Okay I'm back to writing Nymph Years. This might be the last chapter and later on I'm going to do a Bug's Life novelization. Enjoy!

It has been a couple weeks since after the funeral of Hopper,Molt,and Tessa's mother. They now had no parents,but at least they promised their mother that they would look out for each other. Hopper hated his promise to not to kill Molt,but he accepted the promise and agreed with it. Tessa knew that her brother,Hopper can be bossy at times,and he sometimes gets on her nerves,but she,too,promises to look out for her older brother;and her younger brother,Molt. Molt also promised he would look out for his older brother and sister. He is glad that he has a nice sister,like Tessa to protect him from their mean older brother,Hopper who enjoys bullying him;of course Hopper thinks that Tessa was hard to pick on at times, and he knew that Tessa meant business.

Hopper sighed in a depressed way as he turned to look at his brother and sister,who were both looking depressed as well.

"Molt,Tessa,I know that you two are upset;and I know I am,but at least we have each other,don't we?" Hopper said.

Molt just sighed, "I know,Hop,but it's not the same without ma."

"Look,I know we're not adults yet,but we're old enough to handle things on our own." Hopper said.

"That's easy for you to say," Tessa responded sadly, "you're the oldest."

"True." Hopper nodded. "But sometimes we have to deal with life no matter how difficult and depressing it is."

"Are you emo?" Molt asked randomly.

"No. That's not being emo;being emo is when you feel sad all the time and you torture yourself to make yourself feel better." Hopper said dully.

"Well yeah,but your sentence sounds emo-ish." Molt said.

"But I'm NOT emo,okay?" Hopper retorted.

"It looks like it because you are sad all the time." Molt retorted.

"That's because I have a bad life." Hopper argued.

"All right! That's enough," Tessa intervened. "Enough with the emo talk,it's giving me a headache. Talk about something else,will ya?"

"Wow,finicky sister." Hopper whispered to Molt.

"I heard that." Tessa said.

Hopper ignored her,and he looked at the rest of the gang. Hopper suddenly remembered! The ants should have finished collecting the food now. Hopper jumped in the middle of the inside of the sombrero, "Can I have your attention please?" Hopper announced.

All of the grasshoppers stopped what they were doing and they looked at their leader.

"I just remembered that the ants should be done collecting the food right now!" Hopper announced.

The gang murmured in agreement. They remembered as well;the gang forgot all about the ants collecting the food. Now that Hopper mentioned it,they were waiting patiently what their leader was going to say.

"Lets ride!" Hopper barked.

The gang fluttered their wings,and all at once,Hopper and his gang flew out of the sombrero,heading to Ant Island.

While Hopper and his gang were flying,Molt was really bored and started singing a song.

"There are 100 grasshoppers flying in the field,one flew away and there's 99 grasshoppers flying in the field---"

"Hopper,are you sure that we have to do this?" Tessa asked. "Because we can collect our own food,can't we?"

"Yes,but we're doing the ants a favor to provide them safety. Aren't we?" Hopper said.

"Well,I don't know that it's actually called a 'favor'---" Tessa said,uncertain.

"You know what? Just relax." Hopper said. "It's not like I'm doing anything bad."

"Well,I hope it's not something bad." Tessa replied, "because I'd rather die than see bad things."

"Me too,but at least the bird won't get them if we take half of the food and we provide them safety." Hopper said.

"Wow,you're so smart,you actually think that taking half the food would help." Tessa said sarcastically. "Good choice,good choice."

Hopper sighed, "look just don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

"Sure." Tessa slurred sarcastically "Talk about extortion."

Hopper rolled his eyes, "whatever."

Molt overheard the conversation. "Yeah,what Hopper said. Just don't worry... about a thing---every little thing...is gonna be alright---"

"Okay,okay. I won't worry." Tessa said. "Gosh,brothers those days."

"What a couple of idiots." Tessa thought. "Hopper actually thinks that he's probably not taking advantage of the poor ants,but I don't believe him;and worst of all is that Molt is agreeing with Hopper about this. Whenever there's a problem like this,no one takes my side. This is so frustrating! Molt is a bigger idiot than Hopper. And well,they both just can't take a hint about whenever things are good or bad. Hopper may treat me like I'm stupid,but I still know what's good or bad. Not so stupid now am I?"

Tessa glared disapprovingly at Hopper,who was smiling at his idea. She knows what Hopper is thinking,and she didn't like it. She then looked at Molt who was continuing the song, "there are 82 grasshoppers flying in the field,one flew away and there's 81 grasshoppers flying in the field---"

"Molt!" Tessa interrupted her younger brother.

"Yeah?" Molt said.

"Do you really agree with Hopper on this?" Tessa questioned.

"Yeah,he's the leader of the gang. Why?" Molt said.

"Well,I just feel pessimistic about this. I think that Hopper is really taking advantage of the ants without knowing." Tessa explained.

"Just calm down,Tess." Molt said gently, "I don't think he's really taking advantage of them. I think he's just helping them."

"I really wouldn't call it 'helping'." Tessa said.

"What would you call it then?" Molt asked.

"I don't know. I would probably call it: 'I don't want to let the ants know we don't have any food,so how about we provide them safety by taking half of their food.'" Tessa said.

Molt looked at his sister. After a few seconds he said, "Would you stop acting like this? You're just so sensitive,you know that?"

"Aw,forget it,you're hopeless." Tessa said,annoyed as she flew ahead from Molt.

"Wait,what did I say?" Molt asked. Tessa ignored him.

"Oh and by the way,I'm not sensitive. It's a normal reaction." Tessa added loudly to Molt.

Pretty soon,Hopper and his gang were finally at Ant Island. There was more than enough food on the offering stone,and the rest of the ants were still collecting the food. Hopper and his gang didn't expect it to be THAT much,but the ants were almost finished anyway.

Hopper and his gang waited for the ants to finish collecting the food. Tessa and Molt seemed to notice that one of the ants is having trouble finding the offering stone,since the grain that he was carrying was so heavy that it was blocking his view.

"Hey Flik,the offering stone is this way!" Another ant said,pointing to the offering stone.

"Where?" Flik asked.

"This way!" The other ant repeated.

"Where?" Flik repeated.

"Look." The other ant said,going by his side and pointed at the offering stone.

"Oh!" Flik smiled, "thanks."

"Don't mention it,dweeb." The other ant said rudely,as soon as Flik walked away.

Molt and Tessa noticed that Flik wasn't actually having a bad time collecting the food. Hopper watched the rest of the ants collecting the food and he saw that Molt and Tessa were looking the other way,so Hopper watched what they were watching. He saw that Flik was not complaining with the collecting he was doing.

Hopper sighed disappointingly, wishing that he could go back in time to his childhood so he can improve on his life when he was younger so he could be more happy. Hopper knew what it would be like to not have friends because when he was younger,he didn't have any friends. After Flik put the food on the offering stone,he stood with the rest of the ants.

Not standing to watch this anymore,Hopper gathered around the offering stone,with his gang surrounding it,preparing to lift it.

Hopper and his gang used all four of their arms,and lifted the leaf-filled food off of the offering stone and they all flew back to the sombrero.

The leaf was heavy,but Hopper and his gang can still carry it;it was not really that hard. Some of the grasshoppers in his gang had a hard time carrying the leaf,but they acted like it was no big deal,and stuck to the heavy lifting.

It was really a long way back to the sombrero,and as soon as Hopper and his gang got there,they tipped the leaf in the bottom of the water bottle and grain fell in it.

After the food was in the water bottle,Hopper and his gang tossed the leaf to the side and they went inside the sombrero for free time.

Hopper,Molt,and Tessa sat down at the window of the sombrero,staring at the open space in the desert,not talking. Tessa looked at her depressed older brother with concern. She didn't bother to tell him what she saw,because she guessed that he already knew what he saw. Molt seemed to notice too and he already knew what Hopper felt sad about.

The three of them didn't say anything for a minute until Tessa spoke up.

"It's going to be okay,Hopper." Tessa said,putting one of her hands on her older brother's arm,trying to cheer him up.

Hopper looked at Tessa with a straight face. Upset to talk at the moment,Hopper turned away,yanking his arm away from her hand.

"What's your problem?" Tessa asked.

Hopper didn't even respond or even look at his sister. He just sighed and buried his face in his hands.

"Hopper?" Molt said.

"Don't talk to me." Hopper replied.

"We're just worried about you." Molt said.

"I'm sorry. I'm just depressed." Hopper said.

"You can't waste your life being depressed." Tessa said gently. "It's unhealthy."

"I know." Hopper sighed. "I just can't remember the last time I was happy;it feels like I'm dying inside."

"It's easy." Molt said optimistically. "You need to smile."

"Fahgedaboutit." Hopper said.

"Come on." Molt insisted,putting his thumbs at the corners of his brother's mouth and turned it upside down. "See? you're smiling!"

Hopper put his fingers at the corners of his mouth and turned the 'smile' back into a frown. "Wow,that's helping me." Hopper said sarcastically.

Tessa and Molt gave up on cheering up Hopper. They just stayed by their older brother, and Hopper was still depressed. The three of them didn't say anything. Tears formed in Hopper's eyes and slid down his cheek. Molt and Tessa put their arms around Hopper,trying to comfort him while Hopper was quieting his sobs.

Tessa and Molt continued to try to comfort their brother. Hopper's younger siblings stayed with him like what siblings would do. Pretty soon Hopper calmed down and was very silent.

Hopper sighed for a minute before smiling a little and said, "thanks for trying to cheer me up guys,but you two know that I'm still a little depressed."

"We understand." Tessa spoke,

"Yeah," Molt said. "And that's what family is for. We cheer each other up."


Alright that's all I can think of so far. Next stop; Bug's Life novelization on Hopper's POV/