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"Safe and Sound"

Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now

Come morning light

You and I'll be safe and sound

"Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift

Safe and Sound

Lindy Shae had just finished interrogating all the boys except Jacob Wheatley. As she snuck down the hall, she glanced down at her watch to see she only had about thirty minutes until curfew. I have to make this a quick interrogation. I wonder how things are going for Sarah-Beth. Lindy Shae approached Jacob's single bed dorm room. She heard an altercation going on the other side of the door. She put her ear to the door and heard her brother's familiar voice and Jacob's arguing about something. Sounds like it has something to do with Jamison. Lindy Shae was about to knock when she heard a thump from inside the room. Worried for Jeremy's safety, Lindy Shae grabbed the doorknob and threw the door open to find the boys on the ground with Jeremy pinned to the floor. Jacob had a gun to Jeremy's head.

Jacob looked up to see who was disturbing his altercation. When he realized that it was Lindy Shae in the doorway, he jumped up, pulled her in the room, and shut the door, barricading it with his dresser. "You made a wrong decision coming here tonight, Lindy Shae. I guess I will just have to kill both of you."

"Let my sister go. She doesn't deserve any of this. If you're going to kill anyone, let it be me. I'm the one who figured out you killed Jamison, not her. Please." Jeremy looked at Jacob pleading with his eyes.

Jacob started to pace the floor. Not paying attention to her, Lindy Shae took this chance to dial 911 and hid her phone under her leg so Jacob couldn't see it.

"Why should I let her go now? She knows now, too. I would love to see who would try to stop me. If I kill both of you, there will be no one to tell on me too."

"How do you think it's going to look if the authorities find two dead bodies in your room, shot to death, huh? Then they will know you killed us and will eventually realize you killed Jamison too," Lindy Shae said, looking bravely over at her brother.

Sirens started sounding from outside, Jacob walked over to the window. "Damn it. Why are the cops here?"

Lindy Shae uses this distraction to hang up her phone. Thank you God for cell phones!

"Jacob Wheatley, come out with your hands up and weapons down and no one will get hurt." The police were using the intercom on one of the police cars.

"Hell, no." Jacob turned around and looked at the two Justice siblings. "I'm not going down without a fight. You two are going down with me. If you and your sisters hadn't of shown up, I wouldn't have had to kill Jamison. He hurt Reed and I don't like people hurting my friends. And I really liked Sarah-Beth and he made a move before I could. That really pissed me off."

A few hours pass, with Jacob pacing deciding what to do next. After several minutes of contemplating, Jacob goes over to Lindy Shae. He reaches down and grabs her. Looking back at Jeremy as he walks his youngest sister to the door, he fires a shot in that general direction, uncertain if he hit Jeremy or not.

Hearing the gunshot from outside, the police start forming teams to go into the now evacuated dorm to finally end this standoff.

Jacob starts walking Lindy Shae down the stairs, which was hard for her since she was pinned to the front of his body. He was going to use her as a human shield. He had to get out of this situation he had gotten himself into. As he headed down the final stairs to the front door of Ketlar, he saw the most chaotic scene ever at Easton Academy.

As they walk out of the dorm, Lindy Shae sees her sister and father at the edge of the crowd. She finally loses control of her emotions and starts bawling. "Please just let me go, Jacob. It doesn't have to end like this."

Jacob ignores her comment and instead calls out to police. "Let me go and Lindy Shae will not get hurt. If not, she's a goner."

Before Jacob can react, three cops sneak up from the side of the building and tackle him, sending Lindy Shae tumbling across the ground. Lindy Shae got up and ran to her dad, hugging him tightly as she cried into his chest. "Jeremy's still in there. I don't know if he's hurt or not."

The police detain Jacob in a police car and take him away, as paramedics and the S.W.A.T. team head into Ketlar. It seems like the Justice family have to wait hours to find out if Jeremy's okay. Finally, the paramedics bring Jeremy out on a stretcher. The police let the three family members by to check on him.

Jeremy looked over at his family as they approached the gurney. "Thank you, Lindy Shae for coming to my rescue. If you hadn't knocked when you did, I probably would be dead now."

When Jacob had fired the gun, it had grazed Jeremy's stomach and was right on the inside of his skin. The paramedics assured his dad that everything was going to be okay.

Jackson Justice looked at his three beautiful children. "Kids, everything is going to be okay. I am going to take you home where you are safe and sound! Who cares what your mother says." The kids grinned up at their dad and the girls gave their brother big kisses. They were going home, where they belonged.

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