Title: Nostalgia

Pairing: Alice Cullen/ Bella Swan

Summary: Alice sees her true love everywhere, but will this true love ever be given a second chance?

POV: Third person

Rating: T


Every time it was like a searing pain flooding her chest. She glanced around, making sure she hadn't actually cried out in pain, that it was only an inner scream. No one was staring, so that meant she hadn't actually screamed. Just as well, Alice smiled and turned to the cashier.

"Forty-dollars and thirty-four cents, please." The brunette cashier smiled and held out her hand.

Alice shelled out the money and finally let herself take a breath.

"Have a nice day!" The cashier called. Alice nodded in her direction before heading out the door into the waning afternoon sun.

Alice tilted the large straw hat down over her eyes, although it would hardly be necessary with the sunglasses she was already wearing. She made sure every inch of her skin was covered, pulling up the arm length gloves even though it had to be at least ninety degrees out.

Alice glanced around, still awed by the magnificent scenery. Although it was much less green, it was no less beautiful, not by any standards. She walked with her purchase back to the house she was renting, just outside of a small town in Arizona.

The house was modern, much like her home back in Forks, but far less grand. She stuck the key in the front door and flicked on the lights. She was always surprised by how much she actually appreciated the quiet of an empty home, such a luxury she had never known while staying with the Cullens.

Alice sighed and walked to the living room, where a large flat screen covered one wall and a thin row of windows covered the other. She situated herself on the couch so she could watch the sunset. Another luxury that she hadn't experienced. The sky was a breath taking orange and pink, with purple hues just touching the horizon. She loved watching the sun fall behind the hills and finally covers her windows with an abyss of darkness.

Her hand fluttered to her chest and she closed her eyes tightly. Behind the protective walls of her house, Alice could let her ever-cheerful smile fade.

It was never any easier. With every outing into the small town her hope dwindled. It's true, Bella would've been in her mid-twenties by now. But that didn't matter. Every brown head of hair and build like Bella's made Alice's head turn. Maybe it was foolish, but she couldn't just give up. After all, what else was there to do with an eternity?

She brought her slender fingers up to rub her temples. The visions had been few and far between, but Alice was certain that Bella had to be nearby. But, what then? Was she disillusioned enough to think that after nearly seven years Bella would still want to speak with her?

Alice sighed and opened her eyes, reaching for the remote and flicking on the TV. If only to distract herself momentarily.

It had been hard, leaving Bella when Edward forced them to. After that, everything had just sort of fallen apart. The family splintered, and went their own way. Everyone in couples, but Edward and herself. He had gone to the ends of the earth, destruction finding him in the end. She wanted to follow, but she couldn't bring herself to cease existing. Back then, the visions of Bella were still so strong. Alice shook her head. But it would be foolish to give up now, after losing everything she had known. Her one sole purpose was to find the girl in her visions. To find Bella and be reunited again. Perhaps things could be as they were; perhaps they could at least be friends again. She needed that at least.


As day broke, Alice turned to watch the sunrise. A new determination was building within her and bubbling over, pouring out with a bright smile. Today, she would search for Bella with a new energy, and a new surge of hope.


A/N: Planning on a chapter 2. Worth it?