*sigh* After a long absence for my fanfics, I'm back! And with a new drabbles series! This time it's IchiHichi! *faints* They're currently my new obsession XD (obviously IchiHime will never die in my heart. I just need ideas for them) I dedicate this whole series to my friend Pami! She deserves it cause I promised her that I'd write an IchiRuki, KagKog, and an IchiHichi fanfic. Sadly I have yet to write any. So she gets the whole series ^^

"Oi, hollow."

"What do ya want?"

"What's your name?"

"Ha? Whatcha spouting about? I don't got one."

"You don't? But I thought-"

"Well ya thought wrong. Hollows are hollows. They don't need names. The reason why I said that I was Zangetsu is because I'm part of him. But that's not my actual name."

"I see..."


"What if.. I called you Hichigo? Hichi for short?"


Ichigo was taken back when his hollow jumped at him to give him a hug. Ichigo lightly blushed when his hollow looked up at him with a childish grin plastered on his face.

"I'd love that...



This was rather fluffy. But I have more pervy ones that I need to write out XD So look for those. *smirks*

Go easy on this btw. I just started writing yaoi or whatever so it'll take time for me to adjust XD

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