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Woah Baby!

Chapter Fifteen – Epilogue.


It had been a good ten years since Naruto had been transformed into a baby, and had been turned back. A lot of things changed. Sasuke had become the head of Anbu, whilst Sakura was now lead medic-nin at the Konoha hospital. In fact, she was said to have surpassed Tsunade, who had now retired, leaving Naruto in charge of the village.

Shino had taken over Ibiki's job when he retired, becoming a master interrogator. Kiba became a Jonin instructor, and had already reared one successful team of Chunin. He was now training another set of Genin. Neji and Ten Ten were married, and Neji worked in Anbu with Sasuke, while Ten Ten became a teacher at the Ninja Academy.

Shikamaru now ran the Strategy Corp within Anbu. He was sort of dating Temari, and they were sort of serious. But if anyone asked, Shikamaru would just say it was 'troublesome' to discuss. Ino and Chouji had somehow become a couple and married. No one quite got how that happened. They were both Jonin, however, Chouji hadn't as yet taken on a team. Ino had her own little 'minions' as she called them, and she was working them hard.

Lee had become a Jonin instructor, and like his sensei, he had his own little clone-protégé called Daichi. Hinata was a teacher at the Ninja Academy, like Ten Ten, and was known as a firm but kind teacher. All the students loved Hinata.

Itachi had married. Of all people, he had married Anko. She was a little older than him, but as Sasuke always said,

"If the woman can actually handle your weirdness then keep her. Just don't expect me to babysit." Sasuke said this quite often actually. Especially since Itachi and Anko had had their first child, who was now three. His name was Shisui and he had a habit of scaring girls away from him by summoning snakes. Tsunade had not been happy when hearing a three year old knew how to summon. Anko's answer had been
"So what? He can't summon big snakes, and they're not poisonous because he hasn't got enough chakra for that, so let him scare girls and their 'cooties' off with whatever he feels necessary." When Anko said 'cooties' she always made the quote mark suggestion with her fingers as if to say 'he'll grow out of it and stop believing in cooties one day', but Tsunade was not convinced. Naruto, however, found it hilarious.

Sasuke had found it quite hilarious when Karin and Suigetsu had come to tell him that Karin was pregnant, and Suigetsu was the father. Sasuke couldn't help laughing. After all, when he'd first put the two of them together in his little group, they had seemed to hate each other. After he finished laughing, however, he wished them all the best. They named their daughter Setsuna. She was now seven, with her mother's red hair and her father's purple eyes. Juugo was part of a new research team within the Medical Corp that helped to examine the effects of curse seals. His own breakthrough had been the removal and control of his own curse, which he'd been born with. For him it was a whole new miracle start.

Sasuke and Sakura, and Naruto and Hinata, were both happily married couples. They both had seven year old sons. Sasuke and Sakura's son, Shin, was a little clone of his father from the moment of birth. Naruto and Hinata's son, Haruki, was also a clone of his father. Today, Sasuke was heading towards Ichiraku Ramen, thinking about the nightmare he had dealt with the night before. It had all started a few days ago...


Shin was sat outside with Itachi, while Sasuke and Sakura were clearing away the dishes from dinner. For some reason Sasuke had been roped in and he didn't say no to Sakura.

"Uncle Itachi? Where do babies come from?" Shin asked his uncle earnestly. Sakura and Sasuke both went wide eyed and spun around to catch a look at what Itachi might say.

"Well Shin. When a man and a woman like each other a lot, they do things that are not for children, sometimes in beds or in your Daddy's case, on a table, and that makes a baby." Itachi stated. Sasuke's left eye began twitching rapidly. Sakura gaped at what she'd heard.

"What did Itachi mean by that?" Sakura asked.

"By what?" Sasuke replied, trying to play dumb.

"By 'in your Daddy's case, on a table'?" Sakura asked.

"It turns out that I was conceived on the kitchen table." Sasuke told Sakura bluntly.

"We eat on that table Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed.

"It's not the same table!" Sasuke exclaimed back.

"Actually it is the same table. I just thought I'd inform you." Itachi stated as he walked in to the house.

"What's the same table?" Shin asked as he followed his uncle.

"Itachi!" Sasuke and Sakura both yelled at the older male. Itachi shrugged and looked at Shin, an evil grin spread across his face.

"That's the table where Grandpa and Grandma Uchiha made your Daddy." Itachi replied cheerfully.

"Really? Does that mean I got made there too?" Shin asked.

"Itachi." Sasuke said threateningly.

"No of course not Shin. You were made in a bed in Wave Country I believe." Itachi stated seriously.

"Itachi!" Sakura yelled.

"So does that mean that if I want a little brother or sister I have to get Mama and Daddy to make them on the table or in bed?" Shin asked. Both Sasuke and Sakura glared at Itachi fiercely. Itachi shrugged.

"I don't really know about that Shin. You'll have to ask your parents about it." Itachi stated. Then he was gone, leaving Sakura and Sasuke to yell after him furiously, and Shin looking at his parents as though they had lost their minds.

"Parents are weird." Shin stated, though his parents actually hadn't heard him.


Sasuke and Sakura both came home, Naruto following as Haruki was apparently playing with Shin, according to Hinata. As the trio walked in they heard the sounds of the two boys playing with someone else.

"See Setsuna? Uncle Itachi said that's how you make babies." They heard Shin say. Sakura and Sasuke both gaped.

"Wait, so you, me and Setsuna have to make babies on a table?" Haruki asked.

"Well we can make them in a bed too. But I think Mama and Daddy would be real mad if we went and made babies in their bed." Shin replied. Naruto's eyes popped out of his head.

"So what do you use to make babies on a table?" Setsuna asked. That was the moment Suigetsu chose to walk in, and promptly let his own jaw drop to the floor.

"What the hell?" Suigetsu yelled. The group ran into the kitchen to see that Shin, Setsuna and Haruki had clay set up on the table, and the two boys were helping Setsuna to make a giant... blob.

"Look Daddy! Shin and Haruki and me made a baby!" Setsuna exclaimed cheerfully. Suigetsu's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water.

"Too. Many. Implications." Suigetsu got out, before he promptly fainted.

"What are you guys all talking about?" Naruto asked.

"Well Uncle Naruto, Uncle Itachi told me that Daddy got made on a kitchen table, and that if a boy and a girl like each other a lot then they can make babies on kitchen tables." Shin stated.

"So we decided since we all like each other loads," Setsuna carried on.

"That we were gonna make an awesome ninja baby together." Haruki replied. Naruto wasn't quite sure what to say. His face went bright red.

"I know Naruto. Itachi is crazy, I intend to kill him as soon as possible." Sasuke told Naruto. Naruto looked like he was about to explode. That was when he did explode.

Into sporadic, uncontrollable laughter.

"Dobe! You're supposed to be angry!" Sasuke yelled at Naruto.

"I-hahahaha! I-can't-help-it! Hahahahaha! It's just too funny!" Naruto could barely speak out his sentence from laughing so hard. The three children stared at Naruto incredulously.

"Well it's nice to know that some things never change." Sakura stated as she looked at Naruto laughing loudly.


Sasuke sighed.

"It's almost like Naruto never grew up." Sasuke thought to himself irritably as he led Shin by his hand to the Ramen stand. Shin looked thoughtfully at his father.

"Daddy?" Shin asked.

"Hn." Sasuke replied.

"Are you mad because me and Haruki wanted to make babies with Setsuna?" Shin asked. Sasuke choked on air, and then cleared his throat.

"No Shin. I'm not mad at you. But you need to wait for a while before you want to make babies. Looking after babies is hard work Shin, and the three of you are too young to have any babies." Sasuke told Shin firmly.

"Is that why our super ninja baby didn't come to life?" Shin asked.

"Yes that's exactly why." Sasuke told Shin firmly.

"Does that mean when we're older that we can try again?" Shin asked. Sasuke rolled his eyes heavenward, praying for someone to strike this idea from his son's brain and silently cursing Itachi while he was at it.


Sasuke and Naruto walked out of Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto was carrying Haruki on his back, and Sasuke carried Shin on his own back. Both boys seemed to be dozing off. They started walking towards home, after all, they lived next door to each other now. Sasuke insisted that those he considered family, lived in the Uchiha compound. Of course, Sasuke and Sakura lived in the main house, but it wasn't really the 'main house' anymore. Naruto and Itachi lived either side of Sasuke in homes of their own, built up on their own backs. Neji lived close to Hinata and Naruto. After all, Hinata was one of the few family members of Neji's that he actually got on with. Suigetsu and Karin also lived within the Uchiha compound, and so did Juugo. Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto had tried to convince Kakashi and Iruka to move to the compound, however both men were insistent that they were settled where they were. Although none of the trio had given up on the idea yet.

"Did you ever think we'd get to this point Teme?" Naruto asked.

"Daddy swore!" Haruki exclaimed sleepily as he leaned on Naruto's shoulder, attempting to make it a more comfortable pillow.

"Dun swear Uncle Naruto." Shin quipped sleepily from Sasuke's own shoulder. Naruto pouted while Sasuke let out a dark chuckle.

"I always knew we were going to get to this point one day Dobe." Sasuke replied.

"Really? You thought you and I would be walking along the street towards home with our sons on our backs, after eating ramen?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." Sasuke answered bluntly. Naruto grinned that wide, goofy grin that he always seemed to have.

"And I'm supposed to be the sentimental one?" Naruto questioned. Sasuke smirked.

"Oh I can be sentimental. Do you remember when I was changing your diapers and bathing you, when you were... a baby?" Sasuke questioned. Naruto pouted and looked in the other direction.

"That never happened." Naruto stated.

"Naruto, it definitely happened." Sasuke shot back.

"I don't remember that." Naruto quipped.

"Uh... Naruto, the jutsu wears off leaving your memories of everything that happened in tact." Sasuke said.

"Never. Happened." Naruto told Sasuke definitely.

"Weren't you the one that thanked me for looking after you all that time?" Sasuke questioned.

"NEVER happened." Naruto stated. Then he ran off, with Haruki on his back.

"We both know it did!" Sasuke yelled, as he ran after Naruto. As the two started arguing back and forth, Haruki and Shin looked at each other.

"Why are parents crazy?" Haruki asked Shin.

"Uncle Itachi says it happens when they don't make enough babies on tables. That's why." Shin said knowledgeably.

"We should make them all make some ninja babies on the kitchen table like we did." Haruki commented.

"Maybe." Shin agreed. The two discussed their plans, whilst riding around piggyback style, as Naruto and Sasuke carried on arguing. As they went past houses people blinked as they heard their Hokage, yelling at Sasuke Uchiha.


Then they heard the voices of two children.

"Ooooh Daddy/Uncle Naruto swore!"

As people saw them passing, Tsunade just shook her head as she sat in her favourite bar. Jiraiya sat next to her.

"So did you ever think we'd get to this point Tsunade?" Jiraiya asked. Tsunade just rolled her eyes as they heard the two men arguing as they walked down the road.

"I totally bet against it. That's the only way for me to win right?" Tsunade questioned.

"What about Madara? And Danzo?" Jiraiya asked.

"I bet on them coming back to make our lives a misery." Tsunade stated. Jiraiya shrugged as both of them heard Naruto yell once again.



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