Crimson rivers drowning you

Cold brown orbs look through,

Piercing the part of your soul you hide,

And forcing you to remove the lid.

Now cold puppets hands are hitting,

As he promises your death shall be fitting.

Because the dead woman at your feet,

Is the one who taught him to feel the heat'

And showed him how to handle the pyre,

She made burn in him like fire.

LOOK! Her blood is on your hand,

And spilling all across the land.

For this unbearable crime,

He shall take his times.

He'll make sure you feel the pain,

As you play his little game.

Because he has vowed to destroy,

The one who treated his life like a toy.

Did you think you could get away with what you have done this day?

Sasori sat beside Konan. He had wanted her to be his lover, but Pein's foolish act of temper when they told him of their love had cost Konan her life. Sasori warped his arms around her. She would stay by his side as his new favored puppet. He had never wanted this. He had wanted her to become a half human puppet like him and live for eternity. He had never wanted her to become another one of his toys.

Closing his eyes he laid his head in her lap and shoved the sword through his chest.

"Konan, I'll be with you soon."

An almost see through hand ran through his hair as the sword hit home. Konan pulled the spirit of Sasori out of his dyeing body.

"Hello Love. Missed me?"