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'Inwardly speaking'

SUMMERY: Naruto goes on a mission with Team Kakashi, but somehow ends up as a baby. He is then found by Team Hebi and Sasuke, having more heart then everyone thought, can't leave a baby to die in the wilderness. Will Naruto ever go back to being his own age? Will Sasuke be able to understand Naruto's feelings better now that he's a baby?


Woah Baby!

Chapter One – What Happened To My Clothes?


Naruto, Sai, Sakura, Kakashi and Yamato split up to search the area. The mission they were on was important to the village and Naruto was positive he wasn't going to mess up.

"Now if only I could find the thief that took that scroll." Naruto thought angrily. The thief in question had taken a message that was to be delivered to Tsunade, from Gaara. While this thief wasn't that important, Naruto was annoyed that this random guy was giving them so much trouble. As he searched the surrounding forestry he bumped into the one person he wasn't expecting to see. His eyes went wide as he looked upon the black cloaked figure of Itachi Uchiha.

"Hello Naruto." Itachi greeted. Almost as if them meeting were a daily occurrence. Naruto glared angrily at Itachi.

"What do you want with me now? I've got more important things to do then you trying to capture me and take the stupid fox." Naruto stated.

"Well I thought my brother was your main priority. We'll soon find out." Itachi replied softly. With that his Sharingan eyes changed to Mangekyou Sharingan.

Naruto shut his eyes, but when he opened them, he felt like he was lying on the floor. He could see the sky through the trees, and he felt extremely cold all of a sudden. He felt his arm brush against grass. His eyes once again went wide.

'WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CLOTHES?' Naruto yelled unhappily. All he heard, however, was a baby wailing frantically.

'Where the heck is that noise coming from?' Naruto asked himself, but could still only hear a baby. That was when he saw Itachi's face looming over him.

'What did you do to me bastard?' Naruto yelled at the male, but still only heard a baby's cries.

"Sorry Naruto. I used a new jutsu I've been developing, and decided that turning you into a baby is the perfect plan. After all, my little brother isn't so heartless he'd leave an itsy bitsy, helpless, little baby to die. Of course in your case, you'd better be hoping." Itachi stated.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Naruto yelled out. But his voice never reached his ears. Only the frantic baby wailing he'd been hearing for a while.

"I told you that you're a baby Naruto. I of course know what you're saying. I cast the jutsu." Itachi stated proudly.

'You're lying asshole!' Naruto yelled. Still he heard nothing but wailing. Naruto felt someone slipping their hands under his back and head. Only to realise that if Itachi was lying then a giant person was picking him up. Naruto glared to himself, realising that Itachi was the one holding him. Therefore Itachi wasn't lying. That meant only one thing for poor Naruto.

'I'M A NAKED TINY BABY! GIVE ME SOME GOD DAMN CLOTHES YOU BASTARD!' Naruto yelled. He could still hear himself wailing.

"Of course Naruto, I will be placing a diaper and baby grow on you. Can't let my brother see your cute little seal. At least not yet. You're so angry right now that the seal is visible." Itachi said. If Naruto didn't know better he'd have sworn that Itachi was almost pleased with what he'd done. He felt himself being wrapped up in what had to be the diaper and baby grow that Itachi had been talking about. Being a stubborn person in general, Naruto squirmed but of course Itachi seemed, for some reason, to be more skilled than Naruto could imagine in making him stay still.

"I used to change Sasuke's diapers and he was just as stubborn as you Naruto. Squirming is not going to help you much. Besides my brother and his little platoon are going to come along soon. Finding you will be the highlight of their day." Itachi said. Naruto took note of an amused tone in Itachi's voice.

"Don't worry I'm dressing you in your favourite colour, orange right? You've even got one of those stupid swirly things on the back of the baby grow that looks like a fishcake." Itachi stated. Naruto was positive that Itachi was enjoying this way too much. He felt himself being wrapped in a blanket. Then he was on the ground again. He was squirming for all he was worth, but as most people know, babies have no strength, so Naruto was still wrapped up in a blanket.

"I'll see you again at some point Naruto. You've even got your little necklace. Be happy. You get to do nothing for a while. You'll have to hope you can depend on Sasuke." Itachi chirped out. Then he was gone.


Sakura was worried. She was with Sai, searching for Naruto. It was dark and they were way past their time to regroup. That was when they saw a familiar black cloak with red clouds. Sai and Sakura got into fighting stances.

"I thought I'd let you know that your friend is dead. After all, most leaf ninja want to know if their comrades fall in battle." Itachi stated coldly. Sakura glared angrily.

"You're lying! You need hours to perform an extraction and Naruto wouldn't go anywhere with you willingly!" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs.

"How long has he been missing for again?" Itachi asked Sakura. She felt a painful tug in the pit of her stomach when she realised that she hadn't seen Naruto in over four hours. Kakashi and Yamato had arrived as Sakura dropped to her knees.

"You're lying." Sakura whispered.

"He wouldn't let you kill him so easily." Sakura added. Tears fell down her cheeks. Itachi smirked.

"Well Kakashi, you can always tell your former student how the Shinobi world works. People die all the time." Itachi stated. He tossed a shiny forehead protector in front of Sakura. She picked it up to see the leaf insignia on it. The black, cloth material fluttered in the wind. Sakura's hands shook.

"Well I said what I had to say. You can tell my brother the next time you see him." Itachi stated, and disappeared, leaving a grief-stricken Kunoichi and her team behind.


Sasuke was travelling with Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu, trying to figure out exactly how they'd gotten lost in the middle of the forest. That was when he heard Itachi's voice. He heard the whole conversation between his elder brother and former teammate and felt sick to the core of his being.

"Naruto... is dead?" Sasuke's brain questioned. He felt like everything had become surreal. Before he could even question anything else, he saw Itachi throw a forehead protector in front of Sakura and he saw the girl pick it up. He saw the tears streaking down her cheeks, as the other boy, his replacement, tried to give some form of comfort to Sakura. Sasuke couldn't think straight. He was gone before the others could say anything to him. He felt the urge to throw up. He'd sped along silently for about ten minutes. That was when he heard the sound of heartbreaking wailing.

He stopped and looked around. To his surprise, under a bush, there was a bundle of orange blankets. When Sasuke looked closer, he saw a blond baby with whisker marks peering up at him.

"You have got to be kidding me." Sasuke stated blankly, as the baby attempted to reach towards him, looking at him with big, blue eyes.


Naruto could see Sasuke staring at him.

'Pick me up bastard. It's cold and god knows what I'm going to eat from now on!' Naruto yelled. He still heard baby wailing. Sasuke stared at Naruto like he was an alien.


Sasuke was still staring at the wailing baby when Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin caught up to him.

"What is that?" Suigetsu asked curiously.

"It's a baby, idiot!" Karin yelled at the male. This caused the baby to wail even more loudly.

"Shut it up! It's hurting my ears!" Suigetsu yelled.

"No way am I picking that weird baby up!" Karin yelled back.

"You're a girl! You're meant to be maternal you psychotic bitch!" Suigetsu yelled back.

"Just because I'm a girl does not make me a childminder!" Karin yelled back.

Sasuke sighed. He couldn't help but feel this need to pick up the small being. He gently placed his hands under the small bundle and picked the baby up gently. He noticed a crystal necklace around the baby's neck. It looked familiar, but Sasuke couldn't figure out where he had seen it before. The infant stared into Sasuke's eyes with his own two pools of blue. The baby stopped wailing and started gurgling.

"Oh my god it finally shut up." Karin quipped.

"Wow the brat likes you Sasuke." Suigetsu stated.

"Well he's been left in the middle of the forest. We might as well attempt to find him a home." Sasuke heard himself say. The baby looked unhappy at that statement.

"What do we call him?" Juugo asked.

"Well there's a swirl on his blanket. It looks like a fishcake. How about Naruto?" Suigetsu asked. Karin shrugged.

"Serves that brat right for busting my ear drums. Naruto it is." Karin agreed. Sasuke couldn't help but feel a little weird at the idea of calling this baby Naruto. But with his whisker marks and blond hair, not to mention the large blue eyes, this baby could've been Naruto reincarnated.

Juugo walked over and looked at the baby.

"What do you think little baby? Do you like Naruto?" Juugo asked the baby.

"As if the kid's gonna answer." Karin quipped sarcastically. The baby however, gave a nodding gesture and clapped its little hands together, gurgling happily at the name. Sasuke smirked.

"Okay then kid, your name is Naruto." Sasuke said softly. The group carried on their way with the small bundle.


Naruto heard Sasuke talking about finding him a home and glared fiercely.

"NO! No new home. I'm getting you to go back to Konoha. Damn your team is loud!" Naruto thought unhappily. When he heard them calling him Naruto he couldn't help nodding.

'Finally! I've got my own name back!' Naruto said. He heard gurgling, and his hands involuntarily clapped together. He saw Sasuke gave him a small half-smile, and he felt his old friend pull him closer.

"Well if Sasuke likes baby me then at least I won't freeze." Naruto thought happily to himself as he felt himself falling asleep.


That night, the group stayed in an inn. They'd reached a village, and Sasuke had insisted on getting some milk and diapers for their newest addition. The baby seemed to have a liking for Sasuke and he wasn't sure how to react to an infant. Feeding the baby had taken some effort. He didn't seem to want milk, but went wild at any ramen stand they passed. Sasuke was definitely starting to wonder if this baby had somehow sucked up Naruto's soul.

Karin had noticed that little Naruto seemed to be a little red. So while the rest of the group were sleeping, Sasuke found he couldn't. He'd laid the baby on his bed and took off the blanket. The orange-clad baby had waved his arms and legs in the air, gurgling loudly, as he seemed to cool down.


'FREEDOM!' Naruto yelled. He heard loud gurgling as he finally felt free at last. After having to drink milk for his dinner, which had made him feel surprisingly energetic, Naruto had been praying to be released from his blanket prison. It was hot after all. When Sasuke had unfolded the blanket, Naruto had stretched out as much as being a baby allowed him too.

He could see Sasuke looking at him quizzically.

'Come on Teme! Stop looking so miserable!' Naruto yelled. He heard himself gurgling loudly again.

"You look so much like him." Sasuke said softly. Naruto felt confused.

'Who do I look like?' Naruto asked. He heard softer and more confused gurgling coming from his mouth.


Sasuke couldn't help saying it. He'd never think of saying it while his 'team' were awake to hear him. He saw the baby looking at him in confusion.

"I was talking about my best friend. He had blond hair and blue eyes. Whisker marks like yours too. He loved ramen and had so much energy. He was always wearing orange too." Sasuke said softly. The baby giggled at him and he saw the small limbs wiggling around more.

"My brother killed him. He killed everyone precious to me. But today I found out he killed my best friend. His name was Naruto too. You should feel lucky to have his name. Naruto was the only one I'd consider being my best friend." Sasuke said softly.

The baby looked up at him endearingly. His blue eyes were so much like Naruto's that it was uncanny.

"If I didn't know better I'd swear you were Naruto." Sasuke said softly. He lifted the baby up from his bed and held the squirming bundle in his arms. The cutest smile appeared on the infant's face. There was a gurgle and the child's fingers made to grip something. Sasuke moved a hand to brush some of the baby's blond strands out of his face and little Naruto grabbed hold of his finger. Sasuke could stop looking at the blond baby.

"It's time to get some sleep Naruto." Sasuke whispered to the child. The baby let go of Sasuke's finger, almost as if he knew what Sasuke was saying, and Sasuke settled down on his bed. He laid the baby next to him, cradled in one arm. He felt this overwhelming urge to protect the small being and as he saw the baby wriggle closer to him and fall asleep in his arms, he couldn't help but feel a sense of… love? It was the only word he could use to describe the feelings he felt when looking after the small child. Who would've thought that Sasuke Uchiha could have a maternal instinct?


Naruto felt anger well inside him when he heard Sasuke speak of Itachi having killed him.

"He must've said that to the others to stop them looking for me and Sasuke must've overheard it. Everyone thinks I'm dead!" Naruto thought angrily to himself. But a more coherent reasoning came over his mind.

"I'll have a lot of time to convince Sasuke to come back to Konoha. When I'm an adult again, I'll be able to let everyone know I'm alive. I hate to put them through the pain of thinking I'm dead but Sasuke finally acknowledges that I'm his friend. He's sad that I'm gone. I need to give him a reason to believe somehow. I have to make everything alright." Naruto thought to himself. He could see Sasuke going to sleep, and he felt warm and comfortable. Most of all, he felt safe, so he curled into the warmth and fell asleep. Sasuke's words and his own thoughts, whirling around in his mind.


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