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Phantom Concerns

Chapter 9 – Danny's Payback

Sam slowly entered the lab that was surrounded by a ghost shield, and nearly made a very un-gothic scream escape her lips when she saw Danny.

"Sam!" he said happily, hugging her tight. She hugged him back just as happy. She began mindlessly babbling about all that had happened, that is until Danny pressed his lips to hers, causing a bright blush to cover her cheeks.

"I'm happy to see you too." He said smiling. Sam nodded and returned to her spot next to Maddie. "So why are there no guards around?" she asked.

Danny smiled goofily. "Because this is all a trap set by Vlad to capture you all, make mom his wife, me his apprentice forever!" the same thought went through every one's head. 'Danny's finally lost it'

"And you're smiling because?" asked Tucker. Danny just smiled wider, and formed a fireball in his hand. Everyone's jaw dropped to the ground.

"Lets just say this baby is so hot it melted the hand cuffs to nothing more than that dried up puddle over there." He said pointing to the thin plate if iron. "I think this new power of mine is going to defeat Vlad quite easily." He said cockily.

"In other words, you're a Pyro." Stated Sam. Danny shrugged as he played with the flame in his hands, smiling like a maniac. Sam sighed as she watched her boyfriend.

Danny put out the fire as Vlad came into the room. "Well well, looks like the party is all hear." Valerie snarled and leapt at her former employer, but Tucker held her back, he was also glaring at the evil halfa. The moment the older hybrid saw the look on Danny's face, however, he began to get creeped out.

"Hi Plasmius!" said Danny cheerily. His parents looked at him in disbelief.

"Vlad is Half Ghost too!?" they yelled. "And the Wisconsin Ghost at that." Danny shrugged as he walked up to Vlad, whose eyes where wide as dinner plates.

"How did you get free of those iron hand cuffs?" he said uneasily. Danny simply set a flame in to middle of his palm as he began to get closer and closer to Vlad, still holding that insane grin.

Danny shot the flame at the metal floor at Vlad's feet, and melted his expensive shoes to the ground. As he struggled to free himself, Danny and his friends calmly walked past him.

"Next time you want to catch me, keep the guards." He whispered in Vlad's ear, making him snare, before leaving.

So once Danny exited the building, he flipped open his cell phone and dialed 911. After a few rings he got an answer.

This is 911, what's your emergency?

"This is Danny Fenton, or Danny Phantom, reporting that I have caught the Wisconsin Ghost, who is also Vlad Masters." He said in a calm voice.

Are you sure!? Oh my gosh, I'll get a team out there as soon as I can! Where is your location?

"Thanks. I'm at the headquarters of the Guy's in White, and Vlad is in the main lab." He said.

Ok, we will get out the as fast as we can!

Danny shut his Phone with a small smile on his lips. He made a small flame in his hand.

"I think this is going to be a lot easier from now on." He said before putting it out, and pulling Sam into a kiss, which she gladly returned.

Soon, the police arrived and dragged Vlad out (without his shoes) while he was trying to bribe them to let him go, but to no avail, and Danny, Sam, and Tucker laughed. When he shot them glares they only laughed harder.

"Easier, and without Fruit Loops to ruin the Day."


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