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Phantom Concerns

Date written-3/4/2010

Chapter 1 – The Box Ghost!?!?

Danny still couldn't place his finger on how he had gotten into this mess. Some how, he had gathered the courage to ask Sam out, go on two dates, and ask her to the dance. He was at the dance at the moment, with Sam on his arm, earning glares from jealous girls all around.

You see, Danny wasn't the wimpy kid he used to be, well, with all the ghost hunting and all. In fact, our favorite halfa was quite the cutie! Paulina even asked him out, but he turned her down. Sam was the only girl for him.

However, he didn't expect for the latter to occur. At that moment, none other than the box ghost choose to come into the mix, holding in his stubby hands none other than, you guessed it, a box.

"Give up puny halfa," he said in the normal cocky tone he always had. "I will defeat you with this here cubic container of vertices and edges!". Half the football players and cheerleaders cocked their heads at the 'Big Words'. Danny sighed heavily, and was about to go into the boys bathroom when the annoying ghost did something un-expected.

"Are you running away Danny Fenton, or should I say, Danny Phantom!" Many gasps were heard around the dance floor. "Yes! That's right!" he exclaimed. "Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are one in the same!" all eyes were on Danny.

"Oh crap. . ." he muttered as the box ghost came flying towards him at top speed. (which for the box ghost is about 3 mph) and . . . flung a bow at him? Danny's jaw was on the floor at that point. The Box Ghost just revealed his identity. The freakin' BOX GHOST!

Since the news was public, he decided not to bother going to a deserted area to transform, and did it right where he stood. "I'm goin' ghost!" he cried as two brilliant white rings appeared around his waist. They traveled in different directions until Danny Phantom stood where Danny Fenton once stood.

Many gasps where repeated as the show went on. As expected, no one could of imagined some one like Danny to be Phantom. Danny's eyes glowed a fierce neon green as he flung himself at the weak ghost. Before long, Sam came up with a Fenton Thermos and sucked him into it's small interior.

Danny then proceeded to turn and wave nervously at the spectators all around. "Um. . . Hi?"

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