A/N: Please note that this story is rated M for lemony explicit scenes of a slash and polyamorous nature in future chapters between Edward, Bella and Jasper. Please do not read the story if you are under 18 or scenes of this nature will offend you.

The story was originally a one-shot written for the Love Spelled Backwards is Love Contest over on My Vamp Fiction. The story is written in full in 7 Chapters. I will be uploading to Fan Fiction every couple of days.

Without Love

I awakened this morning, I was filled with despair
All my dreams turned to ashes and gone, oh yeah
As I looked at my life it was barren and bare
Without love I've had nothing at all

Without love I've had nothing
Without love I've had nothing at all
I have conquered the world
All but one thing did I have
Without love I've had nothing at all

Once I had a sweetheart who loved only me
There was nothing, oh that he would not give, oh no
But I was blind to his goodness and I could not see
That a heart without love cannot live

Without love I've had nothing
Without love I've had nothing at all
I have conquered the world
All but one thing did I have
Without love I've had nothing at all

(Words and Music by Danny Small, Sung by Elvis Presley)

Chapter 1 – Can't Help Falling in Love

Chicago 1981

My hands shook and my heart thumped loudly in my chest as I dressed in the hotel room in downtown Chicago. I had only been here a handful of times in almost twenty five years and just being in the same city as he was, was almost more than I could comprehend. Jasper had been my best friend on the force all those years ago and so much more, and today I was going to announce it to the world.

I heard a quiet knock on the door and it opened to reveal Bella, my wife of over two decades, shaking her head at me as she took in my messy mop of bronze hair I had never been able to tame. She bit her bottom lip in consternation as she manoeuvred my hair into some sort of order.

"You look so handsome today, Edward, "she sighed, "and hardly any older than you looked on our wedding day. It's just not fair, you have a few grey hairs but even they make you better looking than you should be at 47."

"Bella, love," I soothed tucking a flyaway chocolate strand behind her ear, "you don't look old enough to even have children, let alone a child old enough to be getting married."

I kissed her softly on the top of her head and crooked my elbow. "Shall we, Mrs Cullen?" I smiled.

"With pleasure, Mr Cullen," she responded before linking her arm with mine and leaning her head on my shoulder as we walked out the door to attend our one and only son's wedding.

As we waited at the front of the hotel for the valet to bring my car around, I reflected on the fact that Jason, our much loved son, had chosen our 25th wedding anniversary to pledge himself to his long-term partner. My son and I were very close. He meant the world to me and it moved me deeply that he wanted to honor us by committing himself to his true love, Ethan, on a day that he knew had so much meaning for Bella and me. Of course we were calling their union today their wedding; no matter what the correct legal name for this joining would be.

My Volvo was brought to the entrance then and I kissed Bella's fingers briefly before helping her into the passenger seat and closing her door securely and rounding the back of the car to the driver's side. As I slid into the seat, I glanced at Bella and marvelled that we had been joined in matrimony for the last quarter century. She had truly aged well. Her chocolate brown hair was no longer so long and was secured today in a dignified chignon. Her eyes though…these were her best feature…they were a warm chocolate brown and soothing. She had a few small wrinkles around her eyes but they did not detract from her beauty. She turned her warm gaze to mine and stroked her fingers through my hair, comforting me as always.

The drive to the wedding location did not take long. The boys had organized a marquee tent to be erected on the grounds of Ethan's parent's home. It was a beautiful, old house with quite large grounds on the outskirts of the city. Although Ethan's father was a cop as was he, his mother came from money and she inherited a large sum of money when her father passed away about 10 years ago. In fact, I knew Ethan's father quite well. We had both been young cops working the beat in downtown Chicago when I had lived here. We were never friends then, as at that time James Anderson was partnered with an older pig of a man and had adopted many of this man's bigotry.

It was incredible to me that a man, who had openly and without shame, vilified any and all minority groups and, most especially, homosexuals when we were working together had since become so accepting of his son's lifestyle. Had gone so far as opening his home for the wedding and taken my son into the fold so generously. When Jason first told me who his new partner's father was, over 2 years ago, I have to say that I was very upset and worried about the implications of having this man so close to my family. I hadn't wanted to say anything to Jason about what I knew about James and had almost made myself sick with worry when Jason told me that he had been invited to dinner to meet Ethan's family.

I felt so helpless being so far away from him. Almost immediately after Bella and I were married, we moved to New York, however, when Jason had graduated from Law School, he was offered a position in a prestigious law firm in Chicago. It was hard letting our one and only son go, but we were so proud of him and his achievements. It was his time to fly and we had to let him make his own way in life, as we had made ours. The whole time that I knew he would be at the Anderson home, I paced in my study, back and forth; my hands constantly running through my unruly hair. Ready for the phone call from my son who had been crushed at the reception he had gotten from the bigot I knew from old.

When the phone had rung after many hours, I had pounced on it, ready to provide Jason with an ear and a shoulder to cry on. Instead, Jason told me all about their beautiful home, how James' wife Victoria reminded him a little of his mother and made a simple home cooked meal instead of a fancy dinner that would have intimidated him. I was on edge. No mention of Ethan's dad yet. Was James not there? Had he snubbed my son? My ire was rising and I contained my temper with difficulty. And then it came.

"Dad, Ethan's father was a little late finishing up paperwork at the station and I was all keyed up waiting to meet him. I heard the car pull into the garage and I literally felt sick. Man, what if he didn't like me? What if he was not okay with our relationship? But, Dad, we couldn't have had more wonderful fathers if we had put in an order from heaven. James walked in the door, hugged Ethan, and then hugged me and told me that he was very happy that Ethan had found me and that he had never seen Ethan so happy!"

My ears buzzed and I had sunk into the armchair next to the fireplace at Jason's words. James Anderson had hugged my son and told him that he was happy that our sons were together? The breath had been knocked out of me.

"Dad? Dad? Are you there? Is everything okay?" I heard my son distantly down the phone line. I quickly let him know that everything was more than fine and listened in rapt attention as Jason told me about the rest of his night.

Jason told me a few weeks later that James had told him that he had once held prejudiced views for which he was heartily ashamed. He had indirectly caused the death of a fellow officer because of his views and had tried everyday since to atone for his actions. I called James that night and we talked at length about our children and he talked about the night he lost his partner when he had let the prejudices of those around him rule his life. He had stormed off after calling his partner out on his sexual preferences and cried to me that if only he had been there with him as he should have been maybe he would still be alive. Maybe he would not have walked into that shop to get gunned down. We both cried that night for the senseless loss of a good man.

I had spoken to James a few times since helping Jason and Ethan with the organization of the ceremony and reception, but, in a few minutes, I would be seeing him for the first time since we had worked together. I was actually looking forward to it and could not wait to see Jason and Ethan again, as it had been about a month since they had visited us in New York.

We drove through the gates and parked in the area designated for cars. Before we had taken a few steps towards the house, the front door banged open and Jason literally leaped down the steps and loped towards us with a big, cheesy grin plastered across his face. He reached us and picked his mother up and swung her around exuberantly. Bella laughed and called for him to put her down before her hair was ruined. He relented, lowered her to her feet and planted a smacking kiss on her cheek. She scolded him gently for messing with her makeup but her eyes were shining and he knew she loved it.

He then turned to me and my heart skipped a beat with love for the small boy now a fully grown man as he shook my hand smartly and then laughingly enveloped me in a bear hug. I was tall at 6'2 but he still towered over me at 6'4. He hugged me tighter still and said, "I love you, Dad."

My eyes misted over and I swallowed a lump in my throat. I pulled away from Jason slightly and lowered my hands to his arms holding him firmly and admiring his perfection. He had his mother's hair and his father's eyes. "I love you Jason. We are so proud of you, son."

Jason smiled brightly at me and grabbed Bella's and my hands pulling us towards the house to meet up with Ethan and his family. Ethan was waiting in the entry hall with his parents standing behind him with his younger sister Alice to the side. Ethan shook my hand, and I pulled him into a hug before turning to James. He was smiling at me and walked forward to shake my hand in his, saying how it had been a long time and he was glad that our families were finally coming together. I was a little tongue-tied and just nodded and smiled at them all.

Before too much time had passed, it was time for the ceremony to begin. Our children had both chosen their fathers to be their best men and James and I stood at the end of the flower strewn grass between the two majestic trees waiting for our sons' arrival. The opening notes of the song chosen to lead them down the grassy slope filtered through and I was momentarily startled with their choice of song, Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. I glanced over at Bella and she was smiling at me. She had known what it would mean to me, for us, for this song to be playing today of all days. I placed my hand over my heart and mouthed "I love you". She mouthed back that she loved me too.

As one, the guests seated in the chairs turned at that moment and I looked up from Bella and saw my son, a soft happy smile playing over his lips, walking down the aisle towards me, his fingers linked tightly with the love of his life.

My heart stopped beating for a minute with a pang at what could have been 25 years ago if I was braver than I was, as brave as my son was today for just being himself and not being afraid to show his true self to the world.

The words and rings were exchanged, dedicating themselves to each other for all eternity. The ceremony was simple and sweet and, although not legally binding, was heartfelt and emotional. More than a few times, I swiped a tear from my eyes at the love and joy emanating from these two men. I was never prouder of my son than at that moment.

After the endless photos, we all moved to the marquee set up for the reception and took our places, Bella at my side. She leaned closer to me and swept my hair off my face as she whispered that she was proud of me standing up there so handsome next to our son. Bella was my rock, my port in the storm. She knew me better than anyone else and had been by my side through ups and downs, of which there had been many. She was everything to me.

While we were waiting for the meal to start, the band started playing softly, both modern and music that we oldies still liked from the 50's. The food was delicious; Victoria had had it catered so that she could relax, and everyone was sighing in contentment when the MC announced that the first dance would be starting soon. Jason and Ethan exchanged loving glances and moved past us to the dance floor.

As Jason moved behind me, he leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Hope you brought your dancing shoes, Pops. We will be rocking out tonight!"

I jerked around to see Bella smiling devilishly at Jason and I started to feel a little worried. What the hell did these two have planned!

The bridal waltz started then and Jason and Ethan danced clasped in each other's arms to the sounds of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warne singing Up Where We Belong. As the song was finishing, Bella and I made our way to the dance floor to join in when the sounds of Freddie Mercury from Queen blasted out from the speakers singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Jason smirked at me thinking for sure that I would roll my eyes at the upbeat song, but I smirked back and, grabbing Bella, we rocked around the dance floor to much whistling and clapping from the other guests.

A slower song came on then and I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't getting any younger and the fast pace of the previous song took my breath away. Bella and I bowed out of the next few songs and we spent time circulating around the tables and catching up with family and Jason's friends. We had just arrived back at our table when the familiar strains of Elvis's Heartbreak Hotel came over the speakers. I tensed up slightly and Bella placed her fingers on my arm soothing me. I flipped my arm over and gripped her wrist firmly and smiled at her, my jaw tensing.

"Do you remember that night when Jasper performed this song at the Flame Club? He was smoking. I swear I fell for Jasper that night. He was amazing that night, wasn't he? All that hip swivelling and his sweet accent." Bella sighed, reminiscing.

I remembered the night well. It was a night that changed all of our lives forever.