He shuddered at the feel of his tongue. One minute it would be rough, next minute it would be soft, filled with passion. This was their most heated kiss yet. And Ichigo didn't want it to stop. He felt that Shiro was doing it on purpose; to make him keep coming back for more. And yet, he was totally fine with it.

He had never felt this kind of a kiss. It was so powerful, and yet so gentle. It almost made him want to cry. Instead he moaned into his lover's mouth, showing his appreciation by making wanton sounds that could only come from him.

Their tongues tangled, bringing him closer and closer to Shiro than anything else. He felt like he was floating on cloud nine. Only he knew that this was real, and not a dream. The feel of Shiro's fingers in his hair confirmed that.

Ichigo whined when Shiro pulled away, their saliva mingled as his tongue retreated. Panting, Ichigo looked up into his lover's golden eyes. Shiro chuckled at the look his strawberry was giving him. As much as he wanted to keep going, he knew he had to stop before things got too far.

Lightly kissing him on the lips, Shiro smirked. "I thought you said you didn't like sparkly things. And yet, you kissed me, despite seeing my fairy wings."

Blushing, Ichigo looked away. "I… don't mind when you wear sparkly things. It makes you look less evil than you actually are."

Shiro grinned. He nuzzled Ichigo's cheek. "Hn, maybe I'll keep that in mind for next Halloween."