Me: *steps tentatively into darkened studio* Sheesh, would you look at all the dust around here? Of course nobody cleaned up while we were gone…

Paul: Lexi, we've been gone for over a year. They probably gave up and thought we weren't coming back.

Me: What?! No! They wouldn't do that! They…they had to know we were coming back…!

Paul: You told them three to four months. Not fifteen.

Me: Okay, hold on! It hasn't been fifteen quite yet!

Paul: Close enough.

Me: Augh, no! No, they wouldn't just leave! We…we have a show to do…

Paul: Yeah, probably without any viewers anymore either.

Me: *pales* Shit, I forgot about that…

Paul: You forgot about your viewers?

Me: Ehehe, n-no! Well, not exactly…I just…forgot to tell them…

Paul: We left on a journey for fifteen months and you never told the readers about it?

Me: Okay, in my defense, it was very last minute and, if you recall, we didn't even have much time to pack!

Paul: Yeah, we definitely lost everyone's interest.

Me: *falls dramatically onto the floor* NOOOOOO!

Paul: *rolls eyes* If we continue on anyway will you shut up?

Me: *curled up on the floor* I am a horrible author…my poor, poor readers…what have I done-err-not done?

Paul: *sighs* Aaaaaand, there she goes...well, guess I'll have to continue. If there's anyone still out there, we're back. So here the damn's update. I'm supposed to give you a warning since this chapter has a little more swearing than others, but instead I'll just say grow up and handle it. This stupid thing's rated T anyway. What are you doing reading this if you don't like minimal swearing? Blah, blah, blah. Read at your own risk. Lexi doesn't own Pokémon.

Me: See, this is why I don't let you do the disclaimer.

Paul: Aren't you supposed to be curled up in a ball on the floor?

Me: Oh, right… *curls back into ball and continues* I am a despicable human being…!

Paul: *sighs and shakes his head*

Pokéchat #31 (Part Two)

Silence. There was nothing but silence. No clicking of keys, no new posts, no sounds of laughter or happy jokes remained. There was only the stunned faces and wide eyes of May, Brock, Max, and Dawn as they stared at their computer screens, reading and re-reading Drew's message.

None of them seemed to be able to process the situation. Least of all, May. The brunette was a statue, fingers still hovering over the keys, a half-typed response still waiting in her message box. But her brain seemed to be short circuiting as she kept reading the words again and again.

May, I want to break up.

It didn't make sense. This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't be! Drew loved her. He had told her just yesterday, for crying out loud! So there was no way in the world he would want to break up with her.

And yet, the words were right in front of her, displayed clearly for everyone in the chatroom to see.

May swallowed, shaking her head. No, she couldn't think like that. There was something she was missing; this couldn't be happening. Tentatively, she managed to form a reply, voicing her disbelief. This is…this is a joke, right?

Drew's answer was instantaneous, no hesitation. No, I'm serious.

But…but why?!

Because you're a terrible girlfriend.

And as if she wasn't stabbed already, that statement nearly stopped her heart. A…a terrible…what?! Drew…!

Enough, May.

But, Drew! You're not making any sense!

We're done.

Two words. Two words and Drew had managed to crush her spirits into oblivion. May fell back in her chair, shock and despair taking over. She closed her eyes, as if not looking would make this entire ordeal just go away.

When she opened them again, she found her screen filled with words again, though they were neither from her or Drew. It seemed her brother had read enough by this point, deciding instead to finally voice his own opinions on the matter.

What the hell, Drew?! Max's rather long message began. How can you say something like that? Did you just take stupid pills and forget everything you and my sister have been through? Did you forget who spent countless hours training with you? Who's always thinking-and talking-about you? Who stayed by your side when you feel off that stupid cliff even though we begged her to get some rest?! May did ALL of that! She's ALWAYS been there for you! So how in Arceus' name could you call her a terrible girlfriend?!

There was a brief pause as everyone, including Drew, seemed to be digesting Max's words. Then, the comments began flowing from Dawn and Brock as well.

Yeah, Drew! How could you do this?!

This doesn't make sense! Why the heck would you want to break up with her?!

You know she loves you and you love her!

You're not being fair at all!

When they stopped, all that remained was another pause full to the brim of high tension and anxiety. Each member of the chat waited with baited breath, but Drew never offered a response. May had gone silent as well. Then…

Drew_Hearts_May has logged off.

And that was about the time May snapped. It was bad enough Drew had decided to display their apparent break-up in the chatroom for the world to see (instead of face-to-face like a man!), but now he didn't even have the decency to stay and explain himself? No. He didn't get to do this to her. Not like this.

She used the keyboard to contain her rage. How DARE he! How dare he just say those things and then take off without-guah, I'm gonna kill him! He doesn't get to do this! I swear when I see him, I'm…!

May left it at that, because truth be told, she wasn't exactly sure what she would do at this point. But she did know that the green haired bastard better hope he didn't run into her any time soon.

And you have every right to be pissed! Dawn backed her up. This doesn't make any sense!

Who the hell breaks up with someone in a freakin' chatroom? Max added.

Now hold up, everyone, Brock cut in. Dawn, you're right. This doesn't make any sense. At all. So there has to be something else going on here…because you've got a point, Max. Drew wouldn't break up with May in a chatroom. We're missing something.

There was typical Brock, trying to be the voice of reason in tough situations. Unfortunately for him, May didn't want to hear his logic and reasoning. She was too angry.

Her fingers flew across the keys. Except he did break up with me in a chatroom, Brock. Or did you miss that?

May…I know you're upset, but even you have to admit something's not right here…

Yeah, my now-ex-boyfriend's a total asshole. I should've seen this coming. THIS was what everyone was saying about dating your rival!

May, I really don't think…

You know what? He can't do this. He doesn't get to. I'm gonna go find him right now and give him a piece of my mind!

Don't let him get away with this, May! Dawn encouraged her.

Wait, May, I don't think you should! Unfortunately for Brock, May was gone before he could type anything else.

May_Hearts_Drew has logged off.

Dawn rounded on Brock when she was gone. Don't try to stop her, Brock. She has every reason to be completely upset right now!

I get that, Dawn, he replied quickly. I really do. But at the same time, this entire thing still feels…funny to me. It doesn't feel right.

That's for sure! That grass-head just broke up with my sister on a freakin' chat room!

Brock sighed. He wasn't getting anywhere with this. His friends were too upset to listen to reason. Then again, he wasn't exactly "happy" with Drew either right now, but at the same time, he wasn't about to abandon logic. And something about this situation definitely wasn't logical…besides the chatroom thing, that is.

Drew and May were in love, that was crystal clear to everyone around them, so why in Arceus' name would Drew break up with May so suddenly? And to not give any reason…no, something was wrong.

Brock frowned as his mind tried to put the pieces together. He was missing something here; he just knew it. If only he could figure out what…

Of course, it was hard to think when his computer screen kept beeping with messages from Dawn and Max as the two continued to rant to each other.

I mean who the hell does that guy think he is doing that to my sister?!

I know! I don't get it!

Nope. Definitely hard to concentrate and think…

I'm so mad right now, I can't even…! I'm gonna go, you guys. If feel like if I stay on here any longer I'll want to smash my laptop…

No, don't worry, Dawn replied. We understand, Max.

I wish I was there with you guys to help my sister…take care of her, okay Dawn, Brock?

Don't worry, Max.

We're here for her, Brock added. (Though he was trying to think, he had still been following the conversation…)

Okay, I'm gonna go. Bye guys.

Bye Max.

Smartypants81 has logged off.

With Max gone, Dawn turned to Brock. What are we going to do about this?

I don't know, he answered. Because truthfully, he had no idea how to handle this. Both May and Drew were their friends; he didn't want to see either of them hurt…

Thankfully, in another minute, he was saved from having to add anything else by the arrival of two more members of the chat.

Pokémaster77 has logged on.

Princess_Of_The_Sea has logged on.

Hey, guys! Guess what!

You guys will never believe what just happened!

There was an awkward pause as neither Ash nor Dawn posted anything, both waiting to see which one of them should continue first.

After another brief moment, Ash finally replied, What's going on?

No, sorry, go ahead, Ash, Dawn messaged at about the exact same time. Again.

Brock shook his head. This was getting nowhere.

Misty seemed to be thinking along the same lines because in the next second, she posted a response. However, what she replied with definitely would have made him do a spit-take had he been drinking water.

Ash and I are back together!

Wait, what?! Dawn would've probably also done a spit-take. Or maybe she had; Brock wasn't sure. For all he knew, she could have been drinking water while reading the message. Then again, she was at Professor Oak's lab and he wasn't exactly sure what there was to drink there…so maybe not.

Ash and I are back together, Misty repeated.

Yes, I can read, Mist, Dawn replied. I just can't believe it!

Huh. Funny since everyone seemed to have been waiting for it the first time…

Honestly, Brock cut in, you two are so up and down all the time we weren't sure what to think anymore.

So is that why neither of you have much enthusiasm? Misty asked.

I've got to admit, Ash added, I half expected Dawn to try to hug us through our computer screens. Haha.

Well, kind of, Dawn began. Don't get me wrong; I totally do want to hug you guys through your computer screens. It's just…

Misty frowned when she paused. Uh-oh, what happened?

Does this have anything to do with what you were going to say earlier?

Gee, Ash, ya think?

Hey, we're dating again so you aren't allowed to do that!

On the contrary, that gives me even more reason.

Ehhh, everyone could practically hear Ash's sigh through his message. Just get on with the news, Dawn. What happened?

Well—shoot. You'll have to tell them, Brock.

What? Why me?

Gary's back. I've got to go!

Wait a second!

Contestqueen28 has logged off.

But she was gone before he could say anything else. People just seemed to be doing that today.

What's going on, Brock? Misty snapped his attention back.

Brock debated for only a brief moment before deciding to just be blunt. Drew broke up with May.

He was answered with two of the same message: WHAAAAAAT?!

On the chat, he added.

And again: WHAAAAAAAAT?!

Yeah, needless to say, May wasn't exactly happy…

I can imagine! Misty replied. Why?! How the hell did this happen?

I don't know, Brock told her honestly. Dawn, Max, and I were trying to figure that out. Well, I was. Dawn and Max were both a little upset from this.

And with good reason!

Wait, Misty! That was the problem with them! They got too upset and couldn't think logically here…

Think logically? Brock, sounds like there's nothing logical about this!

Ash seemed to agree. Why would Drew break up with May? I mean, it's clear they're crazy about each other…this doesn't make sense.

Brock blinked, staring at the screen in surprise. Ash trying to rationalize the problem? How the hell was he the only one that would actually think about this instead of getting upset? Now this day really wasn't making any sense.

I don't know, Ash. That's what I've been trying to figure out. Brock rubbed his temples. His head was starting to hurt.

Misty didn't share their thoughts. Who cares why?! I'm gonna go kick his ass for this!

Wait, Misty, hold on! Brock tried. Let's not do anything crazy here!

Crazy?! Crazy is breaking up with someone through a chatroom! Actually, no. That's inconsiderate. And horrible. And a total douchebag move!

Brock sighed, running a hand through his spiky hair. This whole thing was a mess.

Smartypants81 has logged on.

Brock blinked. Hey Max, what are you doing back here? I thought you left…

Max didn't reply to him directly. Everyone, he messaged, I have something to say.

Umm, Ash replied

Okay, Brock continued. What's up, Max?

Another moment passed, but Max didn't reply. Everyone sat waiting. Brock began to wonder if Max had fallen asleep at the computer.

Well? Misty prodded, impatience taking over.

I know the truth, Max finally continued. I know the truth about Brock.

Wait, what? Brock started, confused. What truth? Max, what are you talking about?

But Max kept going like he had never interrupted, and what he wrote stopped Brock in his tracks. The truth is Brock's not in love with Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny or any woman. He just uses his professions of love to them as a way to cover up the fact that he's actually gay and harboring a secret crush on Ash.

For a brief minute, all was silent. Everyone stared at their computer screens. Again.

Then, Brock pretty much destroyed his keyboard typing a reply. WHAAAAAAAT?!

Whaa-are you serious?! Ash was doing the same thing. That's…AAAHHHHHH!

No! Brock frantically responded. That's not true! At all! Completely not true! No way! Max, what the hell?!

That is all, Max ended.

Wait, hold it!

But he didn't wait.

Smartypants81 has logged off.

Brock stared at the screen, twitching slightly. He had no idea what just happened.

What. The. Hell. And apparently, neither did Misty.

It's not true! Brock exploded again. Not at all, I swear!

But Ash wasn't listening to him. Ah, no! Stay away from me!

I'm no where near you!


Ash, calm down, Misty cut in. Obviously it's not true so quit your whining.

Thank you, Misty!

You calm down, too, Brock. Weren't you just saying that to us?

Err, Brock faltered. Yeah…right…

This doesn't make any sense. Why would Max say something like that?

To tell the truth!

Shut up, Ash, Misty scolded. It's not true and you know that. I've had to drag him away from countless women-WAY too many for it to be an act.

Ehh…thanks again, Misty…I think…

No problem, Brock. But we still don't know why Max would say something so farfetched…

May_Hearts_Drew has logged on.

Drew_Hearts_May has logged on.

Brock tensed. May and Drew back? Together? What was going on?

Misty had similar thoughts. May…Drew…everything okay?

You guys, we have a problem! May replied quickly.

What do you mean? Ash asked.

Drew never broke up with me! May sent.

I didn't break up with May! Drew messaged at about the same time..

Huh? Misty started. What do you mean?

I never broke up with May! He continued. I wasn't even near a computer today! Well, except for now…

Wait, what? But…but Brock said you did! Right, Brock?

Brock frowned, thoughts buzzing in his head. This didn't make sense! Earlier, he'd witnessed Drew enter the chat, break up with May, and then leave without another word…yet now, Drew was claiming he never did such a thing? But Brock had seen it. Still…why would May be here if she and Drew hadn't talked it out…? And she clearly wasn't upset anymore so that meant she believed him…

And then, there was Max. He showed up, told some crazy lie, and then just disappeared as well. Brock's frown deepened. What was going on? It just didn't add up…


I was out training with my Pokémon at the Pokémon center all morning, Drew continued. I never went near a computer, I swear!

And Nurse Joy vouched for him, May added. Drew never broke up with me.

Brock's eyes widened. Then…this could only be one thing!

Wait, wait, wait, Misty began. How is this possible? Drew broke up with you…but he didn't?

I don't get it either, May agreed.

Brock's fingers moved across the keys. This was the only explanation. Guys…I think I know what's going on.

He received various forms of replies asking for him to elaborate.

Brock took a breath before typing: I think we have a hacker.

A…hacker? Ash repeated.

That…that makes sense! May agreed.

Wait, my account's been hacked?!

Sorry, Drew, but it adds up…

So what does this mean? Do I need to make a new account?

It's a possibility, Brock answered honestly. We need to figure out who this hacker is. I thought maybe it could be someone random, but then Max showed up with that lie, which means his account was also hacked. This leads me to believe it has to be someone we know.

My brother's account got hacked?! May interrupted. Wait, what lie?

Max told us Brock's actually gay and has a crush on me!


No! It's not true! I'm not gay and I don't have a crush on Ash!

Obviously it's not true, Misty came to Brock's rescue (again). So cut it out, Ash!


I had another thought, guys, Brock suddenly cut back in. Maybe we shouldn't be here right now.

What do you mean? Drew asked.

Well, if our accounts are getting hacked…perhaps we should all meet face-to-face to figure out what to do about this.

Misty frowned. But why? The hacker hasn't really done any damage…

Speak for yourself! Drew replied quickly. You didn't have a raging girlfriend practically attack you!

I said I was sorry…I thought you'd broken up with me on the chat…

Why in Arceus' name would I ever do that? You're the perfect girlfriend and I love you.

Awww, I love you, too. Sorry I doubted you…

Guys, Brock steered the conversation back on track, I'm glad you've worked things out here, but I think it would be if we left the chat. We need to all discuss this in person. Just to be safe. We don't know this hacker's intentions.

For what felt like the millionth time that day, there was another pause as everyone seemed to be digesting his words.

All right, Misty finally responded. What did you have in mind, Brock?

Everyone can meet up at my gym. I'll call the others, too. Once we're all present, we can figure out what to do about the hacker.

After several lines of agreement messages, they started leaving the chat, one by one.

Princess_Of_The_Sea has logged off.

Pokémaster77 has logged off.

Drew_Hearts_May has logged off.

May_Hearts_Drew logged off.

Ladiesman44 has logged off.

Brock sighed as he logged off. This hacker problem could be dealt with, hopefully. It would just take time. And hopefully, the hacker didn't have any other more malicious intentions. Basic pranks like these (though perhaps a bit more severe with Drew and May's situation-if anything for Drew's safety) were one thing; it would be something else entirely if the hacker used the chatroom to cause real problems. Though, at the same time, Brock wasn't entirely sure what physical damage could be dealt in a chatroom…but perhaps some more relationship damage. Drew and May were able to resolve their problem easily, but they might not get as lucky next time…

Frowning, Brock shut off his computer. They needed to solve this issue, and quickly.

A short time later, under a tree not so far away, Tracey found himself once again seated with one of the laptops he borrowed from Professor Oak. Gary and Dawn had long since left, and there wasn't much for Tracey to do now. So, here he was, sitting on the grass outside. With the laptop. About the enter the chatroom. Again.

He closed his eyes reflexively while clicking the login button. The usual, lingering sense of doubt wouldn't go away.

I_Love_To_Sketch has logged on.

And when he looked at the contact box, he wasn't surprised to see there was…no one else on. At all. Not a single person.

Tracey sighed dramatically to himself, absently wondering if maybe this whole thing was a lost cause.

Electricmouse101 has logged on.

Well, at least there was still Pikachu…

Pikachu, buddy, what's going on? Any new information since last time? I kind of heard Dawn rambling about something earlier. I didn't hear what it was, but she sounded rather upset. Any thoughts?

Pikachu didn't reply. Tracey waited for a few more minutes, but as the seconds passed into minutes, he began to wonder if Pikachu was there after all.

Finally, a message appeared. Tracey, I'm about to say to you what everyone has wanted to say to you since they first met you.


No one likes you.

W-Wait, what…?

Get bent.

Electricmouse101 has logged off.

Tracey blinked at the screen in shock, trying to figure out what had just happened. Pikachu had never been that mean before…even when sending him viruses! And he didn't even bother to send a virus this time! What…what was going on?!

Confused and more than a little hurt, Tracey logged out of the chatroom and closed his laptop. He would go sketch some Pokémon. Yes, that was what he would do. Forget about Pikachu and the stupid chatroom. The Pokémon still liked him…maybe…

Of course, he wasn't entirely sure about that because, well, they had never told him so before. He actually had no way of knowing whether or not the Pokémon cared about his existence. Or if anyone cared, for that matter.

Dazed, Tracey began his dejected trudge back up to the lab, thoughts plagued with the thought that perhaps no one in the world cared about his existence.

I_Love_To_Sketch has logged off.

Stay Tuned! With Ash and Misty are back together, what could be in store for them? What will happen with Dawn and Gary now that they've finally kissed? Will their relationship that's taken waaaay too many chats to set up finally develop? And what about May and Drew? Has the issue between them really been resolved? Are they really okay? With this new plot twist of a hacker being amongst them, how will the group handle he/she messing with their lives? Will people get hurt? Will chaos reign? And the biggest question of all: who could this mysterious mischief maker be?

To be continued…

Me: Wow…I can't believe I did that…I kind of almost feel bad for poor Tracey…

Paul: I think it's hilarious.

Me: Of course you would. You're an asshole.

Paul: *shrugs*

Me: Oh well! Back to business!

Paul: Seems you've got your spirit back…

Me: Of course! Now that the others showed up, the gang's all together again!

Steve: W-Wait, did y-y-you guys…m-m-miss us?

Paul: Of course not.

Me: Yes! I missed you, Steve! And Dave! And even Barry!

Barry: Hey!

Me: I just said I missed you. Don't ruin this.

Barry: Yes m'am.

Me: *smiles contently* It's good to be home!

Dave: Where did you guys go, anyway?

Barry: Yeah, you didn't leave a note or anything! We thought you ditched us!

Me: Wait a minute, yes I did! I left it right here in the studio! On the bulletin board!

Barry: We have a bulletin board?

Me: *stomps out the door*

Barry: Where…?

Paul: Bulletin board's in the break room.

Barry: How did I never notice that before?

Me: *stomps back in carrying sheet of paper and reads aloud* "So listen up, guys. The show's being put on temporary hold. I'm going on a journey in the Kalos region. It should only be about three or four months." *winces and looks at Paul* Guess I did say that, huh…

Paul: I told you.

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah. *keeps reading* "We'll continue the show when I get back, but until then, you guys are off the hook. See you in a few months. Oh, almost forgot! Paul's coming, too."

Paul: Against his will.

Me: Hey, you didn't have to tag along!

Paul: Except someone doesn't like traveling alone.

Barry: *interrupting* Wait a minute! You guys went to the Kalos region without us?

Me: Yeah, I got invited by a friend.

Barry: Why the hell didn't you bring us!

Me: …oh, would you look at the time! Better get to those reviews before the show's over!

Barry: No, wait just

Me: My wonderful readers! So good to see you all again-and some new faces! Or, maybe you're all new faces because by now my old readers have probably given up waiting for me…but if not, then you guys are real troopers and I owe you!

Paul: I'm really surprised they didn't just give up on you.

Me: Hey, you were gone, too.

Paul: I don't write this.

Me: True…

Paul: So anyway, a big thanks to SideshowJazz1, drebom, Sakura Ichigo Morihiko, eeveelutionluvr, Brennason, KrazyKat101, Q, LoveLoverGrl, GreenPokeGuy, xDawntiger, Torontogal906, Mike Prower the Fox, Airgirl1560, pokeshipper, DeathOnWings1203, Myomi-chan, QuimpsGrawlixAndJarns, NY514, Cecil Kain Cerberus, Crazy Girl, Cogg, Little Chibi, Basic Trainer, AnimeCrazyGirl8, and a few anonymous/guest reviewers. Thanks for the reviews, guys.

Barry/Dave/Steve: *blink in shock*

Paul: *sighs irritably* What?

Barry: Did you just…thank the reviewers?

Me: *smirking* Guess I wasn't the only one who missed being here.

Paul: *just rolls eyes*

Me: Heh. Well, once again, a big thanks to all you guys who read, reviewed, and/or favorited/followed this thing! It means the world to me! I don't think I can convey that enough!

Paul: Are you going to do any individual reviewer notes? Because it's been quite awhile now…

Me: True, but I suppose I should do some…there were some with genuine questions, I believe.

Paul: *mutters* I don't know about genuine…

Me: *scrolling through reviews* WHAT?! NOOOOO!

Barry/Dave/Steve: *winces and covers ears*

Paul: *just sighs again* What?

Me: *eyes narrow* There's a Pepsi fan in the audience…where is the one they call "Cogg" ….…?

Paul: Lexi, one of your best friends is a Pepsi fan.

Me: *searching nowhere in particular, stops* Oh, right, I guess that's true…I s'pose I can overlook this one. You got lucky Cogg! Especially since I have no idea how to respond to the rest of your review because wow! What a compliment! Thank you so much; you really made my day!

Paul: Her face looked like a tomato.

Me: Hey, I work with you people. I'm not used to compliments.

Steve: I-I compliment y-you, M-M'am!

Me: Not now, Steve. I've got more reviews to comment on. *reading more of the reviews* OHMYGOD NY514 PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I updated! I updated! *hides behind Paul*

Paul: What are you doing?

Me: They can't kill me if they can't find me!

Paul: They don't know you.

Me: True…and I did update so…hah. Haha! I am in the clear now! Muahaha!

Paul: *sighs* Just keep going.

Me: Right…Airgirl1560, to answer your question, no. The whole Paul thing started because someone said I should add him into the chat, but I didn't want to because I hated his guts at the time. This whole Ambivalenceshipping thing just took wind on it's own; apparently my readers are very inventive…

Paul: That's an understatement.

Me: But not to worry, I don't hate Paul anymore. (Especially since I've met the frustrating character that is Trip from the B/W series…) And what are you TALKING about?! C-Carnivines *shudders at name* are freakin' TERRIFYING! They're giant moving plants that want to EAT you!

Barry: Then what about Victreebel? Why aren't you afraid of them?

Me: …that's a good question, actually. I guess because they're…um…I have no idea. I'm just not afraid of them.

Barry: Yet you're terrified of Carnivine…

Me: Look, irrational fears aren't supposed to make sense, right? That's why they're irrational!

Paul: And it made crossing the marshes of Kalos that much more difficult…

Me: Hey, I didn't complain when you got us lost in that cave!

Paul: I didn't get us lost! You had the map!

Me: No I didn't! I specifically gave it you because I would lose it!

Steve: Um….g-guys?

Dave: Oi! Can you do this later? Show's still going.

Me: Oh, right. Yeah. Um…what else do we have to say? I feel like we've taken up enough time already…

Paul: So then end the show.

Me: But I've missed everyone! I want them to know that!

Paul: I'm pretty sure they got the message by now.

Me: *sighs* Fine…


Me: No one has anything else to say?

Barry: Oh, I do!

Me: No one at all?

Barry: Me! Me!

Me: Guess we're done then.

Barry: Seriously, guys?!

Paul: *chuckling*

Me: Stop laughing. It's creepy.

Paul: *rolls eyes*

Me: Soooo…what now?

(a few minutes later)

Paul/Me/Barry: *watching funny videos of Pokémon on the internet*

Me: Ahaha! This was the best idea since we decided to cosplay as Marik and Bakura for Halloween!

Paul: No, that definitely wasn't a good idea.

Me: Well, if you mean because of your refusal to even attempt a British accent, then yes.

Paul: I'm not British.

Me: You're just gay. *snickers*

Paul: *sighs irritably*

Me: Okay, okay, sheesh. I was just kidding…binky-boy.

Paul: Enough. Let's just go, already.

Me: Ooh, can we go to the pool?!

Paul: Because you want to swim free?

Me: *blinks in shock* Did you just make a reference?!

Paul: You've been saying it for months every time we go to the pool. Or the ocean. Or anything that involves swimming. Or none of the above because sometimes you would just say it randomly out of the blue! So how the heck would it NOT be ingrained in my head by this point?

Me: …so can we go to the pool or not?

Paul: *sighs* Yeah. Fine.

Me: *punches the air with fist* YES! Thanks again to all of you reviewers and my apologies for taking so long! I'll do the best I can to get the next update going, but I won't make any promises just because by this point, I'm tired of breaking them. *sighs* This time, I won't even say the word "soon" so as not to jinx myself.

Paul: Except didn't you just say it?

Me: *blinks* …DAMNIT! That's it! We're leaving! *storms out*

Paul: *smirks and follows*

Barry: Wait! Can we hear those Kalos stories now?!

Me: *shouting back* Get bent!

Barry: *darting out the door* I'll fine you if you don't tell me!

Steve: *looks at Dave* I-Is that it?

Dave: *shrugs* Guess so.

Steve: So…c-cut?

Dave: *nods* Cut.

Well, another year, another update. I'm sorry, bad joke. It's terrible that I've taken this long. But this long plague of a year is just about over and hopefully that means more updates will come. And, you know, we're back from the Kalos region so that should help now, huh. ;D

Thanks to all of you that have stuck with me this long, and an even bigger thanks to those of you still here! And, of course, you newbies, too! A big round of thanks and peanut butter for everyone! (Those of you who haven't realized already, I have a big obsession with peanut butter so me handing you peanut butter = pretty freakin' big deal. Except if you're allergic…then you can ignore the peanut butter and have one of my apples instead!)

See you next Pokéchat time! ;)

- Lexi

(P.S. If anybody gets what I was trying to do just there, I'll love you forever. You know, in that awesome sort of platonic way! XD)