From Tenten to Neji. My Ode to your messed-up relationship.

We're walking down this lonely street,

Our tempers are about to meet.

No matter how often we fight,

I can never keep you in my sight.

I yearn to be the stronger one,

Always losing is no fun.

Even when you hold me near,

And tell me that, to you I'm dear.

Still, sometimes you'll say something that'll put me out of sorts,

And then we'll take our arguments to the practice courts.

Afterwards you'll carry me home all beaten and bruised,

And I'll feel like it was my soul you used.

These will take some time to heal,

But by then, I'll know just how I feel.

To me you are as sweet as a summer breeze,

Yet at your gaze, enemies freeze.

You gave her a look so uncaring, and cruel,

Because she always stares and drool.

Then you turned away and smiled at me,

Do you know you are the key that sets me free?

Before you found me I was lost,

Looked over and out the door, tossed.

I still remember the gleeful way the knife chewed at my wrist,

And the way you knocked it aside so that its mark, it missed.

I even remember you begging me not to die,

And me groggily asking you to tell me why.

Do you remember that we made a deal?

And you gave me a kiss to act as a seal?

Do you remember the rest of our team?

Sobbing about all my unfulfilled dreams?

As everyone sadly waited for me to die,

You walked up to my family and told them not to cry.

And day by day you showed me the way.

When everyone thought me as fragile as a dove,

You made me strong, and taught me to love.

And when the hospital set me free,

You showed up and I began to see,

Exactly how much you desired me.

And when you ask me if I'm happy,

I promise you, I won't get sappy.

I shall simply smile and laugh,

Because things like that can't be measured on a graph.

We are walking down this lonely street,

And our tempers shall always meet.

Of course I'll always come home from the practice courts,

After we've fixed our trouble of sorts.

And I'll be blood covered, bruised black and blue,

I can never win a fight against you.

Because love is a lonely road,

And our tempers will often explode.

But I don't mind the pain,

After all it's to my gain.

To hold you in my arms at night,

Is what wills me to fight.