Title: The Opposite of What is True
Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Naruto
Rating: K+ for minor violence and mild coarse language.
Summary: Sai's research leads him astray yet again.

"Women like to be called the opposite of what is true?" He queried, his attentive arsenic eyes narrowed as a thoughtful expression crossed his face. Pressing his lips together, he concluded that the only way to ensure this hypothesis was correct was to conduct an experiment. As if on cue, a few of his 'friends' appeared, inviting him to lunch at the renowned Ichiraku Ramen Bar. "Sure Naruto." He said slightly hesitantly, the variety of noodle dishes didn't quite appeal to his tastes but agreed to join them regardless. They walked from the library and in the direction, making an effort to appear interested to the conversation at hand. Obviously, everything that came out of his accomplice's enormous mouth was nonsense, making it difficult to understand the varying topics. He was almost relieved to spend the remainder of the walk on his own as the blonde had run ahead to greet the others.

"Hey there!" The 'ugly' one had greeted, light beaming from her oversized forehead. He recalled the last time he'd called her that to her face his forehead was beat-in. There might have still been some lasting brain damage that she wasn't able to heal. Smiling, he took his seat beside her, ordering a bowl with bits of tofu in it. "So how's the painting coming?" She asked casually. He did his best to not roll his eyes, what on earth kind of question was that?

"Oi Hinata-Chan is that all your eating!" Naruto interrupted and it was then that he leaned over to meet with an unfamiliar face.

"Oh I-I just had lunch." A faint blush tinted her pastel cheeks as she smiled at him in reassurance. She looked remarkably pleasant, not like 'ugly' and 'gorgeous' – who, coincidentally was there as well. It had taken a while for her to notice his curious gaze, and when she did, she knitted her eyebrows before introducing herself politely. "Hello, my name is Hyuga, Hinata!" Her hand wove behind both Sakura's and Naruto's backs and she did her best to remain balanced.

"Sai." They returned to their meals and he came to the undeniable conclusion that this Hyuga was most certainly a pleasurable being. "Hinata-San, would you like be my friend?" He asked with his habitual smile plastered onto his chalk white face. There was the handsome blush again.

"O-Of c-course Sai-Kun."

"Then I shall give you a nickname!" Pausing to think, everyone remained silent to hear his choice of words. "Witch!" It had taken less than a second for each of the patrons to have him knocked out on the floor.

"You do not speak to Hinata-Chan that way!" They each cried, and surprisingly enough, it had been the 'witch' that pried them each off.

"Tha-That's enough!" She panted crouching next to his dazed form.

"Ah Hinata get out the way so I can knock some sense into him!"

"Aw I though she'd like it." Sai groaned, more from the pain then the disappointment.

"Why the hell would she like being called a witch! She's the sweetest person I know!"

"Don't women like to be called the opposite of what is true?" Hinata blushed, very deeply, and Sai couldn't help but think it was the prettiest color he'd ever seen.