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Chapter 1

So when I'm gone don't mourn, rejoice

Every time you hear the sound of my voice – Eminem

The Teen Titans had started out as a group of five youths who banded together to fight crime and corruption in Jump City. Eventually they expanded to include teen heroes from all over the world, incorporating them into a symbol of hope and a force for justice. But all the parades and praise seemed to belong to another time, to the few remaining Titans as they battled desperately against the Brotherhood of Evil. Their allies, flash frozen into blocks of ice, lining the walls of the hidden compound, making the cathedral look like a twisted trophy room.

Robin cursed to himself as he tried to push through the ache of injuries and encroaching fatigue.

Dammit! I can't believe I didn't realize that Madame Rouge was disguising herself as Hotspot. Now most of the Titans are frozen and we're losing this battle!

Robin dove out of the way of an energy beam that lanced through the air and returned fire with the last of his trademark bird shaped shuriken, before sprinting into the nearest group of foes with his staff spinning deftly on the ends of his fingers. The Titans were fighting hard but thanks to both the overwhelming numbers and meticulous planning on the part of the brotherhood, most of the Titans had been captured, one by one, until only a few were left. It was no longer a question of if they would fall. Now it was simply a question of when.

Look at him. He's perfect. The way he continues to fight; striking with deadly accuracy and vicious ferocity. He's tiring to be sure but that is to be expected, he's fighting horrendous odds, his supply of weapons is nearly depleted, exhaustion has nearly overcome him and still he fights. I chose our apprentice well.

Indeed, you have.

Slade Wilson; a man known to the Titans for both his ruthlessness in pursuit of his goals and his obsession with taking Robin as his apprentice, was sitting at a computer terminal; his one good eye taking in every detail of the battle that was unfolding half a world away in the secret lair of the Brotherhood of Evil. Watching the few remaining Titans battle desperately for survival, calm and collected despite overwhelming odds, giving further credence to Slade's persistence in obtaining the boy. Once again, Slade had seen something that made his pride swell. The boy had just leapt back behind a makeshift barricade, before the Brotherhood over ran his hideout with the sheer weight of numbers, Robin was able to rally the few remaining Titans and organize them into a formidable resistance. Futile as it was against the brotherhoods superior weapons and numbers.

Despite the natural disadvantage of being a mere mortal Robin was that last Titan standing, fighting hard and holding off a group of over a dozen foes, all while trying to free his compatriots. Of all the fantastical powers and abilities of the other Titans, Robin's determination, training, and skill had outstripped them all. A more worthy apprentice no master could ever find.

Next to Slade was the borrowed apprentice of an associate. The young man's fingers flew nimbly over the keyboard as he hacked through layer after layer of defences on the Brotherhood of Evil's computer network.

"Finished." the young man said simply, but with supreme and well earned smugness, as he cracked his knuckles and leaned back in his chair to stretch out the stiffness that had accumulated in his body. "Your instructions were carried out to the letter Master."

"Excellent job, Cypher," the evil master-mind praised. "Your master will hear how well you've performed."

"Thank you master Deathstroke." All the smugness had gone as the youth bowed respectfully, before taking his leave of the master assassin. Now all Slade had to do was sit back and hope Robin slipped up.

He scanned the monitor for several minutes more before he saw what he hoped for, his eye narrowing slightly in expectation as Robin stumbled, his foot catching of the rail of a walk way he had ascended to with the use of his grapple gun. He recovered quickly but it was plain to see that fatigue was taking its toll. Brain's henchmen and allies were able to capitalize and bring the exhausted hero to his knees with the assistance of the ever fluid Madame Rouge. Slade punched several commands into the terminal and the view switched to follow Robin's progress as he was marched, kicking and fighting as best he could being bound by the elastic villain, through the compound towards the device that would seal his fate.

The camera angle switched a final time to a view of Robin being dragged, still fighting for all he was worth, to stand on a platform directly below a suspended stainless steel orb. The boy was struck on the head and stumbled as Madame Rouge ejected him from her elastic embrace, panting and bleeding from injuries received during the ferocious battle.

The platform sunk down a short distance before a tube lifted from the floor, trapping the spent hero in a glass cage. Three shiny spikes appeared out of recesses in the steel orb and began to glow as a thick, frigid mist rose from the floor. The glow on the three spikes grew until electricity began to arc between the three points, creating a blue triangle above Robin's head. The mist had risen to chest height and Robin could no longer keep from shivering, a fourth spike came out of the sphere and extended through the triangle of arcing electricity to nearly touch Robin's head. The arc's shifted their path so that all three points were feeding into a rapidly glowing orb hanging just above the shivering hero.

The mist rose to completely obscure the contents of the tube and for a moment Slade had a sinking feeling that Robin had found a way to escape, something the boy was nearly notorious for. The weapon fired and Robin's scream echoed throughout the lab before it was abruptly halted, leaving an eerie silence in its wake. The spikes were retracted and the mist was sucked out to reveal Robin kneeling on the platform frozen in time, looking as though he had been huddled over before arching his back in pain.

Only Slade's full face mask could hide the grin as he saw the now frozen Robin being loaded for shipment to his secret base in Russia.

Slade watched as the truck passed the last checkpoint and drove out of sight, leaving the hideout far behind it. He was about to turn off the monitor when he saw Beast Boy burst in, leading a small group of second-stringer Titans. The battle was fierce and despite being outnumbered and out classed, the Titans were winning. Slade practically squealed with glee when an enormous explosion ripped the facility apart, covering his tracks better than even the Hackers apprentice could have. Now all that remained was to use the intervening days to prepare for both Robin's arrival and the next fazes of his plan.

Slade was about to leave the monitor room when the camera angle shifted to the remaining operable cameras. Slade found himself looking at a lush and leafy forest, nothing like the tough looking pine forest that housed the entrance to his secret lair. He switched views between several cameras until he saw the Titans gathered and congratulating themselves, he turned up the audio.

"Yo BB you were awesome man!" Cyborg congratulated his green friend. "Robin is gonna have to promote you to team leader or something!"

"Yes friend Beast Boy!" Starfire exclaimed with her usual exuberance. "You were most amazing during the battle."

"Where is Robin?" came Ravens monotone.

"He's probably just checking on the others, making sure everything's cool." The young heroes had such unshakable faith in his apprentice, as though they truly believed he could never be harmed or defeated, a god in their eyes. Raven closed her eyes in concentration.

"I can't sense him anywhere." The barest impression of panic etched its way into Ravens voice.

Beast Boy turned into a blood hound and began sniffing in great draughts of air as he circled the area. "I can't smell him anywhere!" Beast Boy was practically hysterical. Starfire was rapidly losing her sunny demeanour as the implications of Raven and Beast Boy's statements occurred to her.

Cyborg got on his communicator, "Kid Flash, you read me?"

"Loud and clear, Cy."

"Come here." Cyborg clicked his communicator shut as a gust of wind announced the arrival of Kid Flash.

"What's up?" he questioned.

"Did you get everyone out before the place blew?"Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah I searched that whole place, there was no one left when it went up." Flash's normal self assured tone giving way to suspicion. "Why?"

"We cannot find Robin anywhere!" Starfire choked out around quiet sobs. "You do not think he was still in the building when it blew up, do you?"

Kid Flash didn't answer. He'd checked the whole place. Hadn't he? There was no frozen Robin anywhere... Idiot! His mind suddenly screamed at him. What if he had found a way to escape into the vents and was trying to make his way to the control room to free some of the Titans when it went up!?

The suddenly pale complexion of the speedy hero was all the answer they needed.

"I-I'm not sure guys," He stammered, "I-I was looking for frozen Titans, I got them all out. But it never occurred to me until just now that Robin may not have been frozen. There were a hundred places I never thought to look for a live and mobile person. Dammit!" he yelled, displaying more anger than the Titans had thought him capable of. Some of the others noticed his agitation and looked at the small group to see what was going on. "Closets, the ventilation system, crawl spaces why didn't I check there!?" clearly not talking to any of the others, "It would have only taken a few seconds, hell I could have done it while the place was exploding!"

"Relax Bart," Jinx put her arms around Kid Flash in an attempt to comfort him, "it wasn't your fault. Robin is the best of us. None of us had any reason to think he needed looking after. And we both know he would have chewed you out afterwards for losing focus on the mission," she tried to soothe, she knew Bart was hard on himself about his perceived short comings. Holding himself to an impossibly high standard, while not necessarily a bad thing, had the potential to be detrimental to his self-esteem.

"But I should have checked." He insisted, "For all his greatness, Robin is still just a human, there was some serious fire power in there. All it would have taken is a stray bullet or a lucky shot or even something small for him to trip on." Bart collapsed to the ground, muttering about how stupid he was. Jinx tried whispering reassurances to the speedster.

"OK TITANS LISTEN UP!" Cyborg shouted, his voice amplified by a megaphone hidden somewhere in his robotics. "We have a situation here," he began when all the Titans were looking at him. "Robin is missing, we need to coordinate a search of the immediate area." None of them moved. Cyborg hesitated for a moment. "TITANS, GO!" they immediately fell into organized search parties, fanning out to search for their missing comrade and leader.

Jinx suddenly found herself holding air as Kid Flash disappeared into the forest, searching as much of the area as he could. Cyborg paused for a minute. He couldn't wait until they found Robin, it just didn't feel right for him to be the one commanding the troops, at least not without Robin's blessing. The Titans searched long into the following day, stopping only when they were physically unable to continue and starting again as soon as they could muster the strength to move their bodies. Kid Flash eschewed sleep altogether and only stopped searching briefly when he needed to eat to maintain his speed, or get new batteries for his flash light during the night.

By evening of the following day, morale had plummeted. Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Mas y Minos and Kid Flash had searched the surrounding area for twenty miles in every direction and the other Titans double and triple checked the areas already searched. There was no sign of Robin. Raven could sense no signs of life coming from the wreckage of the base, and the search and rescue mission became a recovery mission. The Titans carefully sifted through the debris, and although no one would say it, they were looking for the body of their fallen leader.

Someone had to tell Batman. Cyborg picked up his communicator and keyed up the person he'd desperately hoped he'd never have to give bad news to. Within moments Superman was there, setting Batman down amongst the teen heroes, and helping to search for Robin. The mechanical teen tried his best to steel himself as the Batman moved towards him, seeming to radiate darkness even in broad daylight.

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