visit Naruto-Kun and help with rekindling his Flames of Youth." Said Lee the green spandex wearing beast of the leaf. But right before he could open the door to see him, Tenten stopped him with a hand over his mouth after hearing about him having a secret.

"Shh Lee they're talking in private right now" she said as she moved into listen in wanting to know the blondes secret; she, like most of the younger generation, have seen the way Naruto was treated and wanted to find out why most of the older generation hated him.

"Now Hinata what I'm about to tell you is a S-ranked secret that only I'm allowed to tell. If you say anything to anyone you can be killed by ANBU ok?" hearing this she could only answer her crush by shaking her head up and down. "OK now you know what my birthday is right, and you know that on the same day the Kyuubi attacked the leaf village and how the Yondaime killed it right?" again she answered yes. "Well that is a complete lie, the Kyuubi was not killed, it could not be killed for it is pure chakra, so the Yondaime sealed it into a newborn baby boy. And that boy is me." Before Naruto could even blink two things happen at the same time. One was Hinata tackling him into a hug apologizing for his life, the other was Lee and Tenten falling through the door in disbelief, with Tenten being the girl she is, joining Hinata in the hug.

Seeing Naruto now more confused than ever Tsunade decided to deal with the extra two people that had been listening in and then tell them of his exile. "Well now that you all three have heard the true story of the Kyuubi attack do you hate Naruto like some of the older generation do?" Both girls just shook their heads with Lee joining them while shouting about Naruto's Flames of Youth. "Good, and now for the news I have to tell you Naruto, now the rest of you can stay, you'll find out soon anyway. Well, there's no luck trying to avoid it, but Naruto... in their infinite wisdom, the civilian and elder council have decided to exile you for hurting the Uchiha, thinking you are letting the fox take over." and with that Naruto broke down and cried all he could into the two girls still holding him, while they were planning ways to hurt those that voted yes. "Now Naruto don't worry, I'm not going to let you go alone, all you need to know is that I have a plan and you will be ok"

"OK Baa-Chan I'll trust you." he said "But why don't you all hate me?" He asked the three other genin.

"B-b-because N-N-aruto-Kun you're too nice to be the Ky-Ky-Kyuubi." Hinata said doing her best not to stutter.

"Exactly. You're just like the scrolls I use, not the weapons inside silly." Tenten said using common sense to see it.

"YOSH Naruto-Kun your Flames of Youth are most impressive to hold the demon at bay" Shouted Lee before getting hit by four angry Kunoichi.

"Now I want you two to go find your dad Tenten and Lee I want you to find Gai and talk about what you just heard, I will be calling for you all soon along with the other rookies to talk about Naruto's exile." and with that the two left.

"Ho-Ho-Hokage-Same wha-what do you want me to do?" Hinata asked

"Just wait here with the knuckle head I'll come get you both when the time is right." The blonde Hokage said as she left with Shizune to start with the plan they both had. "Shizune I want you to get Jiraiya in my office ASAP. Pain is authorized."

-x Hokage's Office x-

Not even one hour later the screams of the super pervert Jiraiya were heard around the village as he was thrown in the Hokage's office by ANBU. "Tsunade-Hime what do you need me for now?" Neglecting to mention the research he was doing.

"Jiraiya first you need to know that the council, in their wisdom, have decided to exile Naruto for hurting the Uchiha." Seeing Jiraiya about to leave to kill the council she tried to calm him down. "Now before you go off feeding them to your toads, I have a plan, but first I need you to go see Naruto and teach him how to make your giant sealing scrolls and sealing tattoos. Also, if they do decide to make you the Hokage I need you to accept if only for a time to send us missions." Seeing Jiraiya get serious she knew now she was dealing with the Sannin and toad sage not the super pervert.

And in his now enraged state he couldn't do anything but agree. "Tsunade trust me, when and if I'm Hokage I will leave and the leaf will be no more for what they have done to Naruto. Now, I have an apprentice to teach." And with that he left with two goals in mind, teaching Naruto and burning the leaf.

"Now Shizune it's time to have some fun and really show this village what happens when you mess with my precious people." She said as she started writing, with that an evil cackle could be heard through out Konoha.

I, Senju Tsunade the Fifth Hokage, do hereby decree that Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata, and Shinkotama Tenten are made Chuunin on my authority.

I, Senju Tsunade the Godaime Hokage, do hereby decree that Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata, and Shinkotama Tenten are made my second, third, and fourth apprentice on my authority.

I, Senju Tsunade the Godaime Hokage, do hereby decree that Uzumaki Naruto is to be granted in financial restitution, the sum of Two Million Ryo from the Uchiha account for blatant attacks of violence on his person and attempts to sabotage his career.

I Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, hereby decree that Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata, Shinkotama Tenten, Shizune, and myself Senju Tsunade are released from all obligations and debts to the Konohagakure no Sato and Hi no Kuni including Military service, criminal and monetary obligations, and taxation in the past present and future. All of their property is remanded to their custody. I leave them their ninja ranks, as unaffiliated ninja and give them blessings to join whatever village they wish.

I Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, Hereby remand to my custody the effects of the Hokage, the contents of the Hokage Library, Mansion, and tower, until such time as I am requested to return them by my successor. Due to their sensitive nature, any attempt to remove them from my person except by my successor, will be seen as a hostile and traitorous act, punishable by death.

I, Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, do hereby ban the use of seals or jutsu meant to control or punish individuals from being placed upon any willing or unwilling member of this village. Any and all of such seals and jutsu must be registered with the office of the Hokage, complete with a method for removal. Any individual or group who is found to be using such seals or jutsu or has used such seals or jutsu in the past without a method of removal is to be executed publicly, regardless of rank, social status, or standing within the village, as a warning to those who wish to use such methods. Any person subjected to such seal or jutsu, should it be unable to be removed, shall be granted land and monetary compensation on the order of one million ryo for every year they have been subjected to the seal or jutsu in question, the money for which will be taken from the accused's accounts or lands.

I, Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, the Namikaze and Uzumaki, Fortune and Estate, which includes all scrolls, moneys and property are hereby relegated to the sole possession of Uzumaki Naruto to dispose of as he sees fit.

I, Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, the scrolls, moneys and property or the Senju Fortune and Estate are hereby relegated to the sole possession of Senju Tsunade to dispose of as she sees fit.

And as the ink of the Hokage's seal dried the members of the civilian and elder council had a feeling as if the Shingami himself was about to eat their souls.

-x Team 9 Training Ground x-

All around the training ground logs were laying there shattered from the wrath of one Rock Lee. "YOSH Lee what did you need to see me about my student in the Flames of Youth?"

"Gai sensei I know Naruto-Kun's secret of the fox and wish to know why he is hated even though his Flames of Youth are the brightest in the village." Lee yelled the last part, even louder than normal for him.

After hearing that Lee had found out a most un-youthful S-class secret Gai had to find away to help his youthful charge. "Lee-Kun not everyone hates Naruto-Kun most of the Jonin and ANBU have tried their best to help brighten his Flames of Youth, and now all we can do is help him get through this rough time." He said before moving in for their famous sunshine jutsu before they left to get the rest of their team and see the Hokage.

-x Shinkotama Weapon Store x-

Walking in to her families store, the killer intent Tenten was generating made all of the customers run out while wetting themselves before she turned the sign to say closed. "Darling why did you scare off the customers and close the store?" Her dad asked.

"Daddy do you hate Naruto for what he has in him?" Tenten asked while walking forward playing with a sword she picked up from a shelf.

"Well darling I don't know how you found out, but know I don't hate him, as you know we do sell him his weapons." Her dad said hoping that the pointy end of the sword stayed far away from him.

"Good because now Naruto needs more help than ever and we are going to help him. OK?" She said twirling around the sword to emphasis her point.

-x Konoha Hospital x-

"WOW, Hinata this new tattoo is really cool!" Yelling in excitement at the new seals Jiraiya taught him and her while showing her the new sealing tattoo of his spiral with a fox head and nine fox tails on it.

"Th-that is nice N-N-Naruto-Kun and it was n-nice of J-Jir-Jiraiya-Sama to teach us." She stammered out while her inner Hinata ran around waving a "Go Naruto-Kun!" banner.

'Man, Hinata sure does stutter a lot, and she's always red like she has a fever I wonder whats wrong with her.' he thought. "Hey Hinata if you don't mind me asking, why is it you are always so red and stuttering?" Asked our dense blonde hero while a certain fox laughed at his antics.

"W-W-Well" she said poking her fingers together. 'No we can't act like this now we have to be strong for Naruto-Kun and tell him how we feel for him' she thought. "Well you see Naruto-Kun I've liked you for a really long time, and by like I kinda sorta like you a lot." And with that Naruto fainted, 'Isn't that normally the other way around'

Getting up, Naruto thought it was a dream, until he saw Hinata there staring at him with a sad look on her face. "Now Hinata-Chan, I don't want you to think I don't like you or anything, it's just that I've never been loved by anyone like that before, but if you will give me the chance, I would love to see if our friendship could be taken further." Yet just before he could do or say anything else he was tackled to the ground with Hinata on top of him.

"Of course Naruto-Kun I'll wait as long as you need me to, and try my best to show you what love is." Hinata said while her inner self was jumping up and down for the chance to be close to her Naruto-Kun and the fact that he called her Hinata-Chan

"Ah-hem!" Hearing someone cough, the two jumped apart to see a female ANBU with a cat mask on. "Naruto-San, Hinata-San, the Hokage has requested that you both come to her office immediately, and Naruto-San she wants you to leave shadow clones to henge into yourselves while henging into a Hyuuga clan member to leave." With her orders completed the masked ANBU left in a swirl of leaves.

-x Hokage's Office x-

Walking in to find Tsunade's office filled with all of the rookies beside Sakura and Sasuke, the Jonin sensei, the Konohamaru Corps and Iruka there Naruto finally dropped his henge. "About time you got here baka." Said Tsunade as Naruto tried to throw a stapler at her only for her to catch it. "Now Naruto, I know you might not want to do it, but I think now is the best time for you to tell everyone here your secret as well as what the council has decided."

With a dead look on his face like someone just stole his ramen right from under his nose, he finally gave up and told everyone the story while asking where Sakura was. And afterwords looked at the group to see how many people hated him now, even though he knew the Jonin sensei's with Iruka didn't hate him. Yet, before he could even look at everyone's face three blurs of the Konohamaru Corps tackled him into the ground, apologizing for everything that had happened to him and asking if there was anything they could do.

"Naruto those idiots. How could they exile you? You're as loyal as all of the Inuzuka clan combined." Said Kiba as Shino said how alike they were in the aspect of people treating them wrong for what they carry.

"Naruto-San you have shown me that fate doesn't control my life and I know that fate wont control yours either." Neji said in his ever stoic voice.

"Naruto always being troublesome protecting the whole village by holding back the fox." The lazy Nara said before Ino punched him in the head for being so troublesome.

Said blonde now had her chance to speak. "Naruto you may be loud and obnoxious but there's no way you are a demon, and when I went to see billboard brow she was too upset to come out" Leaving Naruto to think she was sad about what he did to Sasuke.

"Yeah Naruto, no one that could eat as much as me could be that bad." Choji said while eating a bag of chips.

"Now kids, to answer you question; yes there is something you all could do if you wish to. Tomorrow you can visit Naruto and give him a gift to help with his training." She told everyone making them think about what to give him and if their parents could help. "Also could the clan heirs stay for a few more moments, you too Tenten, Hinata, and Naruto, but you can wait outside until they leave, and Naruto don't forget to henge." After saying that, he henged and left to wait with Hinata and Tenten, to get to know them better. "Ok you three, what I'm about to ask you is to be an S-class secret. The Senju clan; the clan myself, the first, and the second Hokage belong to that started this village, made a scroll containing information of all of the clans in the Leaf that each Hokage updates once every two years." Seeing the kids stick with her so far she decided to continue. "Now the basic information on all the clans is in the scroll as common knowledge, but the more advanced information is under a blood seal, for which I'm asking you for a sample of your blood to open when the time is right, and so you know anything we find in the world that belongs to your clan will be given to you." Seeing them nod, knowing it would not only help Naruto, but their clan as well, they said yes and let her and Shizune get the blood before leaving.

Busting into the Hokage's office again, Naruto started yelling. "Granny why do I have to keep putting up a henge and why did you keep Shino Shikamaru, and Choji?" Finally running out of heat, and with Hinata comforting him, he sat down to listen to the plan.

"First off, don't call me granny, and you have to keep putting on a henge so no one knows you're ok and healed, and for your last question, you'll find out soon enough." She said with a tick mark on her forehead. "Now you three are here as part of the plan myself and Shizune have come up with. First off, we're leaving and I mean all five of us tomorrow night."

"Tsunade-Sama I don't doubt that your plan will work but why am I going with you?" Tenten asked seeing why they would leave and why they would take Hinata but not her.

"That brings me to the second part. As of right now you three are my new apprentices." and with that said, Tenten almost pulled a Hinata and almost fainted.

"But what about Ero-Sensei, I'm sure he could teach me more." Naruto said ducking a paper weight aimed for his head

"Naruto, Tsunade-Sama is a legendary Sannin and a world renown medic ninja that could teach you things that would make your head spin." Shizune said, trying to make Naruto see how good it would be to be learning from Tsunade-Sama.

"Now that that is done, I want you three to go into the vault and start sealing everything into scrolls then into this one giant scroll to be sealed into Naruto's tattoo seal, where we will go through and organize everything when we are out of the village, and after that I want you two to go pack everything you need to leave." She said handing a giant orange and black scroll to them much to Naruto's delight. Seeing them take everything from jutsu scrolls, summoning contracts, and the forbidden scroll of seals she knew they would be ready by tomorrow.

-x Konoha Hospital x-

In the room of one Uchiha Sasuke the avenger of the Uchiha clan was waking up to find he could not see anymore. 'My eyes, my eyes, their useless now, how am I going to beat Itachi and restore my clan with out my Sharingan.' The lone Uchiha thought while blaming it all on Naruto and the village not teaching him enough.

In our hero's room, Naruto was getting his good bye gifts from his friends and their family. Each one walked up one by one to give him their gifts.

From Kakashi he got a scroll for his tracking dog squad with a wish for him to get stronger and one day gain a full summoning contract from the dogs.

From Jiraiya he got a collection of scrolls on sealing written by him and the Yondaime Hokage in hopes that he will become a seal master.

Iruka gave him a copy of all the academy scrolls from start to graduation to help him.

Neji, Hiashi, Hanabi, and Hinata gave him notes on the cage bird seal along with a scroll of minor chakra control exercises.

Gai and Lee both gave him copies of all of their scrolls on different taijutsu styles.

From Tenten and her dad he got a scroll on weapon making and a map of the Elemental Nations with locations and notes for treasure with her dad asking that Naruto succeed in finding them where he failed.

He also gained a scroll of low level genjutsu to help him in one of his weakest skills from Kurenai.

An unexpected gift from Kiba, his mom Tsume, and the whole Inuzuka clan came in the form of his very own dog partner to help him named Arashimaru, who was currently licking Naruto to death.

From Shino and his clan he received a security hive filled with the Aburame's clan destruction bugs.

Shikamaru, his dad Shikaku, with the Nara clan gave him a duel sided shogi and go board to help with his strategy and a scroll about using your chakra to control your shadow.

From Ino and the Yamanaka clan Naruto got a book on how to improve his mind scape.

Choji and the Akimichi clan in Naruto's opinion gave the best gift of a food card that was accepted at almost all restaurants in the Elemental Counties.

And last but not least from Asuma and Konohamaru he was given a set of pure black knuckle knives with a scroll on how to use them.

Receiving the last of his gifts the group left with the exception of Hinata and Tenten. Sealing all of his gifts into his scroll with the exception of Arashimaru who was now being pampered by the two girls sitting on Naruto's bed.

"Ok guys lets get ready to leave I want all of you to be at the west gates in one hour... oh and Naruto remember," Tsunade said leaving with Shizune to get the rest of their stuff.

"Yeah yeah yeah I know I know henge." Said Naruto with a voice full of sarcasm dodging a bedpan thrown at his head.

-x Konoha West Gate x-

At 0:200 hours Team Hokage with a dog and a pig left Konohagakure no Sato on road to where ever life led them.

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