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Have you ever had the overwhelming mix of emotions with surprise, love and confusion to the point you laughed? Just now, I did. A laugh bubbled up from my throat, and I covered my mouth with a free hand. I could not believe this.

Sitting in my hand was one of the most beautiful necklaces I'd seen in a long time. It wasn't even girlish. Instead, it appeared to be half gothic if anything. The band that wrapped around the neck was a choker with a couple silver chains drooping from it, that connected to a crimson colored stone. Inside the stone looked like a misty fog. It was like something you'd see in one of those really pretty marbles. I looked at it for a long time, and everybody who past me on the sidewalk peered at me weird.

A large smile appeared on my face. Alec had the best taste. I was honestly surprised that he knew my style so well. It definitely wasn't girlish like I despised and it wasn't overdone either. My smile grew wider and I hugged the necklace to my chest. Then I turned and climbed into the car to race after my love.

I didn't see him until I got back to the mansion. His car was parked, and he was waiting for me. Definitely. I mean, if he was leaning against his car door, not bothering to go inside, that meant he was waiting…right? I parked Rylan's car and climbed out of it. The necklace was gripped in my hand, the crystal dangling. Alec looked at me for a long time as I slowly approached him.

Then I took a deep breath and launched myself at him. He caught me with a surprised "oomph" and then wrapped his arms around me. I gripped onto him tightly and smiled up at him.

"I take it you like it?" he muttered. I pulled back a moment and held the necklace up.

"Help me put it on?" I asked innocently. He took it and turned me around. I lifted my hair from my neck and he brought the choker to my throat, the silver chains cool against my skin. When I heard the soft click of him clasping the pieces together, I turned, letting my hair drop as I faced him. "I love it." I murmured.

He draped his arms around my waist and leaned his lips to mine. Just before our mouths touched, he smiled. It was a sincere, sexy smile. "I'm glad, because it looks great on you."

Then we kissed. It wasn't a fierce, passionate one, it was a gentle touch of his lips to mine. Just when I thought Alec was going to be too hard to handle, he always seemed to have a different side of himself. He would never disappoint me, I hope.

In the beginning, I'd said I was going to make his life a living hell. Then the tables had turned on me, causing me to suffer and clean house for the vampires. The punishment had gone well, though. When I thought about my rowdy past with Alec, it was almost hard to believe we actually ended up together.

"How long are you two going to stand out here?" Claude's voice asked from the front door. Alec and I broke apart and looked at him in surprise. How long had he been standing there?

"We were eventually going to make our way inside." Alec replied. Claude rolled his eyes and smiled.

"We've just invited a few people over for a dinner party. So hurry and get dressed into something nice. Oh, and Ava, is that a new necklace? You look great."

Alec and I shared a small smirk.

When Claude had said, "a few people", we figured two or three. Instead, much to my surprise, he invited Rory, Becca, Joshua, Elly, Max and Tiffany. I stood in front of my closet, full body mirror and brushed my hair back out of my face.

I had put on a nice pair of black jeans and a maroon colored tunic that brought out the necklace. My hair was draped around my shoulders and fully volumized. There was no make-up on my face, for I'd never been one to wear much make-up.

I had on a pair of black lace flats to compliment my black jeans. As I looked at myself a bit more, a knock sounded on my door.

"Yes?" I called.

"Your parents have arrived." Alec's voice came through the door. I practically leapt to my bedroom door and then calmly opened it. His eyes scanned me from head to toe and back up.

"How do I look?" I asked cautiously. Maybe it was too dressy for a dinner party with close friends and family? Maybe it was overdone? I wasn't sure. It made me a bit nervous for some reason. Or perhaps that was just the intense stare Alec was giving me.

"You're beautiful."

My breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened at Alec. "What?" I asked, making sure my ears weren't playing tricks on me.

Alec groaned and turned away from me. "Come on. Joshua and Rebecca are waiting to see their beautiful daughter." He mumbled underneath his breath. A brilliant smile crossed my face to the point it hurt my cheeks. I latched onto the arm Alec suddenly held out to me, and we walked together down the stairs to the dinner party.

It was a lot more enjoyable being able to party with humans who knew we were vampires. We didn't need to hide our blood drinks or pretend we were humans. The best part about that was the fact we loved the humans in our house so dearly, we never wanted to let them go. However, each of them had already made up their minds they wanted to remain humans.

I believe Brent was the one who was most hurt. Though he didn't show it, I knew really well he loved Tiffany from the bottom of his heart. Tiffany had made her decision and it was final. She wanted to live her life until she was old, have children and grandchildren, be with her family, and so on and so forth.

Vampires, no matter nightwalker or daywalker, could not have children. It was something even I knew without having to ask. I could feel it deep inside my stomach. If I was wrong, then I'll be damned.

Time flew by quickly. We ate dinner, with a few servings of blood on the side, and then played some card games, followed by a new movie. After the movie, we all had some of the delicious cake that Becca had baked for the desert.

As we all sat at the table eating our desert, Elly leaned across and fiddled with my necklace. "So, Alec bought you this?" she asked, blinking innocently up at me.

"Yeah." I replied, a smile slowly making its way onto my face. I couldn't hide my happiness. After all, when was the last time someone actually bought me something this precious when it wasn't a special occasion? Ages ago. Since before I lived with my vile father. Thinking about him ruined my mood though, so I quickly shoved his face out of my mind.

"I figured he'd buy you an engagement ring or something like that." Elly sighed, sitting back in her chair.

Joshua choked on his drink, quickly muffling his coughing with his napkin. I almost wanted to blush in embarrassment. Becca smirked at her husband, and Cassy and Claude shared a look. Rory chuckled along with Brent and Tiffany. Lukas looked down at his cake suddenly. Everybody else went quiet.

I chanced a look at Alec. He was watching me intently with his light blue eyes. "Would you have preferred a ring, like Ellyria said?" Alec asked.

"Uh…I… Don't you think that would be a bit…"

"Soon?" Max finished for me. Alec shot him a look, but I snickered.

"Yeah, just a bit." I agreed. Alec sat back in his chair.

"We still have centuries ahead of us to live. Why bother getting engaged now?" He mused, raising an eyebrow.

Joshua let out a huge, relieved sigh that had the rest of us laughing.

Later that night, I trudged to my room after drinking nearly a liter of blood after desert and saying goodbye to everybody who had visited. I walked into my room, leaning against the doorframe and smiling to nobody and about nothing. I never thought a vampire story could be so happy in the end.

After being a rebel practically half my life, I'd seen and done things that normal people hadn't. Luck had been on my side of course, in the name of my friends. I was difficult to put up with and pretty damn stubborn. I hated authority over anything. That was why I figured being a vampire would definitely work out for me.

There were so many things I looked forward to doing the rest of my long, everlasting life. I could probably break more laws and get away with it easy!

Smirking to myself, I shook my head. Nah, I was no longer a rebel. I was a conformist. A vampire conformist.


"Happy birthday!" Was the screaming welcome that I got thrown in my face when I walked through the Darquecaster doors. Alec tightened his grip on my hand, causing me to look at him through my wide, shocked eyes. He smiled sincerely at me.

"Happy birthday." He whispered to me, kissing my cheek.

Hngh, no wonder everyone had been acting strange. We all knew it had been my birthday, yet from this morning, nobody but Alec and spoken a word to me. I thought they had forgotten, but didn't this kind of thing only happen in movies?

I faced my family and friends who were holding gifts and confetti and the works in front of me, and rolled my eyes. "You guys are terrible planners." I told them. Elly let out a laugh and wrapped an arm around me.

"Oh c'mon! You are now eighteen years old in human years!" she giggled.

"And half a month in vampire years." Rylan offered from the sidelines. I snorted.

"Thanks for making me sound like a baby."

"No problem."

"Anyways, we didn't know what you wanted for your birthday, so we kind of went all-out." Becca said from her place beside Joshua and Cassy.

"I can see that." I mumbled, looking at the living room covered in gifts. The party was just beginning, and I had a feeling I was going to get one hell of a headache.

And of course, they'd bought me everything from stuffed animals -thanks to Elly- to all the electronic works -thanks to Tiffany and the others- and then some. Music was playing softly on Lukas's speakers that he had brought from his room. Of course, we didn't turn them up too loud, though Max really wanted to.

Honestly, when I looked back on how I became a vampire, I never would have thought I would have survived to become eighteen. After all, Jakobi had been pretty intent on killing me.

Before we could all head to get some party cake, the doorbell rang. Claude set down his blood glass. "There's Rory!" He called. I sighed in relief. I'm so glad she came. Everybody else had, so I was wondering if she was even going to show up.

I opened the door, Alec and Elly behind me, and came face to face with a giant box with holes in it and a giant, pink bow on top. Blinking, I looked behind the box. A man was carrying it.

"Uh…" A man? When did Rory become a man?

"Ah, sorry about that dear!" Rory's voice came out of no where, and I saw her come up behind the man who I could barely see over the box. She wriggled between the doorframe and the box and hugged me. "I tried getting you the best birthday present, but first, I want to introduce someone new, who is also a vampire. A daywalker, have no fear."

I stepped back so they could walk in. Claude and Cassy and everybody else came into the living room as the unfamiliar man and Rory stepped in.

Claude's face brightened considerably when the man set the box down gently on the coffee table. "Zackary!"

"Long time no speak, old friend." The man called Zackary spoke. I walked around the coffee table to get a better look at him. He had short, buzzed hair and a clean-cut, square face. He was handsome, in an older sort of way like Claude. His eyes were deep brown like his hair.

Rory clapped her hands together. "To everyone who doesn't know him," she turned to me with a brilliant smile on her face, "this is my husband, Zackary."

My jaw dropped. "You had a husband and you didn't even tell me?" I gasped.

Rory giggled. "He was supposed to be a secret. He just came back from the war. Zack, this is my favorite person of all time, Avanni Maddox. She prefers Ava."

I smiled and shook hands with him. He gave me a nice smile in return. "It's a pleasure to finally meet the girl Rory talks about constantly. I prefer Zack."

"It's nice to meet you too, even though I haven't heard a word about you at all." I shot Rory a look with a raised eyebrow and she smiled a toothy smile in apology.

"Anyways! Open the gift now!" Rory urged.

"Okay, okay! Hold your horses woman." I mumbled, taking off the bow and tape on the top. Then, slowly opening the box, I saw a big black fur-ball wrapped up on a big, white, puffy blanket. "A kitten?"

When I spoke, a tiny, triangular ear flickered and it looked up at me with big, bright blue eyes. My jaw dropped. "Oh. My. God." I breathed. I almost couldn't hold back the squeals, but I did. After all, that would be embarrassing.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd go this far." Claude mused, peering to see the cat like everyone else.

"Awww!" Elly gasped.

"Cats are great pets for vampires. Since we can pretty much understand each other in ways that humans and cats can't understand each other, they make the best friends for us." Rory explained. "Cats are usually skittish around humans, but are very friendly when it comes to vampires. It's obviously an unknown reason When I first saw her, I knew you two would get along great."

I tentatively reached into the box and touched her forehead. She mewled and pushed her cheek against me, already purring. I grinned and picked her up, cradling her to my chest. She was still tiny as hell, and fit perfectly into both my hands. I turned to Rory and hugged her as tightly as I could while not suffocating the kitten.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I have to think of the best name for her!"

Rory smiled and nodded as she pulled back. "Why of course you're welcome dear. Now, let's all get to partying, what do you all say?"

Everyone agreed.

The whole time, the kitten remained on my shoulder, purring as if I were her favorite being in the whole wide world. I just hoped I was.

After the party, I hugged everyone goodbye, giving a handshake to Zackary, and then shut the door. I glanced at the clock, reading it was already about one in the morning. Elly and Tiffany had stayed behind with Rylan and Brent.

I walked into the living room where Alec and Cassy were finishing throwing away garbage. "Where are my friends?" I asked.

"Rylan was using Elly for more art, and Tiffany…well, we all know where she is." Cassy muttered, rolling her eyes.

"I just hope this time they're a bit more quiet." Alec added.

I crinkled my nose. "Okay, too much info."

Alec smirked and walked up to me, reaching a hand up to pet my kitten, whose name I had not yet thought of. She gladly accepted his hand and purred louder. "Aww, the first thing to actually like you!" I gasped sarcastically.

Alec snorted, moving his hand to my throat where I wore the necklace he bought me. I rarely took it off, only when it was to sleep or shower. "No, I think the first thing to like me was you."

"I'm not a thing." I reminded him. He smiled and kissed me softly.

"I still have a birthday gift for you. Head to your room," he murmured. I nodded once and swept past him to climb the staircase. When I reached my room, I quickly made my way to the bathroom and peeked in. Rory had also brought a litter box and a food and water dish for my cat, which I filled up with the needed supplies. Gingerly, I set my kitten down in front of her food dish, and she gladly dug in. Standing up, I looked in the mirror and brushed a hand through my hair.

Just what was Alec's' birthday present for me?

I walked back to my room and paused mid step through my doorway. Alec sat, shirtless, on the edge of my bed. My breath caught in my throat. "Still want the birthday gift?" he asked softly.

I walked the rest of the way into my room, shutting and locking the door behind me. "Does this mean we have to be quiet?" I asked.

"Only if you want." He stood and made his way to me, cupping my cheeks with his hands. At first, the kiss was soft like a feather, and then our lips went pliant against the others and turned passionate. My arms wrapped around his shoulders and he pulled me flat against him. I think I knew what the present was now.

My hands entangled themselves in his hair and our kiss deepened. This had always been as far as we'd gone. Now both of us wanted more. It was like a snake coiling in my lower stomach, and I was ready to pounce on Alec. But, that was a funny way of putting it.

My back hit the mattress of my bed without our lips parting, and his deft fingers worked on pulling my shirt up and over my head. I wasn't even sure when my bra came off, but oh well.

The room seemed to get twice as hot around us, pressing against our bared skin as if it were trying to suffocate us. Tough luck, we were immortals. I wanted to be one with him, body, soul and mind, and quickly.

It was obvious he was a bit old-fashioned, for when we finally undressed completely, he pulled the sheet over our bodies, balancing himself over me and kissing down my jaw.

"This shouldn't hurt even if you're a virgin." he mumbled in a sultry voice against my throat. I draped my arms over his shoulders, my fingers digging into his shoulder-blades, and kissed his ear.

"I wouldn't mind." I breathed. He latched his mouth onto my throat and softly nipped, his fangs grazing the surface. I moaned and leaned my head back, wrapping my legs around his hips. I felt him at my entrance, and I sucked a deep breath.

"I love you." He whispered into my ear and pushed inside of me. I let out a breathless gasp at the new feeling and moaned as he pulled out a bit and went back in.

I could feel his hot breath against my throat. Usually he didn't even have to breath, but I guess breathing heavily made it more…erotic. I blushed at the thought and closed my eyes, pushing every astray thought from my head as we moved together, my hips meeting his at each thrust.

His hands strayed to my breasts, kneading them and softly pinching as my fingernails dug into his back. Had I always been this sensitive? The pace went faster all of a sudden as my moans got a bit louder. Alec seemed generous to protect me from being embarrassed and kissed me deeply.

Now I just wondered what it would have been like to make love with him while I was a human. As I came closer to my climax, I felt my fangs elongate. Oh lord, I hope I wasn't getting hungry at a time like this. Instead of the painful feeling of hunger, I had the urge just to bite Alec. It was odd, but he seemed to be having the same problems, as I felt him press his fangs against my lips. He moved his mouth down past my jaw once more and to the juncture of my throat.

At the sudden swirl of white hot pleasure flooding through my body, I moaned and, without thinking, bit deep into his throat. I heard him make a noise, somewhere between a groan and a snarl, and I think it might have hurt. His throat muffled my cries, and then I felt the familiar feeling of him biting the same part Rylan had bit before.

Once more, only extremely beyond the pleasurable feeling than with Rylan, the fogginess of my mind came back, causing me to go dizzy and weak. I let go of Alec's' throat and gave one last, low moan, letting my head fall to the pillow as Alex drank from me.

Was this normal for vampires? Finally, before I blacked-out from my own lack of blood, Alec let go, panting, already reaching his own peak. He pulled back a bit to look me in the face, wiping his mouth free of blood.

"Are you okay?" he asked softly, kissing my cheek.

"I…think so." I replied in a voice just below a whisper. I blinked a few times to overcome the dizziness.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself when you did it first." he muttered, pulling out of me and laying beside me. He wrapped me up in his arms and I gladly laid my head lazily against his chest.

"Yeah, was that normal or something? I had an urge." I murmured, tracing his chest with my finger in small circles.

"Usually. We older vampires can control it."

I closed my eyes, smiling. I honestly couldn't believe I had finally found the one I never wanted to leave. After a few minutes of silence, when our breathing slowed down and our hearts stopped racing, I said, "Alec?"

"Yes?" He responded after a moment, causing me to nearly think he'd fallen asleep.

"I love you too."

He chuckled, threading his fingers through my hair. "I was wondering when you were going to reply… if you ever were." he said sarcastically. I snorted.

"Of course. I was just too caught up in the moment."

"So I'm that good, eh?" he asked smugly.

I raised an eyebrow up at him. "I could do better."

"Wanna bet?" he smirked his evil smirk at me and made to turn us over, when suddenly we heard a scratching against my door.

I looked over at it. What in the world?

"Meowwww!" Came my kitten's voice. She scratched against the door some more. I let out a laugh and stood up, wrapping a sheet around me.

"Way to wreck the moment." I heard Alec mutter from the bed. I rolled my eyes and opened my door. The tiny furball bounded into my room and sat at my ankles, looking up at me expectantly.

I kneeled down and picked her up, cradling her to my chest. "You know what? I think I have a name for you." I told her as I shut my door and sat on the bed. Alec came up beside me and scratched her head softly.

"What did you have in mind?" Alec asked.

I smirked widely, holding the kitten up in front of my face and peering deep into her pretty blue eyes. "Rebel. I'm going to name her Rebel."

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